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If you’re an artist, SoundCloud is the #1 place for you to share your music with the world, and connect with fans like never before. However, getting your songs heard and shared can be a challenge, especially if you’re a new artist.

This is when Buying SoundCloud plays comes in handy. It gets more people listening to your tracks and sharing it with their friends to boost your popularity and reputation.

We tested over 80 Sound Cloud follower companies

In the past three years to see which companies actually deliver real plays, promote your tracks to a target audience, as well as offer an excellent experience, and great customer service.

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Social Empire

$5Per 1000 plays
$5Per 1000 plays
  • Highest-Quality Plays
  • Play Counts Never Dropped
  • Excellent Pricing
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Media Mister

$6.5Per 1000 plays
$6.5Per 1000 plays
  • High-Quality, Long Duration Plays
  • Play Counts Never Dropped
  • Excellent Pricing
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


$7Per 1000 plays
$7Per 1000 plays
  • High-Quality Plays
  • Play Counts Never Dropped
  • Excellent Pricing
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


The Pros and Cons of Buying SoundCloud Plays

As online marketers, we’ve tested these services on hundreds of tracks and seen both the advantages and disadvantages buying plays can have on a song and an artist. Below, you’ll find our detailed list of Pros and Cons so you can decide if these services are really what you need.

The Pros

  • It’s a great way of kickstarting a song. Instead of starting from zero plays, you can start from a few thousand and quickly put things in gear.
  • It helps strengthen your Social Credibility. A boost can make your song look very popular and will attract more people to listen to it.
  • It can attract a lot of attention, including from the media, record companies and agents.
  • It can make you go viral. While this isn’t always what happens, we have seen songs that went viral during our tests.
  • Encourage Conversation and get people talking. You can buy Likes and Comments as well to get people talking.

The Cons

  • The SoundCloud Plays are not targeted in most cases. While you can increase your plays, you can’t determine who listens to your music, or where they are in the world.
  • In most cases, buying SoundCloud plays is only meant to boost your play count and nothing more – proper marketing is still important! There are exceptions; Devumi generated many real and noticeable results.
  • Buying SoundCloud Plays isn’t exactly the most publicly acceptable practice, so you’ll have to keep things on the down low if you do it.
  • Scams are everywhere. While we reviewed some really great companies, a lot of the companies we didn’t mention either didn’t deliver what they promised, or were intentionally trying to scam us. Be wary if you wander off our Top 10 List.

To buy or not to buy

Buying SoundCloud Plays isn’t just about showing off – It’s about getting your music listened to, building a fan-base, becoming more popular, and gaining the attention of big record companies. Nowadays, the music industry is over-crowded, and standing out is becoming more and more difficult. Unless you have incredible luck, marketing your music is your best bet.

Buying SoundCloud plays can be an important step in your online music marketing strategy. Get listened to, boost your popularity, gain fans and attract the attention of the agents and record companies that look around SoundCloud.

Make your music standout!

Going viral on SoundCloud is all about standing out, timing and just a little marketing in the right places. First and foremost, make a song that people actually want to listen to. Be unique, creative and relate with your listeners! Beyond content, it’s about producing your music correctly – does your music sound as good as the big guys?

Yes, Awesome! No? We need to work on that. Our guide will teach you and guide you on how to make awesome music.

How to make awesome music

Frequently asked questions & Answers

The concept of buying SoundCloud plays, likes and comments may be something you’re considering, but it raises more questions than answers. So, we’ve listed the most common questions we get asked below.

  • Should I buy SoundCloud plays?
  • Well, that depends on you. How do you want to market your music? In an oversaturated music industry, it’s hard to be heard. The more plays you have, the higher your chances of being seen by the people that matter. Buying SoundCloud plays is just one way of getting there. Check out our Pros and Cons list, and then decide for yourself!

  • Are bought plays real?
  • Some are, some aren’t. There are companies out there that will honestly promote your music, while there are others that will run a software to artificially increase your plays without much effort or marketing. That’s why we complied a Top 10 list to help weed out the fakes and the scams.

  • How do I buy SoundCloud plays?
  • It all depends on the service you choose. Different services use different processes, so be sure to read reviews before making your choice. Just choose a service you like and follow the steps on the website.

  • Is it safe to buy SoundCloud followers?
  • Yes. We’ve never run into a case that a user had their song or account removed after buying SoundCloud plays, likes, comments or followers. Likewise, we’ve never seen dropped Plays, and we’ve never seen an account banned from buying plays.

  • Can I buy plays for my friends, peers or strangers?
  • You certainly can. Most providers only need a link, so you can buy SoundCloud plays for any track. In fact, if a provider asks for any login information, run the other way – it’s probably a scam.

  • Someone is buying plays for me! How can I stop it?
  • Short of taking down your track or making it private, there’s no way to stop someone from buying you plays.

  • Can someone tell I bought plays?
  • Nope. You can’t tell a fake play apart from a real play. However, you may raise suspicions if you have 1 million plays, but few likes and comments. Suggestion: Buy comments, likes and reposts along with plays to make the most of your SoundCloud marketing campaign.

  • Buying plays isn’t the only way to stand out, is it?
  • Of course not! Remember that buying SoundCloud plays does NOT guarantee a real fan base; it’s more of a credibility booster than anything else. But what good is marketing when you don’t stand out? That’s why we created a guide to help you Make Awesome Music to help you sound just as good as the big guys.

