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Why You Should Get More SoundCloud Plays ASAP

It creates a foundation for artists and musicians as they train, retrain themselves using followers and other users as their guide; their feedback helps them to make necessary corrections in the early days. The followers they had from the start eventually becomes their first set of pushers and promoters.

Upcoming musicians get the opportunity to freely interface and arrange collaborations through the platform, of which the eventual result would see new users getting attracted to their profile.

Why You Should Get More SoundCloud Plays ASAP in 2020

It is also highly possible to earn some money through their uploaded tracks. Obviously, getting more SoundCloud plays is very important to your music career. In fact, lots of artists buy SoundCloud plays to get a head-start on their career!

We now have more than 200 million tracks and counting available on SoundCloud, which makes it close to impossible for many artists to make their mark and be outstanding. This is why the promotion of SoundCloud is essential if you are still adamant about getting attention on the platform. Since SoundCloud is a means of reaching a considerable number of people, it is necessary to worry about acquiring a vast number of followers because the more the number of followers, the more the number of listens.

You need a massive fanbase as it measures your popularity and gives you an idea of how many people listen to your music. Therefore we must consider some practical ways to promote your songs on SoundCloud.

Effective ways to promote Your Song on SoundCloud

  1. Great Profile

The profile is the first thing that people identify you with, and as such, it must be composed smartly; it must be impossible to turn down by whosoever is on the other end. A good profile tells what people should know about you, so even if your music is so jaw-dropping, no one would have cared to check it probably because your profile never had information about you.

A SoundCloud profile must contain the following ingredients:

  • A very pleasing username: A pleasing username must be unique, such that everyone quickly gets a grasp of what you do whenever that username comes up in a discussion. It should be easy to pronounce, easy to spell, and easy to search. Note that the username should preferably contain capital letters.
  • A Killer Profile Picture: Your profile must have a profile picture that is the best in your collection. The better it looks, the more assured it is that people would be prepared to poke nose into your activities and would want to further look into your other tracks. The chances are that with a killer profile picture comes a first impression that would never leave the mind; you seem to find fans coming in as a result of this natural attraction, so always have that killer touch in your bio.
  • A verified Phone Number: You should also make sure to include a current phone number in your bio, always update it when you change your name so people who want to reach you can reach you easily.
  • A Website Link: If you have a website which you should have, always make sure to include a link to your website in your profile.
  • A Unique Username: This works for many, and it should work for you; you must have that unique username, one that is easy to identify with, never challenging to pronounce, and one that can endear with fans. You must also make sure to use a unique username across all your social media platforms as it magnifies your presence.
  • A working Email: We find out that many people underestimate the importance of including a working email in their profile; it is used to track your activities, and so you must always add a working one.
Get More SoundCloud Plays ASAP

 Always Use Great Logos

 It is essential to use great logos not only on the sound cloud but everywhere around, you can use your photoshop skills, or you hire the help of a graphic designer.

Google Plus 

You can always carve a niche for many followers here because it is reliable, and many people, including non-followers, get to hear your musical production. Google plus communities are large groups of people-centered on shared interests, not leaving out various genres of music; how do you go about it?

  • Create a Google Plus profile
  • Join some related groups
  • Engage in conversations
  • Share your music

You can also do this with Facebook groups, and you are sure to be able to gather more listens and more followers.

Tagging popular musicians

The truth is that there are famous musicians around on SoundCloud who are making it big time; always tag them when describing your song, notably including those whose style is like yours.

This will make you searchable, and finding your new track will be large possible; this increases the number of plays you get too.

Create Established Connections

You don't just play the lone ranger game on SoundCloud as we have a lot of excellent music there already not finding those deserved rave reviews, what mistakes have they made? They have failed to follow up on connections, how do you go about it?

  • Comment on another person's music.
  • Leave them kind words and backings.
  • Share and repost their music.
  • Follow them up on other social media platforms and repeat the same thing over again; they would like to take cognizance of you and chances are that they would like to help you when you approach them.

Go with the trend 

You can try your hands on remixing the current best songs making the rounds in the music industry; this will bring your uploaded songs among the top searched songs.

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