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Top 7 Most Common Mistakes Artists Make On SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the platform that enhances music rating, performance and also serves as a platform where the music starts to gain their recognition. It is being used daily by entertainers or musicians to communicate their music to the world. If you have not started using SoundCloud, I guess you are missing out on a great opportunity.

Every artist should have a SoundCloud account. Through this, they would be able to know their performance and engagement rate to the world at large. More so, it is a community to get feedback from your tracks and how you can improve well in creating lovely content. It is easy, straightforward, and free to use. Although it might require you to pay some token, and you will enjoy the charges.

Also, you can grow from nobody to somebody through the SoundCloud, and everyone seems to know you better. Also, music producers, artist managers, and record labels can use this platform as a marketing tool.

Mistakes Artist Make On SoundCloud

On the long run, using this platform is essential but knowing the terms and condition to use it is more important. Before now, SoundCloud has bee easy. Dj mix remixes and even mashups are uploaded without any restriction. But now, the company has restricted the way artists use the website.

In this blog post, we have outlined the common mistakes the artist make on SoundCloud. This will ensure you to be careful while uploading your music by not disobeying the SoundCloud copyright infringements and trademark law.

The explanations are based on the initial steps for setting up your account, upload your music, and consistent use of the report.

Below is a list of common mistakes artists make on SoundCloud.

1. Registration Process And Biography

This is the first step that ensures how your profile will look. Do you want enough audience to check your profile? How often do you upload to your platform? Are you good at what you do? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before jumping into SoundCloud registration. If you do not follow this procedure accordingly, it might cause the biggest mistake that won't be very easy to rectify on SoundCloud.

Besides, writing an excellent biography serves as a better way to describe you. It looks professional, and your audience can quickly identify the kind of music you produce, the groups, record label as well as your accomplishments in the music industry. However, if you ignore this method, you might find it challenging to manage your account. Hence, it becomes a great mistake for you.

2. Not Linking Your Account with SoundCloud

Registration without linking of account to other social media platform is just a waste of time. SoundCloud demographics contain young individuals who mostly use different social media networking sites to get the latest information. If you are not on any social media platform or you didn't link any of your accounts to the social media platform, you are missing a lot, and this causes a great mistake. Facebook, YouTube channel, Instagram account links should not be missing in your profile. It directly transfers your fans to listen to your songs on SoundCloud.

This simple method serves as a great way to communicate with your audience and grow enough followers. Moreover, use this method wisely if you want to pull enough listeners to your account.

3. Ignoring Comments From Fans

With research and experience, the comment is a way to interact with your audience. By doing this, your fans feel happy, and they are likely to come back. But in a case where the only reply you give is a ‘thank you,' many might feel uncomfortable thinking you are doing it with insincerity. Therefore, endeavor to provide a comment with more thought put into them through the social media platform as well s your SoundCloud account.

4. Not Advertising Your Content

Not advertising your content may also constitute a significant factor for not getting enough audience on your platform. It is an excellent idea if you promote your platform on your own. More so, many famous artists out there do market their music on all platforms. Therefore, it's not a rime if you do the advertisement.

Also, SoundCloud has made it easy and convenient for both up and coming artists and celebrities to showcase their talent and communicate with their lovely fans. Your success story while using this platform depends on your activeness. Abide with the terms and conditions and follow the do's and don't of all other websites and you will see yourself ahead of other artists

5. Not Utilizing Keywords

The keyword is an essential tip for your music to appear on the search list. By not indicating your keywords and tags before uploading, there is a tendency of your music not displaying, and this will make you lose your audience. Additionally, ensure to use tags, genre, and even keywords to your music before uploading it on the platform. It goes a long way toward building a crowd and gaining more recognition.

6. Not Upgrading SoundCloud Account

There is no crime investing in your talent. If music is your passion and you like to grow a career in music, upgrading your account should not be a problem. Invest now and get the reward later, but to some artists, their opinions tend to be different.

 Nevertheless, consistency is the key to a successful business. If you are operating an account without consistency and not going for SoundCloud pro or pro unlimited, it seems to be a waste of time leading to a common mistake.

7. Not Modifying URL On Your Account

Always remember that millions of people use the SoundCloud account, therefore, share the same link on your platform to other social media account for your end-users to recognize your presence.

In conclusion, to avoid common mistakes, artists make on SoundCloud, follow all the necessary guidelines as stated above, and it will amaze you of the positive feedback you get in return.

Date: April 6, 2020 / Categories: Tips, / Author: E O



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