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Tools for Music Promotion on SoundCloud

Despite seeing hard times this quarter, SoundCloud is back and stronger than ever. According to co-founder Alex Ljung, SoundCloud has managed to gain financial support from investors to keep the platform alive.

They've also hired former Vimeo employees Kerry Trainer and Mike Weissman as the new CEO and COO for SoundCloud respectively.

These changes send a clear message that SoundCloud is here to stay.

You can now put your worries about SoundCloud going under to rest and focus your energy on developing a kick-ass strategy that will get your music heard. To help you get things off the ground, we've listed a few tried-and-tested tools that can take your music career to a whole new level on SoundCloud.

Find out how you can take full advantage of them below.

The Online Music Community

The online music community is bursting at the seams with opportunities for artists to connect with other musicians and avid fans. Connecting with online communities is one of the oldest tricks in the marketing book – and it works every time.

Online communities give you an opportunity to establish meaningful relationships and high-quality connections with influential players in the industry. If you're having problems finding the right fans for your type of music, you might just be looking in all the wrong places.

Reddit is a popular online forum that has dedicated message boards for every topic imaginable, and as an up-and-coming musician you should probably have a presence there. This online forum boasts of having an active music community that's primarily composed of artists and fans from around the world.

There are forums and online groups for every music genre there is, all you have to do is find them.

Once you become a member, do your part and actively participate in ongoing discussions. Remember, you need to be tactful and respectful towards other members if you want to gain their trust.

Whatever you do, don't do a hard sell on any of your tracks. Focus your energy on establishing yourself as a valuable contributor, instead.

You can affix the link to your latest tracks on your signature. If you manage to pique people's interest with your expertise and eloquent nature, they'll be more inclined to check your music out on their own accord.

High-Quality Social Signals

If you've been trying to build your music career online for a while now, you know how hard it can be to establish yourself amidst the tight competition.

Organic growth and credibility are hard to come by for independent artists – but they’re attainable.

One way to boost your credibility and growth on the platform is by purchasing high-quality social signals from a reputable provider. Bought SoundCloud Plays and Followers give you a seemingly credible reputation that can help you attract more listeners and potential fans.

Bought social signals have gotten a bad reputation over the years because of seedy providers who run away with people's money. If you choose your provider wisely, you're sure to get high-quality social signals that are worth your buck.

Image credit: Chance the Rapper, SoundCloud Page

We're not saying Chance the Rapper bought all those plays, but don't they look awesome on his page?

Buying high-quality social signals means giving yourself the running start you need to get your career off the ground. A few thousand SoundCloud plays and followers can strengthen your social proof as an artist, which can draw organic listeners to your account.

Succeeding on SoundCloud is no longer solely measured by how hard you work to get your music out there, it’s measured by how well you use the tools that are at your disposal to get to where you want to be in the shortest time possible.

The Right Meta Tags

If you want your track to rank higher in the right genre, you need to use the right tags.

You should put a good amount of thought into the tags you use for your tracks if you want to reach the right listeners – don’t just throw up a few of the most popular ones. Using overly general or unrelated tags is considered an unethical marketing ploy by avid music fans and artists alike.

SoundCloud also relies on tags to classify tracks under appropriate charts. If you want to top the charts, you need to provide SoundCloud with the most accurate genre information.

You have the freedom to choose any tags you please as long as they’re congruent to your track and music.

Image credit: Nerdur.com

When inputting tags on SoundCloud, you need to use the most specific keywords first before resorting to more general ones.

You need to use keywords that describe your track's genre and mood. You can also include the name of your record company (if you have one) or the names of any of your collaborators.

Other Promotional Platforms

The internet is chock-full of promotional opportunities hidden in seemingly innocent platforms. You can use your social media accounts to promote your tracks to people you already know on some level.

Convincing friends and family members to follow you on SoundCloud is a lot easier compared to convincing complete strangers.

Image credit: Planet Botch

Be creative when inviting friends and family to check your tracks out. Do whatever it is you need to do to get them off social media and to your SoundCloud profile but don't EVER turn into a Mr. SpamsALot.

If you're serious about getting your music heard, you can reach out to blogs and digital publications for potential features.

Being featured on a blog or digital magazine can help you connect with music fans who might not be on SoundCloud.

There are plenty of promotional opportunities outside SoundCloud, all you have to do is research and find them so you can take full advantage of them.

Focus on Connections

Success on SoundCloud is not hard to achieve if you have a smart strategy in place that can help you reach your goals a lot more quickly. As an artist in this digital age, it's almost a sin not to use the resources that are at your disposal to promote your tracks.

But promoting your tracks doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket – you just need to learn how to use the free tools out there to their fullest potential.

One way to get your music career off the ground without spending a fortune is by purchasing a few thousand high-quality SoundCloud plays and followers from a reputable provider.

Having an impressive number of plays and followers associated with your track on SoundCloud can pique the interest of music fans globally.

Instead of spending your time and money on gimmicky promotional campaigns, focus your resources on building stronger credibility as an artist and establishing an authentic connection with your listeners.

Heed our advice and listen to your SoundCloud career flourish before your very ears.

Date: August 28, 2017 / Categories: Getting Discovered, / Author: Mariko



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