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Musicians: Use Twitter To Expand Your Fanbase

Twitter is great for musicians. You can promote your music on the platform, follow other artists, create a community, get in the conversation, and communicate with your fans directly.

These are just some of the things you can do on Twitter. So, if you and your band aren’t on Twitter yet, it’s time you take advantage of everything the platform has to offer and boost the likelihood of a stellar musical career.

Get the full benefits of being on both SoundCloud and Twitter, and grow your fan base by maximizing the following tips.

Maintain an Active Presence on Twitter

There’s no point setting up your Twitter account if you’re not going to be active on it. Before posting anything though, decide on what kind of social media voice you’ll use. Having a consistent voice is important as it doesn’t just help build your band and brand, but also determines what kind of people you’ll attract or if you’ll attract an audience at all.

Ariana Grande, for example, uses an informal voice on Twitter. She also deliberately extends her words just like her mostly teenage fans, who identify with her and love it.

Image credit: Ariana Grande via Twitter

So use your brand voice, tweet often and join in on discussions. In the beginning, posting quality tweets is critical to growing your followers.

Make it a point to give your audience something valuable as often as possible, whether that’s news, art, or just your thoughts. Now, growing to a huge following takes time, but you can kickstart that process by buying SoundCloud Plays or Twitter Followers. You can actually boost the results of your Follower campaigns with bought followers, because they’ll make you appear more popular and authentic.

Follow Influencers

Aside from your friends on the platform, you should also follow influencers in the music industry. Comment on their posts, retweet their tweets and interact with them.

Follow the biggest musicians on Twitter and check out the people who are following them, too.

Is your music pop rock? Then follow Katy Perry! FInd the influential people who are following her and follow them too.

Image credit: Katy Perry Via Twitter

Update Without Being Too Promotional

Promoting your music is okay. It’s why you’re on Twitter in the first place. However, if you sound too promotional, people might scroll away before they finish reading your first tweet.

So bring something of value to your audience instead of just talking about your album or your work all the time. Nobody likes being marketed to and constant self-promotion is, in fact, the fastest way to lose your viewers’ trust.

So share links to your songs but mostly tweet about other things that you know might interest your Twitter viewers. Tweet about your favorite musicians, talk about their music, their playing style, the latest news in music, fests, and others.

Take your inspiration from John Mayer’s Twitter. John Mayer does not often promote his music on his platform. In fact, he rarely talks about music on Twitter and uses it mostly to connect with fans and share things about himself.

Learn How to Use Hashtags

Twitter is the home of the hashtag, and to not use hashtags on Twitter is to waste that opportunity to connect with others on the platform. Expand the reach of your tweets beyond your followers and to a larger community on the platform by using hashtags.

Tweets with hashtags generate twice as many clicks, retweets, favorites, and replies than tweets without. You should not, however, go crazy with hashtags on Twitter. The ideal number of hashtags is no more than two, according to a study by Neil Patel.

Be Interesting

Create awesome tweets! Having a nice page with a witty bio description will attract new followers but it's your tweets that people see first. So, unless you create interesting tweets that people will click and engage with, you won't gain new followers just by being on the platform.

Be funny, entertaining and express your unique self but remember, don’t just talk about yourself. Engage with people and show interest in what others have to say, too!

Singer and songwriter Imogen Heap tweets not only things about herself. She also constantly updates her followers about her fellow musician’s albums, her friend's books, and her community's projects.

Join In The Conversation

Twitter is a community so go ahead and join in the chat. It's your chance to not only talk about the music you love or get insights from other musicians, it's also a great way to form new friendships and attract new followers.

There are many musicians who see the value of communicating with their online fans. One such artist is Calvin Harris, a British singer who interacts with his fans quite often. He replies to comments and mentions and gets a lot of appreciation because of that.

Image credit: Calvin Harris via Twitter

And consider buying Twitter followers, too, so that when someone checks out your page they'll see how big your following is. Do you ever think about how the number of followers we have on social media serves as a strong form of social proof that convinces others to like us (or not)?

That is, if you have a high follower count, anyone who visits your page will find it easier to decide to follow you. After all, a large number of people are already following you, and that must mean that you’re something special. Likewise, if they see your profile and it only has a few hundred followers, they probably won’t stop to check you out.

And remember, you can always buy SoundCloud Plays to augment your musical career even further. These will serve the same purpose as bought Twitter Followers, except on SoundCloud.

Time to Twitter!

Finally, use analytics to learn how people are engaging with your posts and what they find interesting. Find out what strategies you should continue doing and what you should immediately stop so you can craft better tweets and build a stronger fanbase.

Twitter can be very effective in growing your fan base, and that success will resonate through SoundCloud as well. You can grow your followers on Twitter to help the world at large discover your music, getting the word out one tweet at a time. It’s not easy but if you follow these best practices on Twitter, you’ll see results sooner than you might expect.

Date: November 24, 2017 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: Chell



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