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Do SoundCloud Downloads Count As SoundCloud Plays?

SoundCloud is an online music distribution and sharing website based in Berlin, Germany, for fans, artists, and creators. It offers more than just the standard music streaming service! The global app is a worldwide platform for creators to upload and promote their songs. It has a diverse catalog that includes rap, pop, jazz, rock, techno, hip-hop, classical, electronic, and even podcasts. SoundCloud continuously improves its services by having sub-genres that will be available next year.

Three Ways to Download Your Favorite Song from SoundCloud

SoundCloud for Everyone: Fans, Artists, Creators and Curators

Fans – (Who To Download Songs)

SoundCloud is the world’s largest music streaming media today. It is composed of over 200 million songs and a community of over 20 million artists from everywhere in the world. SoundCloud enables users to access the most diverse content collection and catalog. The website is adaptive to user preferences; it has a feature that evaluates the music genre you used to play and gives you recommendations based on your choice. You can also create a playlist and connect directly to the artist and creators in real-time. SoundCloud provides the newest songs and keeps you updated on the upcoming songs to discover.

Artists and Creators – (Who Want More SoundCloud Plays)

SoundCloud is a platform that enables creators to publish their music for free. It is open for anyone who wants to share their tracks in the community. Moreover, it can be a way for the newly emerging artist to be discovered and to hit popularity. Artists and creators earn income from SoundCloud with every stream and subscription purchased. New artists often resort to purchasing SoundCloud plays to get a literal signal boost on their new album.

Three Ways to Download Your Favorite Song from SoundCloud

Through the interaction with creators and artists you idolize, this platform boosts the community's music culture. Fans who subscribe, listen, comment and share music enable the artists to earn more. It also lifts the creators and artists to produce more tracks.


The demand for commercial curators is increasing as the streaming market becomes mainstream nowadays.  Curators are the professional arrangers and collectors of music for specific playlists. They produce different playlists for different preferences, moods, and occasions. SoundCloud opens its platform to external curators to help listeners find the playlist that will fit their diverse wants quickly. 

In SoundCloud, you can also download your favorite hits to listen even offline, but not all songs are available for download if you wonder why. You will learn here the reasons for that. Here are three ways to download music from SoundCloud using your PC, Android, and iOS phone

Direct Download from SoundCloud Website – Does This Count as a Play?

Sorry, this download of a SoundCloud song doesn't count as a play. SoundCloud has a feature where you can download the songs directly from the website. However, it is dependent on permission from the artists. Some artists allow this on their pieces when they upload them, and some do not. Please note that it is only available on the desktop site and not on the mobile version of the website.

You can use the Google Chrome browser and follow this step-by-step instruction.

For Android and iPhone users

  1. Open Google Chrome on your device.
  2. Enable the desktop site button. Click the menu button(three-dot) located on the browser’s top-right corner and look for the desktop site button.
  3. Go to the SoundCloud website.
  4. Search the song you want to download.
  5. Tap the three dots located below the comment section.
  6. Lastly, click the download file option. The song will be downloaded in the same file type that the artists uploaded. Note: If the Download File option does not appear in the choices, it means that the uploader doesn’t give offline listening authorization.

For desktop users

If you are using your personal computer, it will be easier. After opening your Google Chrome browser, follow steps 3-6 in the above instruction.

A browser extension can also be used to download your favorite songs to listen to offline. The extension named SoundCloud Downloader is available in Firefox and Chrome web stores for free.

Three Ways to Download Your Favorite Song from SoundCloud

The first step is to look for the SoundCloud icon on your browser to download using the extension. Then copy and paste the URL of the song and download it. However, the pitfall in using web extensions is the security risk, such as viruses.

Subscribe to SoundCloud Go+ to Download Songs

SoundCloud offers a premium subscription that allows you to listen to music wherever you go without interruption from unwanted advertisements. By availing of the subscription, it will enable you to save unlimited tracks offline and even your entire playlist.

SoundCloud Go+ also allows users to have ad-free listening, access to the full catalog, and stream high-quality audio for only $9.99 per month. However, SoundCloud Go+ is not available to all countries. Some of the countries where the premium subscription is available are UK, US, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Netherlands, Canada, and Germany.

Download Songs Using An Online Extractor Tool – Does This Count As A Play?

Nope! But it might trigger a single play depending on how your tool loads the URL. You can also download music from SoundCloud using third-party websites. In this way of downloading, you do not have to install any application as it is entirely online. This method can be used by android, iPhone, and PC users. Online tools like Simply-Debrid will allow you to download songs using the SoundCloud website link even though the uploader does not give permission. Bear in mind that it is not right to download songs without the permission of the creator. Using songs for personal and commercial use without permission will result in copyright infringement. Please take note that you have the consent before you download and follow these steps:

  1. Open any browser on your device.
  2. Go to the SoundCloud website.
  3. Search the song you want to download and copy the link address from the location bar.
  4. Search for Simply-Debrid. Paste the link and click the Generate Links button.
  5. After the website generates the download link, click the link, and SoundCloud song will download the track to your device. Simple as that!

Other online extractor sites are Sound Wall, Single Mango, and KlickAud. Take into consideration that these online extractors have drawbacks. It can cause a security risk; it has intrusive advertisements and can cause viruses and malware to your devices.

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