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How SoundCloud Has Changed the Music Industry

Without a doubt, technology has changed the world and the way we consume music along with it. On SoundCloud, the effect can be felt more by artists than listeners.

In fact, it made a world of difference for amateur and aspiring artists. It changed their lives.

It’s the same for established musicians although the change may not be all good. SoundCloud leveled the playing field for professionals, amateurs and those in between. It also brought music to listeners straight from the creators and without control from music publishers.

Indeed, SoundCloud changed not just the lives of artists and consumers but also record labels and the whole music industry. In the wake of SoundCloud getting a new source of funding and the promise that SoundCloud is here to stay and shake the music industry forever, let’s take a look at some of the biggest changes the platform has brought to everyone's lives.

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1. Gave every creator a chance to share their music

SoundCloud gave hope to a lot of undiscovered local artists of all ages. It fueled the dreams of these talents to gain popularity in the industry by simply giving them a platform to share their music with the world.

With SoundCloud, not only can musicians create music, they can also create any kind of recording they’d like, and then easily share it via social media sites as well.

Sharing your homegrown music is not limited to family and friends anymore. Musicians like you can now share anything with anyone, and in any way you’d like. Getting your music heard is sometimes all that matters and SoundCloud understands that.

SoundCloud is also home to a strong community, so if you get lucky you might even gain loyal fans while sharing your music.

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On SoundCloud, you can actually buy Followers and Plays to improve your searchability. Buying high-quality SoundCloud Followers and Plays can help you build your reputation, attract organic followers, and invite real listens to your tracks.

2. Made it possible to build an audience outside of the dominion of record labels and industry politics

SoundCloud made it possible for musicians to build fan bases on the platform, free from the dictates of record labels and their politics. On SoundCloud, musicians aren't burdened by concerns that their songs may or may not be featured, or that they’ll need to censor themselves to be liked.

Musicians on SoundCloud make their own rules and live by them. They can connect with their audiences in whatever way they like and then succeed on their own terms.

Carmelo of Melo Makes Music is one of those popular creators on SoundCloud who is succeeding on his own terms. He collaborates with other musicians and the plays on his tracks show that it’s paying off.

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3. Bridged the gap between artists and their fans

There are no label companies standing in between artists and fans on SoundCloud. On SoundCloud, musicians and their fans are practically in the same room together.

SoundCloud provided a platform for musicians to communicate directly with their fans and vice versa.

Thanks to SoundCloud, you can engage with your fans on a personal level and create more meaningful relationships with them, wherever they are in the world.

Imogen Heap once used SoundCloud to collaborate with her fans by asking them to record and submit tracks that she then used as inspiration. Not only was she able to create a brand new track in record time, she was also able to deeply involve her fans in her project.

Image credit: Imogen Heap via SoundCloud

4. Helped musicians get instant feedback for their creations

Create the music, upload it, and get feedback almost instantly. That’s the beauty of SoundCloud.

On SoundCloud, artists can hear what others think of their creations without ever having to wait for release dates. Listeners can comment on a track and as a musician, you can also give your feedback to other artists. Comments can even be made at specific points in the music so you can pinpoint exactly what you're referring to in your comments.

On SoundCloud, comments can be seen at the bottom of the post so people can interact with each other. Comments can also appear as photos at the bottom of the track.

Image credit: SMMGuide

On this track by J. Cole, you can see that there are so many comments that some photos are hidden already. All these people are giving their feedback directly to J. Cole, and they can help him make his music even better.

This is an incredibly important feature of SoundCloud because feedback, both negative and positive, is very important.

Want to gain more feedback, along with more people listening to and sharing your music? Buy SoundCloud Plays. A massive number of SoundCloud plays, whether they're fake or not, will invite more listens. People will naturally think that your tracks are awesome and that’s why they are getting a lot of plays – this will tempt them to come listen as well.

You won’t just get more opportunities for people to stop and listen to you. You and your music will also have a real chance at becoming truly popular.

5. Provided a platform for artists and record labels to meet

SoundCloud did not only make direct communication between artists and their fans possible, it also created a way for record labels to meet with artists.

On SoundCloud, record labels and talent agents can discover and meet new, unpublished artists to learn more about them and potentially sign them up. Aspiring musicians, too, can seek out record labels to work with. All this is possible for the common person with a modest budget thanks to SoundCloud.

Image credit: Exilic Music

6. Gave people free access to music they love

Because of SoundCloud, people can listen to songs from musicians from all over the world, free of charge. Anyone can listen to SoundCloud at any time and then even save the songs for offline listening later.

People can also search for music they like and stream music from any device of their choice. The choice is wide, too, from hip hop to house, to pop, rock and electronic. These are just some of the most popular genres on SoundCloud.

Succeed With SoundCloud!

SoundCloud has changed the landscape of the music industry. It has contributed to the music scene and changed the lives of many artists in an uncountable number of ways.

Now, it's easier to reach for a star and become not just SoundCloud-popular but industry-famous as well. SoundCloud has dramatically shortened the process and made it possible for every artist to succeed, given the determination.

You may not be there yet, but know that if you keep doing all the right things you’ll start to gain traction. After all, you're already on the most advantageous music platform ever created!

Date: August 22, 2017 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Chell



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