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Playlists that Makes It Easier to Discover the Next Trends in Music

SoundCloud Plays and Followers is the home of the largest and most diverse music catalog in the globe. This platform has more than 200 million tracks that are uploaded by more than 20 million music creators.

A lot of people love the thrill of scrolling from one song to another, checking which one will be their next favorite. However, SoundCloud has looked for a way to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for in the fastest way possible. 

There Are New Playlists that Makes It Easier to Discover the Next Trends in Music

Now, the said online music streaming platform has added even more handcrafted playlists, curated by some of the most popular artists in the industry. These new playlists will be accessible alongside Fres Pressed and SoundCloud Weekly– the platform’s personalized weekly recommendations. 

What are the New Additions for SoundCloud?

First on the new features of SoundCloud is “The Feed.” In this feature, curated likes to follow, and reposts from artists will be featured. The first artist to be featured is Juice Wrld’s SoundCloud stream. Notably, this musician is one of the most famous hip hop artists. 

The next new feature is what the platform calls “Noise and 8o8s.” this will feature the new beats from the most famous names in rap. 

Those who think that mornings suck will also have their own playlist called “The Morning Mourning Playlist.” On the other hand, the “DTFunk” is the best SoundCloud playlist for those who have experienced freaky first dates. 

Meanwhile, if you want to listen to the rapid electro from all over the world, then the best playlist you can listen to is the “Speed Bumps.”

Fans of rap music, on the other hand, will be very delighted with the “Drippin” soundtrack. SoundCloud updates this handcrafted hip hop playlist every day. For this reason, rap fanatics will no longer become outdated when it comes to music. 

What SoundCloud Aims to Do?

Most of the people who use SoundCloud are on the platform to see what is new in music, what is trending as of the moment, as well as what will potentially come as the next music trend. In addition, the online streaming platform aims to connect listeners directly with SoundCloud creators. Doing such will further drive the music culture worldwide. 

There Are New Playlists that Makes It Easier to Discover the Next Trends in Music

SoundCloud tops in terms of popularity. In fact, the entire curation of SoundCloud features nearly 1.7 million unique music creators heard each week. This is much larger compared to a few hundred thousand featured in other music streaming services. Meaning, more music will be accessible for those who are subscribed to SoundCloud than to other streaming platforms. In addition, those who upload music on the aforementioned platform get more opportunities to grow their careers and connect with their fans. 

Meet the Curators Behind Your Favorite Playlists

The people behind the new SoundCloud playlists are none other than SoundCloud’s team of VIPs from the music industry. This includes Pitchfork’s former editor-in-chief Mark Richardson and Philip Sheburne– an electronic music journalist and critic. Music journalists Sowmya Krishnamurthy as well as David Turner, and many others also worked on the platform’s new playlists. They will be the listeners’ guide to discovering the best music. They will also use curation in order to tell the story about what is happening in music communities within SoundCloud. With this platform’s newest playlists, listeners will be able to find out the newest and hottest tracks. 

Find Your Community within SoundCloud

Apart from curated playlists, SoundCloud also introduced what it called community profile pages. These pages work in a similar way to the other profile pages existing on SoundCloud. Moreover, profile pages work by connecting SoundCloud music communities together.

Every community page will serve as a home to the platform’s new handcrafted playlists that are relevant to that particular community. In addition, it will serve as a place where music fans can directly interact with other fans as well as curators who they share the same musical taste with. There are a total of 14 communities on SoundCloud. Each of them houses people who have an interest in a particular music genre or SoundCloud playlist. For instance, people who are fans of hip hop are in the Scenes community. 

Get Playlisted

If you are a music creator on SoundCloud, there is a great chance for you to get playlisted. This online streaming platform has new handcrafted playlists that will bring emerging creators to the front of listeners. On top of that, new creators will be placed alongside the global superstars of today. This only means that emerging music creators will get more opportunities to be heard by potential fans.

There Are New Playlists that Makes It Easier to Discover the Next Trends in Music

In addition, there are more to come if you are a SoundCloud Premier creator. If you are subscribed to the said plan, keep an eye out of an email containing the details about the new playlist submission form. This form is only available to SoundCloud Premier creators out of now. But it will roll out to other creators in the near future. 

Start Listening to the New Handcrafted Playlists Offered by SoundCloud Now

SoundCloud’s handcrafted playlists can no doubt bring a new listening experience. The only thing that SoundCloud users need to do is to head to SoundCloud’s home on mobile or when. Alternatively, you can visit one of the online streaming platform’s communities pages. There, you will be able to enjoy the next trends in music. 

There is no doubt that SoundCloud is here to stay. In fact, ever since it was first launched in 2007, it continues to be the leading music streaming service in the world. Apart from that, SoundCloud also gives independent artists an opportunity to be heard as well as to reach their potential listeners. 

Moreover, this music streaming platform also gives listeners the best music experience. It curates various playlists to make it easier for listeners to find the tracks that will fit their taste. On top of that, SoundCloud also allows listeners to directly reach their favorite artists by commenting on their tracks or by the messaging feature of the platform.

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