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Soundcloud Promotion – Popular Tips for Soundcloud Plays 2019

If you still have doubt that the world has changed, think again. In fact, look at Soundcloud Promotion, and you will confirm that not only have times changed, but technology has also evolved ever so rapidly, right now we have everything happening at the comfort of our seats. Soundcloud is currently the largest online store for music tracks of all genres, and it is accessible for free any time of day. Today, Soundcloud represents the ever-growing need for digital marketing and distribution of basically everything.

One thing is clear, though. That what worked in the year 2018 is not likely to work in 2019. The years are moving fast, and so are the milestones in our technology. So, as an artist, you need to sit and steer your thoughts in the direction of change and adapt your strategies so that you stay updated and on top of the game for as long as you choose to. How? You ask. By simply shifting your gear to the 2019 pace and accepting that music and Soundcloud are as revolutionary as anything else could be.

Soundcloud Promotion

Experts came up with tips to ensure your Soundcloud plays are at their best place in 2019, based on studies and reviews of the market for the past few years. We have listed them below, and we hope they will take your musical journey to the heights you wish it to reach. 

  1. Marketing. The way you market your music will determine whether the world gets to know you or not. Gone are the days when you had to depend on your manager or producer or PR personnel to bring home the followers for you. Today, you have got to join the marketing bandwagon to ensure the message goes far and wide. As much as delegating is okay, when you are in the mix, you get to know what to do differently to get different results, seeing that your career depends on it.
  2. Diversify your strategies. This one shows how far you are willing to go to have your music out in the world. As much as Soundcloud is the chief of them all, it does not do any harm to add a few more channels to the ring. Other relevant music channels include YouTube and Spotify, both of which have a significant say in the industry and would take you places if you invest correctly in them.
  3. Ever thought of using hashtags and backlinks? It works more miracles for your career, trust us. Channels like YouTube are subsidiaries of Google, and they will take it upon themselves to promote your work depending on the search engine optimization options and Soundcloud Promotion. On your other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, use hashtags and backlinks to your Soundcloud account so that as many people as possible are redirected back to your page to listen to your music and hence increase the plays. 
  4. Use professional and eye-catching covers for your tracks. This is the best way to attract relevant crowds to your music. Ensure you stand out from the crowd with unique and superior covers, because wherever your music is played in the world, it will be your representation. Experts advise that you invest in an excellent graphic designer or professional photographer because they will ensure you get the best in standards and quality. 
  5. Your overall profile must be enticing, catchy, and very professional. As said many times before, your profile is more like your receptionist. Make it look the part; inviting, professional, and approachable. This will determine the way people view you, generally, in the end. On top of this, with every new track you upload, do upload a new profile picture. This will go a long way in promoting and enhancing your brand, as well as in reducing the monotony of only one profile picture for all the songs. A new image with every new upload makes people see you as an active member, just like one picture makes you look inactive and dormant. 
  6. Consider buying Soundcloud plays. There is always a first time for everything, and that includes music and Soundcloud accounts. At this point in time, the platform has taken entirely off, and if you are new to it, you will have to market your way slowly s you get the hang of it. Sometimes beginning out is very discouraging, especially if things are taking longer than you projected to pick up. In this case, it is okay to buy Soundcloud plays to jump-start your career, but only as a short term plan. Buy only the first batch of plays and use them to begin generating new organic plays, and gradually, they will begin to multiply; there will be no turning back for you at this point. There is a catch here, though; you have to buy the Soundcloud plays from legitimate sellers. Con vendors will sell you bot plays, and it will only be a matter of time before Soundcloud Promotion catches up with you and takes away the credibility of your account for violating the terms and conditions of service.
  7. Keep growing with every upload. Music is a lifetime journey, and you cannot get stuck at where you began. The first track may have lived only to the least of your expectations, but you have to keep going. Ensure that the subsequent tracks are better versions of the former, and put into place any changes, or improvements you may have earned from the past. You will notice how each new track you upload surprises you with better plays. 
  8. We learn from the best. Consider this one the best strategy to use in growing your Soundcloud plays in 2019. There are many people out there with more potential than you, and this applies to everyone. You are supposed to use them to grow yourself. Look for music that is within your genre, and listen to it. Look out for music makers of your caliber and follow them as well as listen to their music. They are bound to follow you back, listen to your music, and leave honest feedback where necessary.

Date: September 16, 2019 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: Kam R


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