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Presenting Repost Rewind: SoundCloud’s Choices Pulled Out

When you hand out music to Repost by SoundCloud, you will have the chance to be heard by new followers all over the globe. But, do you know a pretty much less known truth? SoundCloud also gets to hear songs you send to it. SoundCloud has a Quality Control team of internal experts who listen and examine every track that you send.

Presenting Repost Rewind: SoundCloud’s Choices Pulled Out From the Songs Sent to It

As you would visualize, SoundCloud listens to loads of new indie music every day as part of its quality inspecting creator submissions. Repost Rewind is now the new once-a-month blog series. This is where it would normally playback the tracks that strike above the others and give other worthy artists their moment to sparkle. 

So whether you are here to listen or get fresh new concepts for your next publication, SoundCloud proposes that you pour a glass of beverage, light up your scented candles, and dive into the first collection of songs pulled from the creative minds and worksheets of us here in the Quality Control team. 

Do You Want To Be Part Of SoundCloud’s Upcoming List?

To add to the industry that leads to music distribution, with Repost, serious indie artists can use professional marketing and monetization offers. The new feature also allows the dissemination of tracks to 25 or more stores. On top of that, it offers special opportunities to get your music heard. 

To add more, once you start achieving gains with repost, you could get a chance to have an invite to apply to Repost Select by Soundcloud. This is the platform’s premium offer program for artists and musicians on the rise. It's a new way to buy real SoundCloud plays that help your career!

Moreover, Repost by SoundCloud is inclusive in Pro Unlimited (for only $30/year). Through this, you get the chance to keep 100% of your SoundCloud royalties add up to 80% of the income we receive from other music services. Unlike other services, SoundCloud offers a full suite of features and offerings for one all-inclusive price with no upsells. 

SoundCloud’s First Repost Rewind Batch

Shibuya by Ford Stems

Shibuya is an album that is perfect for listeners and fans of Dabrye, Shigeto, and DJ Shadow. The very effective neck-snapping hip-hop thumps and instrumentals are from the Parisian Ford Stems. The sound of drums swung loose, interconnecting with dirty samples span through the six-track EP. It skillfully managed to make a rough and worn out sound but crusty and neutral all at once. 

Raincheck by Jachary

Jachary, a New Yorker, seamlessly blends everything so amazingly, from the nineties lo-fi to the seventies rock. He condenses it into an almost impossible attractive 3-minute track. The song “Raincheck” is a song that directly aims to hit your ears. It’s designed to create waves out of the windows and back into your ears. Fans of Drugdealer, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Steely Dan can resonate with the song.

Presenting Repost Rewind: SoundCloud’s Choices Pulled Out From the Songs Sent to It

Origami by D. Bridge

This is a top category hip-hop song from Milwaukee’s very own D. Bridge. It features Gerald Walker, Michael Anthony, and now a Grammy-award winning rapper, singer, and songwriter Chance The Rapper. This consists of stylish lyrics and chic elocution that span the whole almost 4-minute track. It also runs over an instrumental with a sound that seems uncovered from the nineties' golden era.

Moreover, D. Bridge should not be confused with the United Kingdom legend of the same name.

Lovely Is A Lonely Thing (Part 1) by FiFi Rong

FiFi Rong, a London based singer, creates an enticing mixture of Electronica, Pop, Alternative R&B, Avant-garde, and UK Bass music. These are all the components that swirl all through the track. 

Also, she has done collaborations with Tricky, Phaeleh, and Yello. Her vocal flairs were featured distinctly on the first track of Skepta’s Mercury Prize-winning album “Konichiwa.” 

Moreover, FiFi Rong’s vocals are also reminiscent of the early Billie Eilish styles in 2015”. The song is best suited for Lana Del Rey, FKA Twigs, and Bat For Lashes.

Lacewing by Muskrat

Recorded in Muskrat's bedroom studio in Brooklyn, this DIY dream-pop is a record that sets your mind afloat. This song would always fit on a Captured Tracks collection or anyone’s weekly Discover playlist. Muskrat’s Lacewing is a song that is also recommendable for fans of Broken Social Scene, TOPS, and Weyes Blood.

Echo Epoch by Palence

In the style of a 23-minute long mixtape, Echo Epoch is a strong office favorite. The mixtape conveys a combination of fuzzy post-rock rhythms, rattles in full reverb, and scratched underground drums onto a tape-filled artwork. It resonates very much for fans of Atlas Sound, Mogwai, and Forest Swords.

Glow Tide by Peregrihn 

Glow Tide is synth music with a pure 80’s vibe merged with tropical pop shallow thumps. This song is a combination of stunning antiquated harmony that creates an illusion of lucid dreams in beach night imageries. Best for fans of Lone, Com Truise, and Software

Gift Of Admiration And Gratitude by Machine Woman

The song is brought to you by Berlin-based musician: Machine Woman. It sets up a futuristic yet retro vibe mood in a seventies dance club. It is an up-tempo song in a deep house setting with scattered drum beats and precise sound effects. This is a great song for listeners and fans of Youandewan, Gene on Earth, and Regelbau.

Presenting Repost Rewind: SoundCloud’s Choices Pulled Out From the Songs Sent to It

Bye by Argo and Celeste Collins

“Bye” is a lighthearted, lovely interchange between Argo & Celeste Collins. It presents beats by the former and the lustrous and elegant vocals of the latter. The attention given to the details drives the track out of the usual “lo-fi beats” variety. “Bye” lands someplace between the Los Angeles beats imagery and the lounge-sound like of the neo-soul. The song is best for fans of Lapalux, Andreya Triana, and Mndsgn.

Pareidolia by Lutras 

The final song that made it to the list is well-created electronica from Lutras, a South Korean producer. With its radar-like sounds and ripple-sound effect, it vibrates throughout human emotions. The audio is a hint to some colossal records of their genre where it fits, but it is a heavy-duty song that can make its unique niche. Great for fans of Jon Hopkins, Apparat, and Floating Points.

Date: November 12, 2020 / Categories: New Stuff, / Author: Joy P


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