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How to Block Ads on SoundCloud Safely in The Free Version

SoundCloud is the most popular music distribution platform. If you’re an average music listener, you definitely will have heard of this platform before. SoundCloud has proven itself to be leading in this sector, and this is primarily because SoundCloud is free to use. However, in 2014, SoundCloud introduced ads as a way to generate money to pay content creators.

Why SoundCloud introduced ads.

This move is essential for the company to keep its position as the leading music sharing platform because other platforms were already coming up with ways to attract content creators to their site. Luckily, SoundCloud decided not to open the monetization feature to all, but a few who they found worthy, and those from certain countries.

Recently, SoundCloud launched a new three-tier program with the names; SoundCloud Partner, SoundCloud Pro, and SoundCloud Premier.

The newly launched SoundCloud premier is the tier that allows content creators to make money from the content they created, own full right to, and uploaded to SoundCloud as long as the owner of the account is on the SoundCloud premier tier.

How SoundCloud Content Creators Qualify for SoundCloud Premiers

For a content creator to qualify for the SoundCloud premier, he/she has to subscribe to SoundCloud Pro and SoundCloud Pro unlimited. It is in the custom of SoundCloud to notify content creators who qualify for the monetization plan. But if a content creator feels that he/she qualifies, the individual also has the liberty to send SoundCloud a message. Here are the rules that a SoundCloud content creator needs to meet before qualifying for SoundCloud premier.

A. You Are A SoundCloud Content Creator

If you’re a content creator, you must have the full right to the content on the track. The right you must have includes the right to re-mix, distribute, and sell the material.

B. You must have at least a thousand streams on your SoundCloud profile in the last month.

SoundCloud has sophisticated tools that detect if the streams are from a bot or human; as such, you shouldn’t buy streams as that can result in your account being banned.

C. For SoundCloud to take cognizance of your stream, the source of the flow has to emanate from countries like Canada, Ireland, Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, France, and Germany.

Streams from countries different from the ones listed won’t count in determining what you’ll earn from those streams. As such, if you’re very particular about making money from SoundCloud, you need to create content that will appeal to the resident of those countries. You should also come up with marketing strategies that will get the attention of those in that country to your music.

SoundCloud users may find the ads annoying. However, almost every music streaming platform now have ads in their contents; in fact, SoundCloud is one of the latest music streaming platforms to introduce this feature. However, if you want to block SoundCloud ads, then you should subscribe to SoundCloud Go.

What is SoundCloud Go?

SoundCloud Go is a feature for SoundCloud listeners that allow you to stream from SoundCloud without ads. SoundCloud Go is a paid membership plan where you spend $10 to get some features that you won’t get if you’re on the free SoundCloud classic subscription. The easiest way to get rid of ads while streaming from SoundCloud is to subscribe to the SoundCloud Go and Go+ plan. If you use an iPhone, it will cost you $13 because Apple takes a commission on all in-app purchases, if you don’t want to pay the extra $3, you can subscribe to SoundCloud Go on the website, and then log in to the Apple app with that account. Apart from listening to audio files without ad, the SoundCloud Go gives you access to more audio files than before. SoundCloud says that it has over one hundred million songs on the platform, which means that you have so many options to listen to.

Apart from blocking ads and new music, the platform also allows you to save music for you to listen to while offline; this helps those that have a limited data plan to conserve data.

Before you can use SoundCloud Go, you need to first subscribe to the plan. Here’s how to purchase this plan.

A. Through the Website

You can buy the subscription plan through the website. To do this, Go to https://soundcloud.com/go. They only accept PayPal and debit or credit cards from countries where this feature has launched.

B. On a Mobile Device

You can also buy this plan on your Apple device or an Android device. Here’s how to buy;

  • Open the app on your phone
  • Navigate your way to the settings page on the app. If you’re using an Apple device, you can tap on the person icon that you will see at the base of a page, then select the menu icon that is positioned above the “Library page.” If you’re using an android device, tap on the three dots icon at the top of your screen, and then tap “Settings.” 
  • On the settings page, you should notice a button for purchasing SoundCloud Go, tap on that button, and follow the laid down instructions.
  • You should get a mail from SoundCloud if the process is successful.
removing SoundCloud Ads free safe legal

Using SoundCloud Go/Go+

At first, you may find it challenging to identify the tracks that SoundCloud Go gives you access to, and the ones that are accessible to all. The free SoundCloud account will show a preview sign for contents that is not accessible to the open membership plan, but the SoundCloud Go won’t have that.

Promoted Ads and Track Appear on SoundCloud Go

 Although the SoundCloud Go membership plan shields you from getting disruptive ads when listening to music, however, you will still get some promoted tracks and ads.

Promoted ads are not disruptive ads because you can choose to play it or not; this way, it does not interrupt your music without your permission.

An ad is termed as being interrupted by SoundCloud if the ad interferes with what you’re streaming. The interruption may be an audio ad or a display ad.

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