  • Can you really buy SoundCloud plays and followers?
  • Yes, you can absolutely buy Soundcloud plays and followers! The best thing is that it’s really easy to do, and thousands of artists have already bought plays and followers. Here’s how:

    1: Choose a trusted company or provider.

    2: Decide how many plays or followers you want to have. It could be from a few hundred to a few thousand.

    3: Place your order.

    4: Wait for your order to start. This may take a few hours to a few days.

    5: Start receiving plays or followers to your account.

  • How does buying SoundCloud plays and followers work?
  • Providers have various ways to deliver plays and followers. They can include marketing your account through ads, sharing your music with their own networks, or even using bots. Here are some popular methods used today:

    Follow first: The simplest way to gain followers is to start following some. With this tactic, your chosen provider may need to ask for your password. This way, they could go in and start following other SoundCloud users in hopes that they would follow back. It is never recommended that you share your password!

    Bot followers: The fastest way to grow your followers is through bots. If your chosen company uses bot followers, they’ll be able to deliver your order quickly, if not instantly. Bot followers are fake followers created and delivered to you using a software. Unlike the first method, this doesn’t require your password. The downside is these followers don’t really provide any value to you except to make you look popular.

    Rewards: Some companies offer real followers and plays through an exchange network. They own platforms where people can receive rewards simply by following SoundCloud users or playing tracks on the network. This is a great way to get real engagement for your music. However, the followers you will get are often not targeted as they’re only following you for the promised rewards.

    Promotions: Another way that providers drive real followers and plays is by actually marketing your account and songs through their partner websites, with ads driven by algorithms, and social network accounts. Unlike rewards, promotions could help you get targeted followers and engagement from real users.

  • Are the SoundCloud followers that I buy going to unfollow me?
  • In real life, users could unfollow you anytime. When it comes to bought followers, it will depend on the type of followers you’re going to receive.

    - Bot or fake followers are unlikely to unfollow. Most often than not, these are inactive accounts that will stick with you longer, unless they get deleted by SoundCloud.
    - Real bought followers have a higher chance of unfollowing, especially once they’ve received their reward for following you. In addition, their taste in music may change over time and they may decide to unfollow you.
    - Retention rates: Every company has its own retention rate. The number of users that may unfollow you after your order has been completed will depend on the company you choose. Top providers that offer real likes usually have higher retention rates, giving you more value for your money.

    Choose a company that offers a solid retention guarantee so you won’t have to worry about any follower drops once the provider has completed your order.

  • Does buying SoundCloud plays and followers actually work?
  • Definitely! Thousands of aspiring artists have bought followers and plays to kick start their careers. The industry is also growing, as more and more people are starting to appreciate the benefits of buying SoundCloud followers and plays.

  • Am I buying real or fake followers?
  • The quality of followers you get depends on the strategies used by your chosen provider. Some companies simply sell bot followers. while others do their best to provide you with real - and even targeted - followers.

    To make sure you are getting quality followers, don’t just look at the price of the package. Find information about a company’s strategies for delivering followers. Trustworthy providers would take the time to explain their service and quality of followers on their website. It’s also important to read reviews to know the experiences of other customers, and that’s what we’re here for!

  • Why should I buy SoundCloud plays?
  • To be a successful artist, it’s important to let your music be heard and shared, but it can be a challenge in an industry that is already saturated. Buying SoundCloud plays could help make your songs standout. While it may not be the only way to get your music noticed, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore this option or avoid it altogether. Buying SoundCloud plays has its benefits. You should buy plays if you want to:

    - Get more people to listen to your song
    - Make your song look popular
    - Make your song go viral
    - Have people talk about your song
    - Be noticed by record labels and people that matter
    - Improve your social proof
    - Get organic plays

    There are other benefits to buying SoundCloud plays. Learn more in our Pros and Cons section above.

  • Why should I buy SoundCloud followers?
  • As a budding artist, you need to have a solid fanbase for your music to be noticed. That can be difficult to achieve when you’re competing with thousands of aspiring musicians and veteran music artists. Buying SoundCloud followers could help get your foot in the door. It isn’t the only way to get followers and it’s far from the best way, but it’s a start. Buying followers can be beneficial in many areas. You should consider doing it if you want to:

    - Gain followers quickly
    - Increase your social media presence
    - Improve your brand image
    - Attract organic followers
    - Expand your reach
    - Look more popular
    - Appear like an established artist
    - Have others take you seriously
    - Get noticed by record labels

    There are other benefits to buying SoundCloud followers. Learn more in our Pros and Cons section above.

  • Is buying followers or plays on SoundCloud a scam?
  • Buying plays or followers isn’t a scam. There are many honest and credible companies on the market with solid retention policies and refund guarantees. Unfortunately, there are also scammers that will try to fool you into thinking you’re getting the best quality followers. You don’t have to worry, because sorting this out is what we’re here for. We can sift through all the choices and tell you which providers are worth trying out and which ones you should absolutely stay away from.

  • Is it illegal to buy followers or plays on SoundCloud?
  • No. There’s no law stopping you from buying plays or followers. However, some SoundCloud followers and plays providers use strategies that violate SoundClouds terms of service. You should avoid these kinds of providers to prevent putting your account at risk or losing the followers you’ve bought.

  • Can a company remove bought followers after delivering them?
  • Your SoundCloud followers provider won’t have any reason to do so. You could lose followers if SoundCloud itself deletes them or when your followers unfollow you. A retention guarantee should protect you from losing the followers you’ve bought.

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