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Pros & Cons of Buying SoundCloud Plays

Every musician ventures in the industry intending to establish and build their brand. However, for an industry that attracts millions of people, it becomes hard for new artists to attain the success they yearn. SoundCloud is a music play platform developed to enable musicians to share their music with the rest of the world. While the platform offers a good environment for starters, it is hard having people discover and listen to your music. For this reason, many artists decide to buy SoundCloud plays to boost their artwork. If you are trying to find out the pros and cons of buying SoundCloud plays, you have come to the right place. 

Pros & Cons of Buying SoundCloud Plays


Improve song popularity

Buying SoundCloud plays gives your track the necessary boost needed for improving its popularity level. Buying plays effectively when launching a new song. Your song can take some time before accumulating enough plays for it to become popular. When an artist purchases SoundCloud plays, they either get a permanent or semi-permanent boost in their profile. When their music starts to trend, people go deeper to know them and look for other tracks they have produced. This method of boosting plays is useful for people who need to attract listeners to an uploaded song.

Offers a great way to kick things off

Anyone on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter will agree that getting the first likes, comments, or views is the hardest job. The same challenge applies to SoundCloud. Getting the first plays for any song uploaded on the platform is a challenge. When someone searches for your song, and they find no play, they will most likely leave it at that. Buying SoundCloud plays gives your track a kick start. People will play a song that has a high number of plays.

 Gaining social proof

In the social media world, social proof means that people accept what has been accepted by others. An account with more SoundCloud plays is likely to be trusted more than the one with few plays. People appreciate and value accounts with more SoundCloud plays. Not only does this validation attract more plays, but it also attracts more fans. A high number of fans means your music will have increased plays.

Endorsement from companies

Record companies are always looking for upcoming artists with a potential they can tap. Buying SoundCloud plays is one way of building your profile to a noticeable level. As people recognize and play more of your music, your profile continues to grow in popularity. Record companies can spot your profile and offer a recording deal. If you have impressive music, the record label can offer to sign you.

Access to performances and shows

When your music has more than 100000 plays on SoundCloud, your profile starts to stand out from the multitude. Event managers and clubs looking for fresh and energetic talent can start to look for you. SoundCloud music blog is a famous platform to search for talent. Buying plays can, therefore, be of great benefit to you.

Offers a sense of credibility

Every young artist goes through the challenge of not been taken seriously or recognized as they begin their career. Buying SoundCloud plays can give young artists a chance to showcase their songs to many listeners around the globe. A singer gets a certain amount of credibility when they have the right plays. While someone might be having excellent music skills, it will take time for the SoundCloud community to value their work. Buying plays offers a good opportunity to hasten the process.


Plays are not targeted

Many times, plays are done by bots programmed to imitate the human behavior of listening to music. This can negatively affect your music. If real people listen to your music, you can get referrals that increase your fan base. Your plays can drop drastically if the SoundCloud play engine determines you have plays orchestrated by bots. Also, you cannot determine who plays your music and the location they are listening to. The major goal of buying SoundCloud plays is not music promotion but getting numbers to boost your play count.

It is controversial

Buying plays is seen as a controversial practice by many people. The SoundCloud community advocates for hard work as the way to success. Buying plays is perceived as a shortcut and is often looked down upon by many people. If people realize that you have purchased plays, they may end up neglecting your music. This affects your music growth dramatically. When buying SoundCloud plays, you should always consider purchasing from a legitimate source to avoid detection.

The risk of scammers

The increase in the popularity of SoundCloud plays business that has given rise to scammers. People are selling fake plays that are easily detected. This affects the artist in two dimensions. First, they go a loss since the plays come at a cost. Second, it affects your profile because people become hesitant to play music from an artist who buys playtime. Neglect from listeners means dormancy for your profile. You are alienated from all the benefits that come as a result of profile growth. 

You will still need proper marketing

Purchasing plays is only important for kick-starting your profile. You will need to engage with real people so that you can convert them to fans or customers. Purchased SoundCloud plays have no direct financial impact. They are only intended to boost your profile and attract people to play your music. To gain real plays, you will need to advertise your song on different platforms such as social media networks, concerts, or have an agent to promote your music.

Buying SoundCloud plays has its advantages and disadvantages. Just like any lucrative endeavor, there are always two sides to the coin. Buying plays can be both beneficial and detrimental to your brand. Before deciding to purchase the plays, you should consider the effects that await. While the major goal for purchasing the plays is to grow your profile, a lot is expected from you to find real people to play your music.

Date: September 19, 2019 / Categories: Marketing, Tips, / Author: Kam R


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