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SoundCloud Offers Deals for Artists in this Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has affected every country in the world. A lot of establishments closed and were bankrupted. Many people lost their jobs and could not find a new one. The minorities are still struggling daily. People, especially kids and senior citizens, are not allowed to go outside of their houses. Countries enforced lockdowns and traveling are not recommended.

SoundCloud Offers Deals for Artists in this Pandemic

In the midst of this pandemic, even the music industry is not spared. Every single concert and music festival was forcibly canceled. The Texas music showcase South By Southwest was canceled even after a strong petition from supporters and organizers. Even the most famous festivals like Ultra in Miami and Coachella in California are not exempted from the virus's effects. Millions, even billions, of dollars were already spent, but nothing can do about it. The $54 billion of the music industry globally is also on lockdown.

This disruption is affecting mostly artists that are relying on live music. Music labels are also suffering financially because of the money that was already spent on tours. The same goes for production crews and staff in concerts and festivals. While it is difficult to tell them, they might as well find a new means to earn. It seems like the virus, and its effect is not going anywhere anytime soon.

New Subscription Plans on SoundCloud During the Pandemic

While festivals and concerts are no longer a possibility during this pandemic, the music industry is still thriving. In the UK, the music streaming following is continuously increasing. The coronavirus has resulted in boredom and trying new hobbies. Since no one is advised to go out of their houses, people are looking for ways to entertain themselves. Learning how to become a musician and chase SoundCloud plays and followers is not just the latest fad! The popularity of Tiktok has gone viral like COVID-19. Music streaming has also increased its following. Weekly album charts increased its streaming from 76.3 percent to 82.6 percent in the UK. Music seems to be helping people to get by from this unexpected pandemic.

SoundCloud Offers Deals for Artists in this Pandemic

This turn of events has led to amazing deals for artists. SoundCloud hopes to help creators produce their music through their application. Since streaming is increasing, SoundCloud aims to help independent artists to reach a wider audience and monetize their following and streaming. Their management initiative consists of a $5 million worth of promotional support for aspiring artists and singers alike. This promotion is free to encourage more artists to showcase their talents in producing music. SoundCloud’s Promote tool and a new fan-support button are also part of this promotion. These features will help artists receive direct support from followers through Kickstarter, Patreon, Bandcamp, and Paypal.

SoundCloud's New Package Plan

SoundCloud also launched a new package plan that includes Repost. This new feature aims to reach a wider audience all over the world. It gives artists the chance to send their music to major music services globally. Monetizing their plays is also possible now with Repost. Overall, this plan includes marketing and distribution services so artists will be paid for the music they produce.

If you think SoundCloud is doing something amazing, they are not done yet. There is more. A new artist service, called Repost Select, aims to help professional but independent artists have a bigger start to their careers. The $10 million funds will support professional artists from production to promotion. Artists will be selected based on their Repost success. Once selected, they will have an account manager who will guide the artists to releases. The artists will stay as independent artists but will have a representative who will strategize with the artist for a more successful career. Promotional channels like radio stations and social media will be the main outlet for artists in the program. This program will consist of a team of experts in the music industry that works for SoundCloud. Artists may apply to be part of the program.

SoundCloud with Dolby Offers Audio Mastering Technology for £4

Music streaming is rising, and artists are now given a bigger chance to shine. SoundCloud has taken steps this past few months to help artists to reach a bigger audience. Their latest initiative is what they call “Mastering on SoundCloud.” This new feature is in partnership with Dolby. Dolby is an established company that produces high-quality audio in the industry or showbusiness. With professionals working with them, Dolby has already mastered their mastering technology.

In this feature, artists can get a professionally crafted sound for just $5 (£4). Before releasing the music, the artists can get access to the mastering technology of Dolby. This technology will critically analyze it. The artist has the free will to choose a style that will sculpt their music's dynamic profile. Although this technology can make some changes to the product, SoundCloud assures artists that their music will maintain its original purpose and style.

The average to professional mastering level of this technology will result in quality music produced by an engineer. The offer is $5 per song of any file type. On the other hand, SoundCloud Pro subscribers have some perks. They will only be charged $3.99 for each mastered music. Additionally, three free masters every month is available for them as long as they are subscribed to Pro Unlimited. This step is also a promotional action to convince artists to upgrade their subscription to Pro Unlimited.

SoundCloud Offers Deals for Artists in this Pandemic


The platform also released a live stream series related to this new feature. The series is called “The Mastering Sessions.” In a live stream program, creators will showcase the features of the mastering technology. This series is a strategy to promote the mastering technology of Dolby. It presents to potential audiences how mastering can improve a sound. “Mastered on Soundcloud” playlist was also launched together with the series. This playlist contains songs that use mastering technology.

SoundCloud is pushing itself to be helpful to artists in this pandemic. They are continuously releasing new features to attract more audience to their platform. Aside from the aim to earn more during these trying times, they are building dreams for people. 

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