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How to Increase Your Soundcloud Followers in 2020

You have just one or two people following you, and of course, they are your brothers. Now that you think you deserve to attract many passionate followers and reverse is that case, you don't want to be lazy, putting a full stop instead of a comma. Still, if you don't want to proceed by seeking ways to increase your fan base, then you may as well discontinue reading this post now if not enjoy the very best of ways to increase your SoundCloud followers.

The Best Ways to Increase Your SoundCloud Followers

How to Increase Your Soundcloud Followers

Make Great Quality Music Back to Back

It is noteworthy that people want to enjoy what they commit their data and time; they don't just want to enjoy it. They want to enjoy it to the fullest -a beyond average hit, great music that either depicts joy or despair depending on the nature of your music. This is why when people make a great new album they buy Soundcloud followers at the time of the album's release.

 In other to achieve this, you must be overly committed to the production of the track, be conscious of professional mixing as it can make your track stand out and unique among millions of others available on that space.

 When making good quality music, you must take note of the following: 

  • You have a clear idea of the music and that you should avoid repetitions.
  • It would help if you also shun competition. It is true, though, that there is a healthy competition going out but to be dragged into the race for producing the most tracks; many lose foresight by so doing. You must ensure to embrace quality rather than quantity

After qualitative production, you must now ensure that you update your SoundCloud space with new music release as your fans always wait for you. While it may sometimes seem incredible to keep them waiting, it is advisable not to.

Networking on Soundcloud for Followers

Networking is an excellent method, and if you don't know how to be good at it, you have to train yourself to master the art of it. It involves you genuinely getting involved in other SoundCloud users as they will not only listen to your music but help you share them around.

You mustn't always think about what you stand to gain, but about the value, you will be offering and how they can benefit from it. This is why people still buy Soundcloud Followers while they run a networking Soundcloud campaign.

Don't get lured by people who are taking shortcuts to get people to like them, we all know that it is unreliable and it takes off the passion embedded and associated with music as we are discussing real and natural here.

 There are many practical ways to go about, and they include:

  • Browse through and see a list of people whose music you admire and respect, don't stop there, like, repost, and even comment on their songs
  • Go to other social media platforms that you share in common: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and comment on their page.

Now, you have successfully built a mutual connection, though still very much one-sided since everyone likes appreciation. Come back to sound cloud, message artists privately, and initiate discussions with them. Centering on how they began their career and how they used the available tools to grow their fan base, I bet they will be willing to help you out.

Facebook Avenue

 Is there anything as such? Giggles, well, Facebook is home to millions of people, and it is an excellent avenue to market your brand, here is how it works:

Search a list of groups peculiar to your genre of music. I bet you will see a lot of them, reduce to about 10-20 groups. Like and follow each of the groups and regularly comment on their posts.

 The next step is to drop the link to your music in all those groups; this will invariably increase the number of listens per day. You can also share the links with some of your Facebook friends who are constant there; they will gladly help you share it; you should also try this on other platforms.

You can also keep close tabs on your Facebook analytics to know when people mostly get active. Here they mostly get active at night, and you can tailor your status update along that time. It would be best if you made sure never to at any time shy away from joining the conversation with your fans as this makes them like you more.

I must assure you that there will be criticism, both constructive and destructive. The objections are not to be taken with great offense, and you should better your skills either way. This is especially true if you perceive they are saying it genuinely to make you get better.

Increase Your Soundcloud Followers

Establish Connections

When posting your music, endeavor to tag people. Ideally, people that are great musicians with a likely style like yours. Tag their work with yours, improve the visibility of your music, and endears you to other great musicians. You can choose to establish the connections or not but accept the former if you want to grow.

 It would be helpful for you to move up the ladder by collaborating with them; it not only makes your music beautiful but will also give that extra exposure by getting you known to their fan base and in a symbiotic way too.

You will also be exposed to different ways to go about production since people have and use different styles. This technique learned will eventually help you in the future.

Publishing DJ Mixes And Doing Remixes

 We are going beyond just the usual regular viewers; this method is just the one that is needed to get you high up there when it comes to attracting followers. You can get to do a remix by getting people who had their songs featured in the remix to post and share the link around; this eventually gets people running to your space.

 Doing remixes too is just like that, but you must do remixes on the current trending songs that will put you your link among the links but above in the search engine. These remixes will help you to get more Soundcloud followers.

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