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SoundCloud Introduces New Curated Playlists and Community Profile Pages

SoundCloud had introduced new features that will make it easy for music creators to market their SoundCloud music. The first one is the new community profile pages that allow listeners to interact easily with curators and other music fans with the same taste in music. Among the available community profile pages are the following:

  • Scenes: For music fans who like low-key melodies.
  • Hustle: For hip-hop fans.
  • Shine: For fans of pop music.
  • The Peak: For listeners who are into electronic dance music.

These pages work the same way as other profile pages on SoundCloud, and they aim to bring together both listeners, curators, and music creators. The new handcrafted playlists that will be described in the next section will be placed in the appropriate community.

SoundCloud new playlists and their curators

Aside from this new feature, SoundCloud also introduced new curated playlists as much- needed additions to existing ones like “Fresh Pressed” and “SoundCloud Weekly.” The new curated playlists include:

  • The Feed: This playlist curates the likes, follows, and reposts of an artist on SoundCloud.
  • Drippin’: Updated daily, Drippin’ is about the latest music in rap and hip-hop.



  • Noise and 808s: The playlist features new tracks from the most popular rappers.
  • The Morning Mourning: As the name suggests, this playlist contains selection suitable for people who think that “mornings suck.”
  • DTFunk: DTFunk is the soundtrack for listener’s “freaky first dates.”
  • Speed Bumps: Rapid electro music will be featured on this playlist.


SoundCloud employed the help of some of the trusted professionals in the music industry. This includes music journalist and critic Philip Sherburne, former Pitchfork editor-in-chief Mark Richardson, and music journalists David Turner and Sowmya Krishnamurthy.


The new SoundCloud playlists allow listeners to discover new music easily and conveniently. More importantly, these playlists give SoundCloud music creators the opportunity to be featured and grow their SoundCloud profiles.

New SoundCloud developments with one goal

The community profile pages and the curated playlists were introduced after the news that SoundCloud hired Anthony Gabriele, Apple Music’s former subscription marketing head, as its senior vice president for subscription and marketing.

These cool features, along with the new leadership, are seen as part of SoundCloud’s strategy in turning its 175 million users into paying subscribers through SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+ plans.

Date: April 4, 2019 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: Rich Drees


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