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New Artists for SoundCloud Charity Compilation with Pharrell Williams

The collaboration between Pharrell and the music streaming platform was announced via Instagram on April 22. 

Pharell Williams, an American singer, songwriter, and producer is set to select a batch of undiscovered artists for a get more SoundCloud plays compilation. Once set in motion, the proceeds from the said SoundCloud compilation will go to two charities– Sweet Reliefs and Help Musicians.

New Artists for SoundCloud Charity Compilation to be Selected by Pharrell Williams

Called SoundCloud Presents: i am OTHER, Volume I, the compilation will feature music styles, genres, as well as sounds from all over the global community of SoundCloud.


The coronavirus pandemic has hit a lot of countries since January. This prompted governments to impose lockdowns and social distancing in public places. Over these past months, the music streaming platform has seen an increase of approximately 50 percent in the SoundCloud uploads from creators all over the world. 

According to SoundCloud, they know that the proliferation of the coronavirus has significantly hit creators and caused them to lose their revenue and work. However, these losses did not stop musicians from showcasing their music and creativity within SoundCloud. 

In a post where Pharrell announced the compilation, he said that his creative collective i am OTHER will be teaming up with SoundCloud in discovering new creators. Musicians who want to be discovered by them can use the hashtag #SCxiamOTHER on their tracks that are uploaded on SoundCloud to be featured in the compilation that Pharrell and SoundCloud are working on. Those who bought SoundCloud reviews got exclusive deals with these musicians.

How Aspiring Musicians Can Submit Their Songs for Consideration

Musicians who wish for their song to be in the list of tracks that Pharrell is considering for the compilation can upload their song on SoundCloud and tag it with the hashtag #SCxiamOTHER. Pharrell, SoundCloud, as well as i am OTHER will review all the submissions and then choose no less than 10 tracks submitted by independent and emerging artists. The chosen tracks will be featured on SoundCloud presents: i am OTHER, Volume I. In addition, it is worth noting that musicians are not limited to only one submission, so they can upload as many as they can in order to maximize their chances. 

New Artists for SoundCloud Charity Compilation to be Selected by Pharrell Williams

Apart from a spot on the album compilation, selected artists will also be fast-tracked into the premium marketing services program of SoundCloud and Repost Select. Chosen artists are also going to receive funding for upcoming projects. The fund will come from the $10 million creator accelerator fund that SoundCloud re cently announced. On top of that, chosen artists will also be given added promotion and marketing support.

Get Notified By SoundCloud Plays 

The results for the selection will be released by May 6, 2020, and the chosen artists will be notified via SoundCloud.

The net proceeds of the said music compilation will be given to Sweet Relief as well as Help Musicians. These two charities are the frontliners of the artist community in providing direct relief. 

SoundCloud presents: i am OTHER, Volume I will be accessible on Spotify in early May this year. The album will also be distributed via Repost Select– the distribution and artist services off10ering– to all streaming services.

The Minds Behind the SoundCloud presents: i am OTHER, Volume I

As mentioned, SoundCloud presents: i am OTHER, Volume I was made possible due to the partnership between Pharrell Williams, his multi-media creative collective, as well as the music streaming giant SoundCloud. 

Pharell Williams is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer who formed The Neptunes, a record production duo along with Chad Hugo in 1994. Pharrell is also the lead vocalist of N*E*R*D, a band that he formed with Hugo and Shay Haly, their childhood friend. i am OTHER, the multimedia creative collective that Pharrell created serves an umbrella for all his endeavors such as the Billionaire Boys Club. 

New Artists for SoundCloud Charity Compilation to be Selected by Pharrell Williams

Pharrell has successfully created a lot of music throughout his entire career. He also has a non-profit organization called From One Hand to AnOTHER (FOHTA)— an educational foundation whose mission, according to its website is to “change the world one kid at a time by giving them tools and resources to meet their unique potential.”

SoundCloud's Largest Open Audio Platform

On the other hand, SoundCloud is one of the largest open audio platforms in the world. This platform is powered by a community of creative artists who contribute to the music, as well as listeners and curators.

SoundCloud was founded in 2007 and was continuously developed in order to have the best tools, resources, and services that artists can use in order to build and develop their careers. Currently, SoundCloud has more than 120 million music tracks that are uploaded by 20 million various creators. 

Now, it has been made easier for SoundCloud artists to pursue their music endeavors. By just uploading their tracks on SoundCloud and using the hashtag #SoundCloudxiamothers, they will have a chance of becoming discovered by one of the greatest musicians and producers in the music industry. On top of that, SoundCloud and Pharrell do not limit music aspirants to just one entry, so the more they can upload and tag, the more chances of them being chosen for the upcoming album SoundCloud presents: i am OTHER, Volume I. 


A chance this big is not something that is always given to independent musicians, For this reason, there will be no doubt if a lot of them will not let this once in a lifetime chance miss. Apart from being featured in the album, their career will also be funded and they will be given help regarding the promotion of their music. 

The collaboration between Pharrell and SoundCloud is also an excellent move in aiding the artist community through the charities Sweet Relief and Help Musicians. Now that the coronavirus is continuing to adversely affect the lives of many, it is important that we extend our helping hands as wide as we can and help those who need to be helped. Furthermore,  the collaboration is a good idea to raise funds for the artist community who cannot go back to their jobs due to the pandemic.

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