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How to Enjoy More SoundCloud Plays

Let's know How to Enjoy More SoundCloud Plays. Especially true as far as the music industry is concerned. Initially, we had musicians growing their music from scratch by performing on shows and spending numerous hours on the road in the name of winning over followers, building their brands via long tours and PR stunts.  It was extraordinarily strenuous, but it did work wonders as evident from how packed the shows were and how many people bought music discs back then.  

But times have now changed. Minimal hectic tours, minimal PR stunts being pulled, and definitely minimum time spent on the move to perform roadshows to build your music brand. It has become more convenient than ever and even more productive than before to market music from the comfort of your office, home, or studio. Musicians have taken to online channels in a bid to win their fans' hearts with their music. Channels like YouTube have grown to take in as many music videos as possible per day, some with up to billions of views!

Soundcloud Promotion

One such platform is SoundCloud. Here, music lovers can listen to as much music as they possibly can for free. Music makers have to upload their track here for the public to listen to and appreciate by liking or sharing with their friends and loved ones. Now, this is a purely online business. And as with any business, the more clients you have to yourself, the better your chances of breaking even. The same applies to SoundCloud; you got to have followers and fans to play and listen to your music to have your music on the top list. The more plays you get, the more viral your music goes, and this is directly equivalent to breaking even.

There is one reservation, though. You cannot just break even within a few minutes of uploading your music. Most artists have to go through intense marketing for their tracks to get just a few thousand plays. Do not wonder where the magic is; it is only a slight shift gear in your strategy that will see your plays soar your music to the highest heights. Here are some expert tips on how to get more plays to your music on SoundCloud.

Want more SoundCloud Plays? Here are the Expert Tips

How to Enjoy More SoundCloud Plays

Do not get it twisted, the only way to make it on SoundCloud is to have as many plays as possible, and as many followers as possible to help you circulate your music. The more, the merrier, or so they say; with many followers and fans on your side, you stand a better chance of rising above your competitors and having your music speak for you. How can you ensure that you grow your plays, then?

  • Have a power profile. As any social media platform, your profile is the one that introduces you to the world. Consider this your front office staff that has to be presentable, approachable, and as eye-catchy as possible. Ensure you use a real photo of you and an actual description of you. Make is superior so that crowds are drawn to you to try out whatever it is you have for them
  • Make great music. We can never emphasize this enough. No one in today's era has time to listen to crappy music. We all love good, quality music.  Good music can be heard over and over again, and it can be shared as far as possible because we want people to experience what we did when we listened to it. If your music is sub-standard, you will also get sub-standard plays to it. The rule of the thumb is; go big or go home.
  • Use a superior description for your song and invest in an even better Art design. This is as good as your profile; only this is your music's profile and not your personal profile. The way you introduce your music to the world will determine if it will be listened to or not. Choose to go big and use a super catchy description for your track and art, because this is what will draw people to your music.
  • Tagging your song appropriately works wonders. It is still a part of how you present your music to the world. Tagging your song according to its genre is the best way to classify your song to the relevant crowd. If you do not tag your song, it remains general, and nobody loves general; we all have our favorite music genres.
  • Be an active SoundCloud member. By active, we mean to reduce the thing of posting your music and just sitting there to wait for it to be found and played. Interact with people with the music of the same caliber as yours, and listen to their songs to learn one thing or two. They will find it only usual to do the same, and by so doing, they will be helping you get more and more plays. 
  • Growing in your music career. We all have a starting point in life, and it may not be as strong as we thought or planned it to be. But with every step we take, we begin to realize areas of our lives that need improvement, and building on them makes us better by the day. Keep building on the quality of your music and watch the plays grow with every new track you upload.
  • You can consider paying for SoundCloud plays. Experts may not be so positive about his one yet, but there is always a need for plan B. Starting out can be tough, and organic plays maybe a little too few to get your career soaring. In this case, you can consider buying the first SoundCloud pays to kick start yourself.  Remember, this is to be treated as a short term strategy; you cannot go buying plays every other day as it may lower the credibility of your SoundCloud account. And you can only buy SoundCloud plays from a legit vendor and not just anyone. All the best!

Date: October 3, 2019 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: Kam R


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