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How Do Aspiring Artists Use SoundCloud to Distribute Their Music?

Aspiring artists have long used SoundCloud as a way to distribute their music. The platform offers a simple, effective way to share tracks with the world. While some artists have found success in using SoundCloud to build a following, others have struggled to gain traction in growing their SoundCloud plays.

There are a few key things that aspiring artists need to do in order to find success on SoundCloud. First, it is important to upload high-quality tracks. Secondly, promoting your tracks through social media and other channels is vital. Lastly, engaging with your audience is essential in order to build a loyal fan base.

If you are an aspiring artist looking to use SoundCloud as a way to distribute your music, keep these tips in mind. By following these simple tips, you can increase your chances of success on the platform.

So you want to be the next big thing in music?

There is a dedicated place for everyone on the internet. There are sites like DeviantArt for artists and art enthusiasts alike. Then, there is Twitch for gamers. And Instagram is there for photographers and models. Meanwhile, SoundCloud is the top place to go for musicians- contract-signed or independent.

People love SoundCloud because it is, at its core, a social media platform. On any part of the tracks, people can comment and say what they think about it. Other listeners can then see what others have said and add their takes. This interactiveness makes the platform appealing to people. And since SoundCloud is available online and on IOS and Android, it is very accessible. 

Aspiring artists love this as much as bees love nectar. The feedback they receive from their listeners allows them to improve. They do not even have to solicit feedback. The listeners do it on their own accord.

How to use SoundCloud To Get Your Music Out There

Well, we can’t help you with that, but we can tell you how to use SoundCloud to get your music out there. It’s a great platform for distributing your tunes and building a fanbase.

SoundCloud is also a premier choice because using it is mostly free. Sure, there are features locked behind a paywall/ But no one is required to pay for them. Anyone can create an account and listen to music free of charge. 

However, it is highly recommended that artists purchase the available subscriptions. Doing that will raise their chances of succeeding on the platform and even outside of SoundCloud.

How Do Aspiring Artists Use SoundCloud to Distribute Their Music?

SoundCloud's Tiers For Listeners

SoundCloud has premium tiers that improve the user experience. For listeners, the first tier is SoundCloud Go. It allows users to save an unlimited number of tracks. They can listen to their saved tracks even when they are offline. Furthermore, SoundCloud Go grants users an ad-free listening experience. That is something you, as a listener, would appreciate so much. Getting bombarded with ads when you are trying to relax by listening to music ruins the mood. You would be wise to do something to prevent it. If you can afford the solution, go for it.

SoundCloud Go+, the next premium tier, is indeed on a different level. If you avail of this subscription, you can enjoy the same benefits from SoundCloud Go. On top of that, you get access to SoundCloud's whole catalog. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a higher audio quality.

As you would expect, this upgraded version is a lot pricier than SoundCloud Go. SoundCloud Go costs $4.99 a month, while SoundCloud Go+ costs $9.99. 

How Do Aspiring Artists Use SoundCloud to Distribute Their Music?

SoundCloud Tiers for Creators

SoundCloud tiers for listeners are something. But if you want to use the social media platform to start your music career, you should look at the ones targeted at creators.

SoundCloud Basic allows you to upload up to three hours of audio. Also, it gives you access to stats like the number of likes on your track. It also lets you see how many times it has been played. Again, these features are free. 

Those stats would suffice if you only make music as a hobby and do not want to commit full time to it. If you want to someday be as famous as 2Pac, Justin Bieber, or Taylor Swift, these would not be enough. 

In that case, you would want to pay for at least a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscription. By doing so, you will get access to more listener statistics. This insight will help you understand what does not work and what works with your fans. Consequently, you will be able to curate content that will keep them listening to you. In the long run, that will convert them into loyal fans.  

Thousands of artists are using SoundCloud to share their music and connect with fans from all over the world. You could be one of them!

Furthermore, with SoundCloud Pro Unlimited, your audio uploads will not be limited to only three hours. Instead, you can enjoy unlimited hours of audio upload. That is a massive upgrade. And that alone makes the subscription worth it.

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited will also enable you to distribute audio tracks across other platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Aspiring artists need to focus on increasing visibility and growing their fan bases. So, something like this ability is critical to your success. 

And, of course, you would want to gain funds to continue improving your music. SoundCloud Pro Unlimited grants you opportunities to monetize. With that, so long as your tracks are doing well, you will always be able to afford SoundCloud Pro Unlimited. Maintaining access to these features will be beneficial to your career.

This subscription offer costs $12 a month if you sign up for a yearly subscription. On the other hand, it costs $16 for month-to-month billing.  

SoundCloud Repost

Repost by SoundCloud is the best offer you can get. It will grant you everything SoundCloud Pro Unlimited could give you, plus more.

Repost will help you reach fans everywhere. It will do it by sending your music to all major music services. And Repost will not just send your music. It will also pitch your tracks to the top playlists on the said services. On top of that, you will have access to its promotional tools that will help extend your reach.

How Do Aspiring Artists Use SoundCloud to Distribute Their Music?

Repost will also help you stand out on SoundCloud. For instance, once signed up with Repost, you will be able to use artwork as background to your tracks. That does not seem much, but it does a lot. It separates you from the rest of SoundCloud creators by making your work more recognizable. As such, people will remember your name more.

Throughout your SoundCloud career, you would also want to collaborate with other artists. Doing this will widen your network. Plus, it will introduce you to their audience – increasing your discoverability even further. 

But what about the payment? How would the earnings be divided? SoundCloud Repost will make this easier for you. You can rest assured that the division will be fair. 

Last but not least, Repost gives you a chance to get scouted for Repost Select. If you get chosen, you will have the privilege to work with SoundCloud's expert team. The said team will help accelerate your music career. 

How To Distribute Your SoundCloud Music Easily

That is how you want to distribute your music. Because through that route, your success is guaranteed. 

There are a few key things to keep in mind when using SoundCloud to share your music. First, it’s important to have high-quality audio files. This will ensure that your tracks sound great when streaming on the platform. Secondly, be sure to Optimize your titles and descriptions with relevant keywords. This will help your tracks be more easily discovered by potential fans.

Another great way to promote your tracks is by connecting with other users and collaborating on remixes or co-writes. This can help you reach a new audience and get exposure to your music.

Finally, consider investing in a SoundCloud Pro account. This will give you access to additional features, such as customizations for your profile and analytics for your tracks. With a little effort, you can use SoundCloud to get your music out there and build a following of loyal fans.

Hiring A Reposting Service To Distribute Your SoundCloud Tunes

The best way to get your SoundCloud music out there is by using a reposting service. A reposting service will help you get more plays, followers, and likes on your tracks. It will also help you to get your tracks into the hands of new listeners.

A good reposting service will give you the ability to reach a larger audience, get more plays, and increase your chances of being heard by record labels and radio stations.

The best part about using a reposting service is that it is an affordable way to promote your music. You can find many affordable services that will help you get your music out there without breaking the bank.

If you are serious about getting your music out there, then you should definitely consider using a reposting service. It is a great way to get your tracks in front of new listeners and to build a following on SoundCloud.

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