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8 Ways to Get Heard on SoundCloud

Are you in search of the top ways to get heard and be accessible on SoundCloud? Look no further, we will show you just the exact methods to go famous and get heard on SoundCloud. Proven, tested, trusted, and productive – all ways highlighted are fail-proof. 

SoundCloud is the world's largest online music community, giving independent artists the platform to get heard by millions of users around the world. Given its global popularity and acceptance, SoundCloud is now the most important promotional tool for musical artists. If you are new to SoundCloud or your audios have not been getting heard as you expect, this will help you. Showing you how to stand out and unique above the rest, this article discusses the eight surest ways to get heard on SoundCloud. 

1. Add Tags to Your Contents 

The dominance of any giant in any industry is mainly due to its branding. Take a look at well recognized musical labels and how reputable they are, and you might understand the importance of tagging your content on SoundCloud. Some say adding a tag to your music is ‘tagging for success.'

8 Ways to get Heard on SoundCloud

Image: Tagging on SoundCloud. Screenshot was taken on August 24, 2019

The addition of tags to your music on SoundCloud makes it very easy for followers to find and enjoy it, earning you a lot of plays and reviews without much difficulty. What's better about tagging your music is that you are discoverable when a random user searches for content on the space. 

When tagging your music, select a genre that fits it. If it's RnB, tag it ‘RnB. The more precise the tag is, the easier for listeners to find it. 

2. Use Your WaveForm to Tell Your Story

On SoundCloud, listeners can review your music through comments on your WaveForm. But they should not be the only ones commenting on it. You should be doing the same too. Here's why. 

Listeners want to feel appreciated and holding conversations with them and asking for their opinions are great ways to start. International superstars recognize this, and this explains why they hold concerts, talk shows, or webcam sessions to meet and discuss with their fans. 

8 Ways to get Heard on SoundCloud

Image: SoundCloud Waveform. Screenshot was taken on August 24, 2019

Apart from making fans feel honored, you can also use your WaveForm to ask for opinions on an aspect of your music you are unsure. Your comment should be honest and engaging. The explanation, ‘I think the chorus is too light, what do you think?' It is sure to get listeners talking and pointing it right. There will, of course, be some irrelevant or silly comments, but few are sure to be helpful. Sift through all comments, and use likes and engage the worthy ones. 

3. Add a Link to Buy

You want likes and listens on SoundCloud, no doubts about that, but you better monetize your efforts too. Likes and looks will undoubtedly get you heard but won't better-recording tools. 

Not to worry, you can add a purchase link for listeners on SoundCloud. Adding the link does not require any fee; you just have to select the ‘Metadata' tab when uploading. Your connection can be to any sales store: iTunes, Juno, Bandcamp, Beatport, or any other. 

With a pro account, you can completely alter the text from ‘buy' to anything you wish. It can be ‘stream,' ‘donate,' or any option you want to. 

4. Pro Is Exclusive

With SoundCloud pro, you are private and exclusive! This is because you are allowed to share individual links to your music. If you have a track with another artist, an unfinished song, demos with third-party blogs or sites or plays with a radio, you can easily share with listeners using the private link. 

To use this feature, set your track to private after uploading; select the runway and share. Private links add finesse to your reputation. A private link can be created for your entire album too if you wish. 

You can take down your private links at any time. 

5. Graphic Is Key

Your music cover is as important as your music on SoundCloud. 

Image: SoundCloud Graphics.

Your art cover goes wherever your track goes and is the first thing most listeners consider. A well-designed art cover will generate listens wherever it is posted, be it a blog or any social media platform which can be Facebook or Twitter. 

Your art cover is the visual representation of your music, so take care to see that it's great. Your artwork should hint potential listeners of your content before they listen. 

For the best results, your art cover should be at least 800 x 800 pixels in size and of PNG or JPG format. The importance of an art cover means that it should be well executed, meaning that you might have to hire a professional designer sometimes. 

6. Change Tracks with Comments, Likes and Plays

Going pro on SoundCloud gives you the freedom to change a track you've uploaded previously with a recent recording. The most significant part of this arrangement is that the plays, likes, and comments on the previous record remains. 

This will make it very simple for you to get more reviews on your unfinished or new tracks, making it easy to get heard by more listeners. With this feature, you can modify routes based on suggestions and re-upload to know if there are improvements. 

In cases which you upload a track with mistakes, don't lose your cool. Just take it down and upload the corrected version. With this, you have SoundCloud in your hands and more plats under your belt. 

7. Promote On Other Platforms 

A trick that never goes out of style on SoundCloud is promoting your tracks on the social media and other platforms and referring friends and fans to your WaveForm. By doing so, you are heard by people who are not even listeners on SoundCloud. 

8 Ways to get Heard on SoundCloud

Image: Promotion to Social Media Site. Screenshot was taken on August 24, 2019

If your music is good, these people are highly likely to share it with others and, before you know, you are famous on SoundCloud. Social media sites that have been very helpful in this include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more. Other platforms include blogs and websites. 

8. Share to Care

Sharing is caring. Don't just post your tracks on SoundCloud, take your time to post tracks by other artists too. In so doing, you are creating affiliations that are sure to help you also. For example, an artist with a more massive fanbase than yours may refer you or share your tracks on his WaveForm, promoting more plays for your music. 


SoundCloud is an excellent tool for promoting your music, provided you use it well. With adherence to the ways explained above, you are sure to get heard loudly, very loudly. 

Date: August 24, 2019 / Categories: SoundCloud Plays, / Author: Disturbinsilence



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