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SoundCloud Plays Expert Secrets: Creating Your Audience for Real Plays

COVID-19 went out to the world, and since then, countless studies in the music industry about the loss of artist incomes and revenues and the death of live shows were their focus. This brings questions of how it could be possible for artists to develop their music careers and continue forward if this is the future's new normal.

Three Points From An Expert on How You Can Continue Creating More Audience During the Pandemic

Based on Amber Horsburgh's research, a music strategist, three reoccurring fads can give opportunities for artists who are searching for assembling their audience in this trying time. Horsburgh collected music reports relating to the pandemic and organized them into accessible file storage in Google Drive. She elaborates that they can incorporate these strategies into an artist’s music-creation process while there’s an ongoing limitation to live shows. 

Going to a Trip Down Memory Lane

A study conducted by MRC showed that 55 percent of music listeners chose to listen to past or older music during the Pandemic. This is true because people use music to escape reality by listening back to comfort-seeking melodies at times of tension and stress. 

Three Points From An Expert on How You Can Continue Creating More Audience During the Pandemic

For artists, recall your archives. Go through old stuff like old tour videos, behind-the-scenes photos, old press photos, and never been released track demos. Upload the unreleased demos and B-sides to SoundCloud and partner it with images or videos to your social platforms so you can maintain engagement from your audience. 

Put On a Live Video With Your Real SoundCloud Music Playing

According to a survey of 4,000 internet users from the UK and US, 51% of Generation Zs are watching more online videos in the Pandemic. This could be the effect of numerous cancellations and delay in TV and Film production along with the closure of theaters worldwide.  On the other hand, Facebook made a report that their users, across their social applications, i.e., Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, are spending 70 percent more periods on these apps. Messaging has also increased to about 50% in the last month of the first quarter. Optimizing social media has proven yet again that artists can benefit from social media platforms. Analyses of Chartmetric cited that SZA and H.E.R.’s Instagram followers grew past the eight weeks after their live sessions on Instagram.

Tips for the artists: Get into the craze of live content to continuously expand your audience's reach. You can start getting involved or creating a Youtube channel. Show up and ask other artists to feature you as well on their platforms. Or you can have casual live sessions on Instagram if you see it as more beneficial to you. Imagine creating a live stream program where you can launch your music to gain more SoundCloud plays and followers. Set up your bedroom as your stage for a mini-concert series so you can have a virtual engagement with your fans. 

Start Using Twitch To Drive Real SoundCloud plays

This is more beneficial for electronic artists and DJs because the platform already has a massive crowd of followers who listen to electronic music. For a fact, some of the music streamers that’s been watched on Twitch way back in May 2020 were from the electric genre. This pool of listeners amassed a total of six million viewer hours. A reason for this is because thousands or even millions of gamers are enormous fans of electronic artists.

These gamers create an excellent response to electronic artists who are more than willing to generate experimentation with Twitch as their chosen platform. Somehow, it can be both of these aspects. In any case, there is always an opportunity for electronic artists to use the platform to gain a deep audience experience. As per the IMS Business Report 2020, they have found out that DJs who made a performance on Fortnite made increase their Instagram followers' growth by about ten times after the happening. This is a great way to buy real SoundCloud plays to your entire profile! 

Specifically for electronic artists and DJs, Twitch stretches out open arms to welcome them. It’s becoming worth to be part of the creators using Twitch and optimizing this platform to make competitive followers. This allows the artist to maintain and grow its present fan engagement. To get an insight into what all of this has to offer for artists like you on Twitch, look out for artists like Porter Robinson, HANA, Diplo, and SOFI TUKKER. 

SoundCloud has a Twitch account, too. You can also check them out there.

Bonus Points to Ponder

A handful of art organizations these days want to interact with the young audience. Everyone in Generation Z or Gen Z for short has a story to tell, a video to show. They are already creating work, and they are showing it off to the world. Gen Zs are influencers, and they create a pull of participation. When they communicate, it’s fully participatory. In contrast, traditional artists are observational with a completely different experience of art today. Intelligent arts leaders of this generation need to strategize with their market. Plan out firm strategies to reach out to their audience. Maintain and create more connection that spans across the globe.

Three Points From An Expert on How You Can Continue Creating More Audience During the Pandemic

What artists should be doing is solving problems – to have a vision. There will never be enough time for it, but they have to make it work especially during the pandemic. Start collaborating, start thinking about who to collaborate with. Find your audience. Target your buyers!

Creating a project or creating music has a lot of risks. You will end up not knowing what it will turn out when it is out in the world to see and hear. There’s a risk in not knowing whether there’ll be people who will listen to it. In the creation of art, somebody has to put assumptions. Through collaborating and working, something fresh and big is born. It is true, creation of art and its creative process is by far one of the most and best decision-making processes of humankind. 

Date: February 3, 2021 / Categories: SoundCloud Plays, / Author: Disturbinsilence



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