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The Fastest Way to Listen to SoundCloud Songs Offline

The only proper way to listen to SoundCloud offline is by subscribing to SoundCloud Go or Go+. However, not every SoundCloud user can access SoundCloud Go because the feature is only available for residents of certain countries. If you don’t live in those countries, it is not officially possible for you to download an audio file on SoundCloud and listen to it offline. You can go through the few workarounds that we’ll discuss in this article. They will help you to listen to SoundCloud offline on your Android devices, iOS devices, and your computer.  

A. Downloading songs from SoundCloud using SoundCloud Go and Go+

If you have access to the SoundCloud Go or Go+ in your country of residence, and you’re subscribed to this plan, the feature for listening to SoundCloud offline is usable on your SoundCloud account. SoundCloud Go allows you to save lots of things for offline listening, some of them are;

1. Save your Playlist for Offline Listening

You can select from one of the playlist that you liked or one that you created and save it for offline listening. If you want to save the playlist you created, for offline listening, simply open the playlist and tap on the download button that you will see, close to “Likes.” Check the progress bar button below your app if you’re using an iPhone, and if you’re using an android device, simply go to the top of the screen and pull down the menu. Any track added to your playlist will be automatically saved for you to listen offline.

2. Save Likes for offline listening

If you’re on the SoundCloud Go or Go+ subscription plan, you can easily make your likes available for you to listen to them offline. To do this, head over to the library on your mobile phone app (The library is the head tab on iOS devices and the heart tab on Android devices). When you get to the library, check beside the shuffle button to find and tap on the download button. If you add more audio files to your likes, it will automatically be saved for offline listening.

3. Automatically the Contents of Your Library for Offline Listening

You can automatically save all the playlists you created and the likes you saved. To do this, navigate your way to “Offline listening settings,” and switch on “Save automatically.”

4. Save over Wi-Fi Connection

If you have limited data, you can set your SoundCloud app such that it only saves when your device is connected to Wi-Fi. If you want to fix this, navigate your way to settings, then open “Offline listening settings,” and switch on “Only save via Wi-Fi.”

B. Listen to SoundCloud offline without using SoundCloud Go or Go+

In this section, we will discuss some un-official ways by which you can listen to songs offline.

1. Save song for offline listening using Mac/Windows PC

  • Go to Soundcloud.com on any suitable browser. Then type the song you want to listen to, in the search field at the top of the page
  • After finding the audio file, tap on it to open a new tab on the browser. Copy the URL from the URL text field on the SoundCloud page.
  • On the other tab you opened, enter this URL; scdownloader.io, and go to the website. When you get to the webpage, paste the URL there and tap on “Convert It.”
  • The site will redirect you to another page where you will notice that the audio file has been converted to mMP3 format. The song is now ready to be downloaded in the memory of your internet-enabled device.

After following the guidelines, you should be able to access the audio file on your computer, and listen to it anytime that’s convenient for you.

2. Listen to SoundCloud Offline on Your Android Device

  • If you want to listen to SoundCloud offline on your android app, you first have to go to Google Playstore and download the “Vidmate” app, then launch it on your smartphone.
  • Go to google chrome on your android device, and go to www.soundcloud.com, sign-up to your account, and type the song into the search bar at the top of the SoundCloud page.
  • After finding the song, play it, and while it is still playing, copy the URL from the address bar that is at the top of your screen.
  • Note: Don’t copy the song from the android app, but the website, as copying from the app will also copy the description. And this can make it very difficult for vidmate to discover the song and save it for offline streaming.
  • Open “Vidmate” and copy the song there. When you’ve copied it, tap “Go.”
  • Check the bottom of the page for a “download icon” and tap on it. Wait for a few seconds for vidmate to gather information on the song. Tap “Download” when you see the option.

After following the instructions, the audio file is now saved on your device for offline streaming. To access the song, go to the download section of the vidmate app.

3. Listening to SoundCloud offline on your iPhone

iPhone will require an extra effort if you want to download music on it. Here’s how to go about it;

  • Go to the apple store and download Documents by Readdle
  • Go to the SoundCloud app and find the song you want to save. When you see the song, tap on a three-dot icon that you will know when you check the song’s right side. 
  • Tap on “Share,” and then tap “Copy.”
  • Go to “Documents by Readdle” and open the apps built-in browser; this should be at the bottom of the screen. Type scdownloader.io in the URL address.
  • When the site opens, paste the URL you copied earlier. Tap on “Convert it,” and download the audio file.
  • You can save the file to any destination and select a chosen name. 

Date: April 9, 2020 / Categories: New Stuff, / Author: E O



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