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The New Lil Peep Doc Is the Defining Document of the SoundCloud Rap Generation

Rap is one of the best music everyone can relate with. Even better, it the lifestyle that most rap musicians choose to take and the special aura on an I-don't-care attitude they carry around. Let us not forget their alluring dress codes, and the all visible tattoos most of the rap artistes drill into their bodies. Speaking of all this, we remember the famous Lil Peep fondly for his fantastic music as we celebrate his life and times.

Family and friends said they thought he was a troubled kid and tried to drown it all away with his great music; music that almost everyone can relate with and even sing along word for word. Lil Peep was loved by many; fans, friends, and family alike. That is why it came as a surprise and shock when he ended his dear, young life.

But he did not end there; his legacy lives on through the Lil Peep ‘Everybody's Everything.' This is mostly a tribute by his close friends and family to express the untimely loss of one of the world's best rap singers ever. He is remembered as a different artist, innovative in his ways, and exciting in the music he produced for his fans.

SoundCloud Rap Generation

Everybody’s Everything

This is actually Lil Peep's final post on Instagram before his demise. It was converted into a theatre film premier acted by Lil Peep’s directors, producers, mother, and family members. His directors were Ramez Silyan and Sebastian Jones, his producer was Terrence Malick, and his mother was Liza Womack. The film was everything everybody would have wanted, quite literally. It was a beautiful and tragic representation of the young life of the troubled artist, brought together to feature an aspect of the obsession of money within the music genre he proudly fronted. He had a way of bringing out the best in rap and hip hop, clustered with pop-punk in the best way only a suburban rockstar like him would

Some of the people who interacted with Lil Peep in one way or another had the best things to say about him. He was thought of as a free-spirited person, who had this freestyle dressing sense that made him appear so calm and laid back. He always had a way of getting to his crowds of fans as he spat out his lyrical lines alongside them. Everybody thought he was exceptional in his ways, and he always had a very inviting personality. Lil Peep was considered a to-go-to person by family and friends who admired the way to fulfill every single request shoved his way.

He grew up under the warm wings of his grandfather, John Womack, who instilled in him the revolutionary way of life which he got completely submerged in. He lived every day at a time, with a polite reminder that there was more to life than his little problems. He was known for his open-minded tattoo that read ‘crybaby' across his forehead. He grew up in the shadows of his grandfather's teachings in the most liberal and non-judgmental ways.

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Lil Peep’s director, Ramez Silyan, had the best memories to point out about him. He had been the young rapper’s director from his very young age and traveled with him through most of his road tours to ensure his music had an accurate and ethical representation of the musical genre Lil Peep chose to run with. In essence, Ramez points out that it is possible that the young man's life was dotted with lots of complicated stunts, but he managed to sail through them so smoothly. 

Fellow musicians and producers like Rob Cavallo and Juicy J tried to describe Lil Peep in the sweetest ways possible. They state somberly that his legacy lives on despite the struggles he went through. They recount how Lil Peep had to ingest drugs before his performances to calm down his nerves and provide him with the confidence he so much needed, as well as to give his fans the hype they needed from him so badly. When he left behind his life on Skid Row to move to London, he finally realized it was the life he dreamed of and lived his life to the fullest.

As the film progresses, Lil Peep begins to depend so much on his rockstar lifestyle, and his friends and family become worried about him. They know he is ingesting more and more drugs and is officially hooked to them. There is almost nothing they can do now as the ball has rolled too far out.  

Then, at the time when his life was at its peak, the unimaginable happened. At the back of one of his tour buses, Lil Peep had an overdose of fentanyl and Xanax. The incident was described as Lil Peep having ingested extremely lethal amounts of the drugs and passed out. By the time he was discovered, he was not at all conscious, and the world lost one of the richest rap music singers in its history.

So much had already happened, and there were numerous ways around which the situation would have been prevented and controlled. Most of them are analyzed and examined in ‘Everybody's Everything,' but eventually, no blame was set on any specific person or situation. At the peak of the film, fans are seen crying and sobbing openly at the thought of losing their best rapper ever.

Terrence Malick worked around the whole situation to expose and analyze what Lil Peep must have been going through. It is too difficult for a young rapper of his caliber to be caught up in the fast life of a pop star, surrounded by the unfair hyper-capitalist environment, a swelling image of himself, and the ever-growing impact of an industry that is obsessed with money power. In the end, one thing is clear, Everyone’s Everything touched many hearts, taught many people a valuable lesson, and it will be watched for years to come.

Date: September 5, 2019 / Categories: SoundCloud Plays, / Author: Kam R


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