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Using Twitter Invoicing To Boost Your Musical Clout

If you are trying to promote your SoundCloud tracks, Twitter is an important platform to be on. There is one tactic that you might want to try out to attract listeners to your tracks. Let’s take a look at how it works and how to pull it off.

Riding viral tweets

The tactic is known as Twitter invoicing and involves you using viral tweets to promote your tracks. It starts with looking for a relatable viral tweet then replying to that tweet with your track’s URL. The goal is for people who view the tweet to see your reply and click the link.

According to music news hub Noisey, the tactic is popular with new artists, as this method lets them quickly build their clout on the platform. Liv Middleton, one of the new artists interviewed by the site, said she managed to attract at least 45 new SoundCloud followers after posting on her viral tweet. She also attracted 60 new Twitter followers and gained 900 plays after the tweet.

While the numbers seem small, this still represents a significant boost to the work on new artists. Middleton said that she did it only on her own popular tweet, but she was surprised by the positive feedback she got after posting the link.

Pulling it off

A great thing about Twitter invoicing is that you can do it on any viral tweet you encounter. In Middleton’s case, she put the link under her own viral tweet which allowed for a more natural progression to the promotion.

If you don’t have a viral tweet of your own, posting your URL on a popular artist’s viral tweet is another way to go. Iman, another artist interviewed by Noisey, said he attracted a few thousand new followers on Twitter after someone posted a link of his SoundCloud track in a Kanye West thread.

You need to be selective about where you post your SoundCloud link. You should preferably go for a tweet where your target listeners are commenting. This is a good guarantee that the people who see your link would be interested in clicking it. If you covered one of Riri’s songs off this album you have a perfect opportunity to post your SoundCloud on a very viral tweet:

How you insert your promo tweet into the viral tweet thread also plays a role in the effectiveness of your effort. By following the natural flow of the thread conversation, you can make your reply look less promotional and better catch people’s attention. It also helps if you you engage in the viral thread multiple times to draw attention to yourself before dropping the tweet.

Doing better Twitter marketing

While Twitter invoicing is great for generating a sudden interest in your SoundCloud tracks, you still need a good follow-up to sustain it. Participating in the conversation after you have posted your promo tweet is a great way to tell people that you aren’t just looking for quick clicks. This will encourage them more to check out your link.

You also don’t want to be too self-promotional with your own tweets. While you can post updates about your new tracks, be ready to talk about other stuff with your followers. For instance, you can freely banter with them now and then. This will help you build a more loyal fanbase who could do the Twitter invoicing for you.

Twitter invoicing is a nifty little tactic you can use to make your SoundCloud tracks more visible. Try it, and be ready to engage and impress incoming listeners on your SoundCloud page.

Date: April 16, 2019 / Categories: SoundCloud Plays, / Author: Rich Drees


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