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How to go Viral on SoundCloud in 2020 (In Terms of Music Marketing)

The effect of having a page on SoundCloud that is viral can be everlasting; it can mark the beginning of a turn-around for you. However, having a viral page on SoundCloud does not stand and end with having an Interesting track, or creating a podcast that will grab a listeners’ attention.

Before you can get a considerable degree of popularity on the platform, you need to ensure that your content is worthy of trending. You should also ensure that your SoundCloud page is well polished to attract diverse types of audiences. Lots of people know you can buy Soundcloud plays if you want to go viral, because it works with the right music. However, you have to be safe and use our list of the best sites to buy SoundCloud plays and have good music as well. If you ensure that your content is well polished and you invest the right amount of time and energy into making your music perfect and famous, then you’ll be well known by users in and out of SoundCloud.

How to go Viral on SoundCloud in 2020 (In Terms of Music Marketing)

Creating a Page on SoundCloud

1. Pick a Unique Username, and select a custom URL for your account

Your Username on SoundCloud should be easy to search for, at the same time, and clean. If your Username should have spacing and punctuations, then you can be sure that those looking for you will have a hard time remembering your Username. Also, you should make sure that your Username on SoundCloud is brief as possible; this way, people will quickly type in your Username into the search box.

For example, if your name is divine, then the smart thing is to make sure that your SoundCloud URL has “Divine.” If you want to edit your URL or your Username, then you can do that by tapping on “Edit,” you will see this button under the Profile header of your page on SoundCloud.

2. Ensure that your avatar is original and memorable

The avatar you select should be easy to memorize, reasonable, and very clear. Avoid downloading pictures from the internet. Also, ensure that your avatar is something that relates to your track and podcast. Your avatar will contribute to your symbol on SoundCloud.

An example of the right avatar to use is your name, a picture of you, or the name of your track/podcast/album.

3. Your header should reflect the content of your track and the personality of the artist.

For example, if you release funky music, then your header should also be funky. If your music is the happy type, your header should reflect that type of music. If you’re a popular figure, your header can be your picture.

You can change your header if you want. To do this, go to your profile on SoundCloud, then tap on “Change Header” at the top of your screen.

4. Put your Story on your SoundCloud page

If you write your Story on your SoundCloud page, it can help people going through your bio to understand what your music is about; thus helping to foster a deeper connection with those who listen to your track on SoundCloud. People will relate to your music better if they understand the reason behind your song.

How to go Viral on SoundCloud in 2020

Build Your Viral SoundCloud Fanbase

1. Always share your SoundCloud URL

Publicize your SoundCloud URL to everyone on your social media profile. Inform your friends and family to post your URL; this way, it will help to increase your popularity among the friends of your friends.

If you have a website, it is an excellent idea to display the link to your site on that website, that way, those who visit your website will feel the need to listen to the content of your track.

2. Identify your target audience

Identify where your target audience is, find their preferred online communities and websites then build a presence there; this way, you’ll be connecting with those your music suits. Also, hanging around your target audience will help you know what they dislike and like, you will also have an idea of what they love to hear.

Are your target audience the type that love to visit the club, or they stay at home to listen to music; this knowledge will help you to understand them better so that you can tailor your content appropriately.

3. Add comments to your tracks

Except you’re the type who doesn’t care about the opinion of others, but you should especially if that opinion is coming from a category of people in your target audience.

The feedback will also help you to connect with your fans at a deeper level.

4. Post new contents consistently

When you start having a solid fan base on SoundCloud, your fans will begin to expect new content from you, and you have to meet up with this expectation by posting quality content. If you delay releasing new content, your fans may lose enthusiasm for your audio.

5. Regularly interact with your artists and fans on social media

It would help if you always interact with your fans and others in the same niche as you. Communicating with your fans will help you know how to tailor your content for your audience. And your engagement with others in the same niche as you will help you to tap into their experience so that you can avoid their mistakes.

Irrespective of some of your fans react to your music, don’t yell at them and ensure you don’t sound rude.

6. Get influencers in your line to play your music

Speak with influencers such as YouTubers, talk-show hosts, music producers, etc. If you get them to post and talk about your music on public platforms, it will give you more relevance and popularity.

Note: If influencers have negative comments about your music, it can harm your music career; as such, avoid any situation where they’ll describe your content as a bad one.

Date: February 9, 2020 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: E O



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