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The SoundCloud Creator Forum Travels to Miami Beach to held Art Basel

In New York, on December 2, 2019, the SoundCloud Creator Forum reaches Miami. The team takes over the Wynwood creative site, The Set, to launch a three-day forum that is welcome for all creators. This new edition is the Art Basel Edition. The events in Atlanta and Amsterdam preceded it. Art Basel edition deals with helping the creators to build their brand.

The SoundCloud Creator Forum Travels to Miami Beach to held Art Basel on December 3-5, 2020

This forum contains industry-led personnel and artists about branding, writing, creativity, and styling activities. The forum became possible with The Face, the British lifestyle magazine, and FL Studio– open gatherings with music musical duo, the Paperwater. Production software. This three-day event showcases the SoundCloud x Ate O’ Ate Art Basel Party. It includes the DJ and producer, Ape Drums, and the musician and songwriter Suzi Analogue. Artist and drum and bass DJ Jubilee, the musical duo the Paperwriter, and house-inspired DJ Stonie Blue were also included. Here are the full details about Art Basel.

Programming shows the SoundCloud mission to encourage aspiring creators to move their careers to the next level and elevate the music culture's status. The use of the backdrop of Art Basel and Miami’s amusing art and music culture gives inspiration for the artists. The neophyte creators who recently subscribed to the event or considered free users will be qualified to receive a free three-month Pro Unlimited subscription. However, it is applicable if they are RSVP and check-in to one of those activation days. 

SoundCloud Creator Forum: Miami

  • Location: The Set: 776 Northwest 21st Terrace Miami, FL 33127

1st Day: December 3, 2019 – Tuesday

  • Panel: Branding Across Borders 1:30 – 2:30 pm

On the first day of this SoundCloud Creator Forum for Art Basel, the participants will know how the artists and creatives utilize global influence to develop new styles and genres, remodel today’s music landscape, and be known across the globe. Various artists will be at the event. This includes Tariq Cherif, Rauw Alejandro, and artist manager Solomon Sobande.

  • Session: SC 101: Getting Started 3:00 – 4:00 pm

The aspiring creators can learn various methods and techniques to lead yourself all the way to your success in SoundCloud buying plays. You can ask SoundCloud’s music, artist relations, and label services team your questions, which they will all answer. You can throw questions about how to set up your profile and expand your audience. SoundCloud’s Music, Artist Relations, and Label Services team will assist you with this session.

Panel: Build It Yourself 4:30 – 5:30 pm

The afternoon event will feature entrepreneurs from music, art, and marketing. They will explain how you will be able to connect with other creative connections to help you develop your career in the industry. It features multimedia artists Blue The Great, D’ana of COVL and Anthony Blue, RnBae Collective founder Cristina Jerome, and Gianni Lee– a producer fine artist.

The SoundCloud Creator Forum Travels to Miami Beach to held Art Basel on December 3-5, 2020
  • Creators Lounge at 5:30 – 8:30 pm: The Face Magazine 

The Face is a seminal British lifestyle magazine. It is now conquering the Creator Lounge area, where it holds discussions, workshops, and activities. The said activities comprise free press shots for the creators from Misha Vladimirskiy– a well-known photographer and a workspace for bio writing. 

2nd Day: December 4, 2019 – Wednesday

  • Panel: Expand Your Brand 1:30 – 2:30 pm

The participants will learn how to utilize the power of communities to cooperate, broaden their networks, and improve their brands. Many artists present at the event like Jubilee, Ape Drums, Wolftyla, and Mula Zoovie. 

  • Session: SC 101: Getting Started 3:00 – 4:00 pm

As creator attendees, there are various methods and techniques to reach your success on the SoundCloud platform. The teams from SoundCloud music, artist relations, and label services can answer your queries about setting profiles and widening your audience. They also present many artists such as D'ana of COVL and Anthony Blue, Blue The Great, RnBae Collective founder Cristina Jerome, and a fine producer, Gianni Lee.

Panel: Breaking Through 4:30 – 5:30 pm

The attendees will learn from industry trailblazers who have defied the status quo. You will know how they push the culture and support female artists to build their own brands. The guests are Suzi Analogue, and artist managers Ashley Outrageous, Ramya Velury.

  • Creators Lounge: The Face Magazine 5:30 – 8:30 pm

The Face magazine occupies the Creator Lounge for their workshops. There will be an on-screen printing press and many vintage clothes to modify your style. 

3rd Day: December 5, 2019 – Thursday

  • Open Session: FL Studio Workshop 1:00 – 5:00 pm

The SoundCloud platform invites the creators to come to The Set and to deal with their future careers. We will provide iMacs set up pre-installed with FL Studio for the participants to build their productions. Do you have new ideas in mind? Let us know, and we will help you with that. 

  • SoundCloud x Ate Party 8:00 pm – 3:00 am 

SoundCloud Creator Forum is a live conference created for creator aspirants, mainly dealing with education, connection, and helping artists know in the industry. The previous editions of SoundCloud Creator Forum at A3C in Atlanta and ADE in Amsterdam supervised thousands of creators and engaged millions of followers on Instagram. If you want to know more details, you can visit the SoundCloud blog.

The SoundCloud Creator Forum Travels to Miami Beach to held Art Basel on December 3-5, 2020

What Do You Need to Know About SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is the world’s most prominent and widely known open audio platform fuelled by an associated community of creators, listeners, and curators on the trend to see what is new, current, and ahead in the culture. It was built in 2007 and vest the world’s audio creators with excellent tools, services, and resources to grow their networks. There are over 200 million from the 25 million creators perceived in 190 countries. At the top of it, it deals with what should is next in music is the first spot on SoundCloud. This is a worthwhile platform to improve the skills and talents of the creators. There are vast opportunities that you might get from this open audio platform as creators.

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