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Why Use SoundCloud?

Technology has revolutionized many aspects of life. It is now easy to share new music around the globe within a short time. Soundcloud, a music sharing platform, offers a great opportunity for start-up musicians, journalists, and podcasters to build their brand. Although it is viewed as a hangout joint for indie kids and backyard bands, it serves as a great place for an artist to showcase their talent. The presence of video-sharing blogs such as YouTube questions the purpose of platforms like SoundCloud. In this article, you are going to learn about the top reasons why you should be in SoundCloud.

Although YouTube is specifically made for videos, artists can still have a nice cover for their song, change it to video format and post it on YouTube. However, YouTube has its limitations that are solved by SoundCloud. The following are the two main reasons why SoundCloud is a better option for music than YouTube.

Lacks Social networking effect

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While you can see views, comments, and likes on YouTube, that is how far the social interactivity can go. Other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud add more interactivity. You follow a certain conversation from SoundCloud and build a conversation and share it. People go to YouTube with a specific agenda of watching videos. Very few engage in comments.

Probability of low quality

Most artists are publishing their content on YouTube major in the visualization part. Since the platform is specifically for video, it is possible to have low-quality music hyped by a high-quality video. Many unsigned artists choose YouTube because it is easier to upload videos without meaningful content.

The following are the reasons why SoundCloud is a better option for music.

Easy discovery

SoundCloud is known for the easy discovery of new sounds. The platform has released some of the best charts, such as New Hot and Top 50, which consist of music genres like piano, metal, trip-hop. It also produces audiobooks, technology, and business based materials. The platform offers a nice interface to detect the number of plays a specific selection has received. The plays can also be shared from the list received.

It’s not for Indie bands only

SoundCloud platform is not a play for obscure music. It is a music sharing line up of successful brands. Some of the renowned people with deep roots from SoundCloud include Iza Lach and Snoop Dogg. SoundCloud also signed a licensing deal with high-end musicians such as Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Adele. Therefore, the platform can be used by artists from all levels.

Since famous musicians have shown interest to publish their music on the platform, start-up artists have all the reasons to consider SoundCloud as a big opportunity for their music career.

Cheaper than video

Videos require a higher production budget than audio. You can, therefore, save money and still reach your target audience by utilizing the strengths of SoundCloud. However, if one has the money, they can invest it in making a better song that will get more acceptance from fans.

Easy to share music

Although SoundCloud is mainly known for playing music, its users also know how easy it is to share the music. It has nicely built messaging, embedding, and sharing options. WordPress, a famous website development framework, has collaborated with SoundCloud to enable perfect integration of a song playlist on any WordPress website. The platform provides a simple code that is pasted to the WordPress website to display the playlist. This process makes it possible to share your favorite playlist on your website.

Apart from sharing, it is easy to build a community on SoundCloud than other platforms. People singing the same genre can form a community making it easy for people to find their songs. The feature allows like-minded people to engage with each other and assist in building their brands.

Allows users to repost

Sound allows for reposting of songs similar to Twitter repost functionality. Your songs, therefore, get a higher chance of reaching many targets. When a user reposts a song, it not only shows on their page but also on their stream, which is equivalent to Facebook’s news feed. The reposted song gets, the more exposure it gets.

Helps you to make money from your music

The ability to generate income from your music makes SoundCloud one of the preferred music sharing blogs. There are a lot of DJs, producers, and bands on the platform sharing their music, hoping to strike a major deal.

SoundCloud allows artists to make money through paid advertisements. If their tracks get more plays, they can benefit greatly from ads. There are many tips available on how to engage with your target audience so that you can maximize income from the ads. While artists are required to make some effort before they can benefit from their songs, once they attain the right momentum, they can earn a lot.

Building your brand

If you want to get noticed and appreciated as a music performer, SoundCloud would be a great place to begin. The platform offers an easy way of sharing and collaborating with other artists. Famous artists or their representatives frequently visit the platform in search of fresh talent. It is, therefore, possible to get a good recording deal if you have a reputable profile.

Nice app

SoundCloud App

Apart from the existing website, SoundCloud has a nice build app customized for android and iPhone. While you cannot do much from the app like comment and record, it offers a wide variety of options you can execute. The app provides an easy way to find fresh music and listen to your favorite tracks. In addition, the apps are updated frequently to ensure the availability of the latest features.

Without a doubt, SoundCloud is a reliable music sharing platform. Many musicians have succeeded from the platform. It offers a great to grow your brand while collaborating with other musicians. Artists can also earn from the platform through paid advertisements. The platform boasts of more than 175 million users, which is enough proof for its usefulness.

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