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Top Reasons Why Purchasing SoundCloud Plays is Important

SoundCloud provides a space aspiring music artists can use to start their careers. People love it because, first and foremost, it is free to use. You do not need to pay to create an account. Yes, there are paid tiers, which would provide you access to fantastic features. But no one is forced to buy the subscription. 

SoundCloud is also interactive, as it is a social media platform. Users can leave comments on specific parts of the tracks to say how they feel about it. By constantly checking what the commenters say, an artist can get an insight into what they want to hear. They can then incorporate these sounds more in their music. In turn, that will help in developing the fanbase. 

Aside from getting insights, it allows artists to connect with their fans. Thus, strengthening their relationship. That plays a critical role in the artist's success for obvious reasons.

Things You Have To Worry About

The thing is, you can't expect things to be smooth sailing. You can't expect to be famous one night after uploading your first track. That is a very unrealistic expectation. There is no immediate success here.

Even if you get premium subscriptions, your success on SoundCloud still is not guaranteed. You still have to put in the effort. For instance, you need to make quality content that people would love to listen to. And after that, you have to make people actually listen to your tracks. That is easier said than done. 

Top Reasons Why Purchasing SoundCloud Plays is Important

There is something you can do to lighten the workload, though. This solution will not flatten the road. But, it will make the road a lot less bumpy. What is this solution? It is buying SoundCloud plays.

Problems Purchasing SoundCloud Plays Solves

Let's face it. Aspiring artists need all the help they can get. You can do everything on your own. But that would take too long. You would only accomplish a small fraction of what wiser people who sought help achieved in a short time. In other words, they will leave you in the dust. Of course, that is not ideal. 

That is why it would be best to purchase SoundCloud plays. It will give your career a huge boost. Still not convinced with that? Well then, here are the reasons why doing it is important:

Makes People Inclined to Play Your Track

Think about this. Would you buy an item with zero product reviews? Or would you trust a Facebook post from a page with only a few likes? How about a show that no one is talking about. Would you be motivated to watch it? Any wise man would do none of these things. They would rather spend their money and time on things that already have proven their worth. 

Top Reasons Why Purchasing SoundCloud Plays is Important

The same goes for your tracks on SoundCloud. Only a few stray souls will be inclined to play them even if they saw only a few others have listened to them. On the other hand, if people see others have played the tracks many times, things would be different. People would be curious, and hence, will play the track themselves.

Do you see the problem here? People need to have reassurance, which would be provided by the number of plays on your tracks. But then, that means no one will play your tracks at first. You can ask your friends and family to play the tracks. But they would not be enough. 

That is where SoundCloud Play sellers come in. You can generate the first batch of plays on your tracks by buying from them. That's a problem solved.

Attracts More Followers via Social Proof

Again, SoundCloud is a social media platform. As the influencers on Twitter or Instagram have shown, having a high follower count is a key to success.

 So how can you attract more followers on SoundCloud? You can do it by showing people that they would not regret clicking that button. That leads back to your tracks. You have to wow people with them and so induce fear-of-missing-out feelings. But even if you made a masterpiece, it would still be useless if people would not play it. And like what is said above, buying SoundCloud plays helps you solve that.

Put You Above the Competition

The problem with SoundCloud being free to use is, it inevitably leads to oversaturation. Aside from you, there are lots of other people starting their careers. Also, there are the people who began earlier than you did. So, it is difficult to stand out. Your content may not see the light of day if you do not do anything to promote it. Your tracks may sink at the bottom of this sea of tracks that the artists on SoundCloud churn out every minute. 

Top Reasons Why Purchasing SoundCloud Plays is Important

Guess how you can prevent that from happening. That's right. You can buy SoundCloud plays. This way, your uploads will perform better than the others put on SoundCloud at the same time as yours did. Furthermore, it will allow your content to catch up to content on the platform already before your release. It may even surpass them. 

As you can tell, this will put you in a better spot than your competition. Thus, making your path to stardom less rocky.

How It Works

Probably, you are turned off by this idea because you think the plays would not be organic. While some companies use bots, not all of them do. There are ones that will provide you only plays from genuine people. So, buying SoundCloud plays will not compromise the quality of your SoundCloud profile.

The cost is nothing compared to the value that you will get. Besides, you will eventually be able to monetize, thanks to the early boost from buying plays. So your money will return to your pockets. 

That said, buying SoundCloud plays is one of the most fantastic things you can do in your music career. It will work wonders at setting you up for success. 

Countering The Most Common Myth about Purchased SoundCloud Plays: “It Can Ban Your Account!”

The most common complaint about purchased SoundCloud plays is the unsettling risk of getting your entire account banned due to buying SoundCloud plays. The problem with this approach is that, if true, it would “weaponize” the purchasing of SoundCloud plays. This means the community and competition would figure that out, and deliberately buy them on their biggest rivals and competition to get them banned.

Tech companies like SoundCloud aren't stupid. In fact, they are filled with some of the smartest people on the planet. You can bet your bottom dollar they have already thought of this and realized the immediate impact of such a policy. Let's dive deep on why this myth is so common.

Have you ever tried buying SoundCloud plays before from the countless websites that offer them? Obviously, the vast majority of these websites are at best scams, and at least have the potential to simply use bots to spam up your numbers. When you go through the process of buying these plays on any of these websites, you will notice they don't ask(or need) your SoundCloud login information. When you place an order, you either fill in the URL of your SoundCloud profile, or even just the handle. Alternatively, if you are getting individual plays, they will just ask for the URLs of the songs you wish to get the plays on.

You'll notice at no point in the transaction do you need to log in or give them any passwords. This is the fundamental problem: accountability. Anyone can buy anyone else SoundCloud plays, and it's impossible to know who did what or even why. We've seen fans deliberately buy small artists' boosts of plays to try and help them out since it's an algorithm-driven world out there.

Conclusion: It's Important to Accept that It's Generally Safe and Your Competition Is Already Doing it

If you've been in the music scene for a while, you'll likely have already heard of people, companies, and even institutions buying, purchasing, generating, or even volunteering SoundCloud plays for their artists and affiliated partners. Even in the popular rap scene, there are entire songs that millions of people have heard that include lyrics that detail accusations of purchasing SoundCloud plays in an attempt to ride the algorithm and become the next big SoundCloud rapper.

Accepting that it's generally safe to do for your account is one important step you'll have to make. The final step is accepting the fact that the entire industry around you is not only doing this every day but the requirement to do so is built into the ecosystem of music profitability itself. There are always excuses why one album does or doesn't sell more than another, or why one concert hall fills up with half the available seats. It's up to management to “manage” all the fallout from real-world transactions. However, you need to understand that it is up to you to manage your own internal statistics, as these are the statistics used by every important person and algorithm in a world where important people and even more important algorithms will decide what you're worth.

Date: May 4, 2022 / Categories: SoundCloud Plays, / Author: Rich Drees


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