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How to Effectively Increase Plays on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the largest open audio platforms in the world. If you have not yet explored it as a part of your music promotion strategy, then there is no doubt that you should have a rethink. 

How to Effectively Promote Music on SoundCloud

This music streaming platform is a large community of music enthusiasts where you can interact with your fellow music lovers. This makes SoundCloud an excellent location for you to increase SoundCloud plays. In addition, the platform is also famous for its ability to help up and coming artists to get their first audience. 

However, the major challenge that this platform possesses is that it has nearly 200 million music creators. For this reason, getting in front of your target audience can be difficult and may require hard work. But do not feel discouraged as thousands of people are still making it big on SoundCloud despite the considerable competition. 

To help you improve your SoundCloud profile, below are some tips that you can use when promoting your music on the platform:

Tips in Promoting Your Music on SoundCloud

Pair SoundCloud with Google SEO

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO plays a vital role in SoundCloud. Also, it is a crucial step in terms of branding, as well as your marketing strategy. 

It is worth noting that your audience must easily find you not only on SoundCloud but also on other platforms. But the thing is, people will not be able to find you if you do not add relevant information to your song’s description.

For this reason, your tags and titles on all of your tracks must be clear and straightforward. Besides, make titles look good and easy to read. When you optimize your title and tags, it will be easy for your listeners to find you. Apart from that, your tracks will also get a good ranking on Google. 

Several tools could help you with your SEO efforts. If you do not want to use Google Keywords to see the best tags that you can use, there are also a lot of keywords searching tools that you can access for free. 

Create Great Music

It is not enough to get the attention of millions of music lovers flocking into your SoundCloud profile. It would be best if you also made great songs to make them stay. Making good songs will make them want more and wait for the next tracks that you will release. For this reason, it would be constructive to take your time in writing and producing excellent tracks before releasing them into the public.

Share Your Tracks For Growing Plays

Always remember that sharing your SoundCloud tracks is an excellent strategy to become famous. Whenever you release a new song, do not forget to share its link on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Apart from those social media platforms, you can exponentially increase the number of SoundCloud plays your tracks will recieve. 

How to Effectively Promote Music on SoundCloud

Moreover, you can also send your music to SoundCloud users who are not yet following you. If they find your song useful, there is an excellent chance for them to follow your profile. 

Find Out Your Demographics

Once you have created and released your music, you need to update yourself about how they are doing. In addition, you need to get feedback from your audience. Doing this will improve your marketing campaign and strategy. 

Feedback is also essential. It will allow you to know if your audience found something in your songs that has to be improved. Through this, you will be able to rework on your music and make it better than before. 

Use SoundCloud’s Waveform Feature to Tell A Story

SoundCloud allows its users to comment on a track’s waveform. However, it is not only the fans who should comment on waveforms. Instead, you should use the said feature to connect with your fans.

Through the waveform, you can tell your fans and community about how you created that particular track. You can also ask them for feedback about how you can make your song better.

For instance, if you are unsure about a particular part of your track, comment on the waveform where that part begins. Ask your fans about how you can improve that part. This way, they will feel like you value their suggestions. 

Be Creative With Your Album Art

Album art matters more than you think. It serves as the visual representation of your songs. Before anyone hits the pay button, your album’s artwork is the first thing they will see. For this reason, you have to be creative when making your album art.

If your track becomes featured in a blog, your album art will be its representation. The same goes whenever you share your tracks on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

How to Effectively Promote Music on SoundCloud

Besides, make sure that your album art is attention-grabbing and visually pleasing. Choose something that could represent your music and you. For best results, always use a PNG or JPG with a minimum of 800 x 800 pixels.

Share Your Tracks Privately Before the Release Date

SoundCloud allows artists to share private links with their tracks. This is great if you want a collaborator to comment on your unfinished track or if you want to send demos to blogs or labels.

Moreover, sharing a private link of your tracks gives a personal touch to your music. On top of that, it adds a sense of exclusivity, which is excellent if you are reaching out to tastemakers or record labels. 

Getting the private link of your track is pretty straightforward. Upload a track and then set it to private. After that, save it and navigate to your profile. Then click on the track that you want too privately share and hit the “share” button located below the waveform. There, you will see a private share URL that is unique to your song. If you want to share an entire album privately, you can set a whole playlist to private and get the link using the same process.

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