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SoundCloud Introduces Brand New Face For iOS Profile

Buy SoundCloud Plays, the most popular and most advanced music distribution platform, made excellent news to its avid users, especially for those iOS patrons, regarding the new iOS profile that will certainly upraise their usage experience. The said upgrade will be available as soon as right now, which will directly go around the mobile app's theme and layout. This new face has something to do with the principle layout or design of the app’s chief functions, such as social features. SoundCloud has also opened a new button called “top tracks,” where the fans can easily see the most listened track in a particular duration. 

SoundCloud Introduces Brand New Face For iOS Profile

Ever since digital music has begun to thrive, SoundCloud has been there in the picture, providing new innovative ideas for improving the music industry. To this date, SoundCloud is popularly dubbed as the world’s most social streaming site that gives an effective platform to either a big or start-up musician. Its transparent accessibility builds a strong interconnection between the users and their target audience. Hence, the company came up with a bright idea to develop a new feature that will directly enhance the musicians' profile page where most of their potential listeners first go to when seeking eargasm. 

As purchasing plays on SoundCloud customers believe that their users' profile page has a very significant contribution to the success of their music journey, their creative team brought new features to escalate the overall experience.

What is Hot About SoundCloud? 

It comes to three main minimal changes, which may be small at a glance but surely greatly impact the entirety of the streaming software. First is the layout. SoundCloud made the important information about the users such as display photo, header, about, and “Pinned to Spotlight” more prominent by placing these to an area where rolling eyes mostly survey. Now, they can all be found at the top portion, emphasizing what their music is all about.

You may not see the progress with your naked eyes, but it helps to crawl your songs to the top hits. The second upgrade has something to do with distribution. If you feel like extracting your profile URL a bit hassle, the new share profile button is the answer to brush it off. With this newly added upgrade, you can now easily get your profile, together with your songs, be heard across your target location. Just hit the share button, and the stars will immediately kneel on you to grant your wishes.

Lastly, but one new thing you would surely love is the array of top tracks. SoundCloud can curate all your top hits in the last 90 days and highlight them most noticeably. Since your uploads are well-organized on the rack, several people, even those who haven’t yet listened to you before, will surely discover your music. 

Take note of this: your music is an art. It deserves extensive appreciation from many people. And thankfully, here is SoundCloud to assist you. 

About SoundCloud

The world is no longer new to online music streaming services. There are a lot of ways that a person could stream audio and music online. 

SoundCloud Introduces Brand New Face For iOS Profile

SoundCloud was founded in Berlin in the year 2017. Since then, it has expanded to an extensive platform. It now encompasses a streaming service, an online community, as well as a distribution platform. Needless to say, SoundCloud caters to all the needs and demands of both music creators and listeners alike. 

For music creators, this online streaming service is an excellent way to upload and share with their fans the songs they created. On the other hand, SoundCloud makes it easier for fans to become updated about their favorite artists and stream on continuous plays. For other media types, this music-sharing platform provides a way to stream embeddable pieces of audio for news and sports outlets. 

SoundCloud’s Subscription Plans

Furthermore, SoundCloud offers three subscription levels for its users. 

If you are a free user, there is a 120-minute limit for uploading your music. In addition to this, a free version only allows you to see a limited part of your stats. If you want to increase your upload time, you can subscribe and pay for a Pro or Pro Unlimited plan. These plans also come with more extensive analytics. In addition to that, it has a Quiet Mode feature that lets you hide comments and stats on your songs.

Some of SoundCloud’s Best Features

Just like some other music services, SoundCloud lets you stream your songs in the background as you change between various interfaces. This is an excellent feature, especially when you need to browse between different tracks through the platform’s explore function. You only need to click on the Explore button located on the top navigation bar's left side, and then you are good to go. 

The Explore page shows all the tracks that are trending at the moment within the SoundCloud community. You will be able to browse not only by musical genre but also through other media like excerpts from audiobooks and newscasts.

SoundCloud Introduces Brand New Face For iOS Profile

Once you already have your tracks uploaded on the platform, then you can attract potential fans to listen to them. You can post your SoundCloud link to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Moreover, SoundCloud also allows listeners to comment on a particular part of a track using the waveform feature. Through this feature, you will ask your listeners about a part of a song that you are not sure about. This is great if you are not sure about how a part of your track goes, and you want to ask your listeners about it. The comments from your listeners will pop up as the track plays through. This allows users to read other people’s comments as they listen to the track.001

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