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How to Increase Your SoundCloud Plays

Publicity is the surest way to become known. SoundCloud offers a great opportunity for musicians to grow their brand. The platform enables famous and upcoming artists to upload their music and share it with the whole world. However, despite the presence of such a powerful tool, uploading your music to SoundCloud is just one part of making your music known. Musicians having their agents stand a better chance of getting more airplay for their music. Artists with no agents have to promote the music on SoundCloud on their own. The platform offers different ways for artists to improve airplay time for their tracks. Learn how to increase your SoundCloud plays.

Utilize the power of tags

Every music has a mood-related to it. You should always show the mood tied to your video in the tags. SoundCloud uses algorithms that make use of tags to prioritize and recommend music for its users. If you use the tags appropriately, your music will be more discoverable on the platform. Alternatively, people go so far as to buy Soundcloud Plays on their music to get more plays.

Tagging is very crucial in the platform. There are many listeners unaware of your existence but like your type of music. In such circumstances, proper tagging is the only way they can access your tracks. Tags range from genres to instruments. This provides a large tag base for your music. If you want to create more awareness, you can add your artist or band name. This gives people a way to find you when they need to hear more of your music.

Use social media to promote your music

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Facebook, one of the leading social media networks, is a powerful place to promote your track. The feeds section on Facebook provides a great opportunity for you to showcase your work. People can spot good tracks as they scroll down the section. If you have many friends on social media, you have the potential of converting them to be your initial fans. You can even create a fan page with the sole intention of promoting your music. Facebook ads can also be used to promote the page since they target the right group. After some time, the fan page will start to have traffic. You can then direct the traffic from Facebook to your SoundCloud tracks.

Besides Facebook, YouTube offers a great chance for your music to gain popularity. YouTube is the second most preferred search engine after Google. Therefore uploading your music in the platform opens your brand to a myriad of opportunities. YouTube is the best social networking platform to put your music since it gets more shares, likes, and comments than any other platform. Creating a video for the track in SoundCloud increases its popularity in the platform.

Both Facebook and YouTube can be used used to take your music on SoundCloud to the next level. YouTube will act as the base for hosting your music videos while Facebook is the platform to give it exposure. Many artists have used both platforms to grow their careers and dominate the industry.

Network with other artists in SoundCloud

SoundCloud plays

Since there are musicians making similar music to yours, you should seek and inform them about your music. Networking with like-minded musicians will help your music to get more plays. If you become a fan of your fellow musicians, their followers will soon become yours. This strategy will help you to increase the number of requests and thus plays for your tracks.

Keep a clean SoundCloud metadata

Your SoundCloud track should have clear information like the title, artist name, and label. According to SoundCloud, there is no need to add track numbers when uploading music. Good labeling of a song ensures it is well recognized, and people can know the owner of the track. Podcasters using SoundCloud should include the title of their discussions and their guests’ names. This information helps the search algorithm to bring your content easily whenever a user looks for it.

Provide a good description

Track description allows you to be as creative and descriptive as possible. You should inform your listeners about the song you have uploaded. Rich descriptive information also enables your song to have improved ranking when users search for your genre. In the description part, you can include lyrics, backstory, guest lists, or credits. In the description section, you can also acknowledge your track collaborators and provide a link to their profiles.

If you are creating an album, you should create a playlist that appears under the album section in your profile. The songs are played in the order of release date, making it easier for your fans to play your music. Since users like organized playlist, they will visit your profile often hence play your songs more.

Invest in design work

Many people judge a song by the preview image. A thumbnail is an image that appears as the first graphic when some searches or comes across your music. To capture the attention of scrollers, you need to have a catchy thumbnail. Nice artwork of a thumbnail can make a scroller to click on your song since they fell in love with the representation.

When designing thumbnails, ensure they are unique. Viewers have a great taste for peculiar items, so having distinctive thumbnails will attract users to play your music.

Share private links

Share private links

SoundCloud allows users to share private links to their tracks. This offers a great chance to share your unfinished tracks with collaborators or successful producers. You can get good deals from other musicians or producers, thereby improving your presence on the platform. Sharing a private link to your music gives your work a sense of exclusivity.

SoundCloud provides musicians the chance to share their works with the world. While it is a great place to get play for tracks, more work is needed for musicians to be successful. The platform ranks the value of songs according to the number of times played. Song artists, journalists, and podcasters, therefore, have to follow the above guidelines for their to improve the ranking and playtime for their songs.

Date: September 25, 2019 / Categories: Marketing, Tips, / Author: Kam R


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