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The Biggest Problems For New SoundCloud Artists

SoundCloud is home to many musicians cut across the globe. Any mistake at an early age in your career can be devastating. The question now should be on how to overcome the persisting challenges; in other words, how to be getting on SoundCloud.

Tips To Getting Popular On Soundcloud

The role of SoundCloud in music today can never be underestimated. The industry is filled to the brim no matter the genre of music you wish to ply your trade. This is why you must be able to transcend beyond talent, and you should be able to know the dos and don'ts of the business.

More so, you should make sure to get on SoundCloud, improve more on how to write, sing and trade your music. We shall demystify the best tips to be accessible on the sound cloud in this post.

The Biggest Problems For New SoundCloud Artists in 2020

Create a Professional Account

Your profile is your ideal representation of you! People don't want to get lured into awful content! Your profile must be describing yourself in the best way possible to the music you do! Adding what inspired you to make music, etc. are ways to get your profile attractive to people. People will be more convinced to listen to your music if your SoundCloud Professional account can contain the following:

An Electrifying Username

The username you choose to bear is essential. The more fascinating it is, the more likely people are going to check you out, so you must look for yourself a beautiful and unique username.

Profile Picture for SoundCloud

The display picture on your profile must also be beautiful; it must be one that appeals to people whenever they visit SoundCloud. The way the artist looks is significant, so make sure to upload or put one of your best pictures on the profile.

Email Address

The Email address is used to track your activeness on the internet. Therefore you must have a very active Email address, so your activities on social media can be monitored continuously. And for your connections to be known, it must be on a note that creating a new email address exclusively for your SoundCloud account is advisable.

Unique Username URL

To maximize visibility and popularity, you should use the same username across all your social media platforms: Facebook, Whatsapp: Instagram, etc. You should also include the name in your profile URL.

Select Your Best Songs

It is good to make catchy songs but not advisable to upload the best ones. Your best songs should be uploaded instead if you want to increase your chances of getting noticed out of the millions of users on the platform. How can you really make your songs loveable and playable?

Don't Make Mistakes Early On!

While uploading, it is best to be conscious of the following:

Branding: the music must be branded with words of incredible finesse capable of coaxing people to play your music, don't just put your music out there without persuading people to listen or play it. At this juncture, you must take note of other aspects of the branding earlier talked about:

The Title of the doing must be fascinating and persuasive

Always include the song's URL, no one will go around finding the link if you do not put it where it can be seen; the URL should also have commands like: “Download” or “It's in Mp3 Format”. This will further hasten their fingers to click on the follow button.

The description of the song, too, is another avenue to appeal to people; you can take advantage of that, to write the inspiration that led to the music.

how to get discovered for new soundcloud users in 2020

New SoundCloud Artists and Their Cover Songs

The cover songs preceding original popular songs in the track can also be shared. At first, it helps increase your popularity and the possibility of landing yourself in the good books of fans and the industry.

The use of the Spotlight feature that ensures your new tracks appear at the top of your profile is also essential and needful. It helps in the promotion of your new hits and mostly singles.
You must also correctly tag your track. This is very important so that SoundCloud can classify your song among the top charts. New artists just coming out of the block can use “INDIE” as their primary tag; it increases the possibility of your song appearing among the top charts.

Don't Take Shortcuts, Expect Hard Work

Many users prefer to buy followers; it though may be advantageous in that it gets people to be attracted to playing your music. But it is more advisable that visitors get a better taste when they eventually click on your download link. They may listen to it, but if they don't share it, then you are making money, but only within your platform, it is not going to be shared. Real people and real users who passionately like your music are far better than those you pay so they can listen to your music.

Networking on SoundCloud

It will help if you are never far away from networking with music blogs because of the symbiotic relationship involved. If the appealing music gets featured consecutively on their blogs, they attract more people to download from their blogs. The increased traffic will make more money than you paid for it. They will always be ready to help you. It would help if you also endeavor to rapport with fellow users and other social media platforms.

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