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The Golden Rules In Promoting Music on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a platform for everyone. It allows artists, independent or not, to launch their music careers and find their audience. For this reason, thousands of artists utilize this platform to make the world know of them. 

With the massive number of artists lingering in SoundCloud, it is difficult for new artists to cut through this competition and promote themselves. Promoting music on SoundCloud is extremely difficult if you are a modern musician. This is the golden rule to get thousands of SoundCloud followers in an instant.

The Golden Rules In Promoting Music on SoundCloud

Sure enough, you can throw your best track on the platform and wait for the results. However, it will not be enough. No audience is going to choose a new song over those that have already gained popularity and thousands of plays. So, it would be best if you had a cross-platform strategy that will let you make the most of all the distribution, analytical, as well as marketing tools that the platform offers. By having a reliable tactic, you will be able to make it to the top of the music industry.

Is SoundCloud Really Important?

Without second thoughts, yes, SoundCloud is indeed important. It is one of the largest music sharing platforms around the world. On top of that, it allows artists to access music and direct upload system for free. Also, SoundCloud became the home for all the DIY things related to music. It holds even the most mainstream acts. 

A lot of artists have already gained popularity through the help of SoundCloud. This is especially true in the electronic music and rap genre. For instance, Lil Pump, Lil Uzi Vert, and XXXTentation, who all topped the Billboard charts, were all products of SoundCloud. 

The Golden Rules In Promoting Music on SoundCloud

With its extensive audience reach as well as an established community, SoundCloud is no doubt an essential part of a musician’s marketing strategy.

The Golden Rules For Musicians in Promoting Music on SoundCloud

Rule 1. Link your SoundCloud account to your social media pages

Your tracks on SoundCloud will perform way better if your social media tactics are coordinated. There is a positive effect on building an audience on an interconnected platform. If you connect your SoundCloud account into your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there is a big possibility that your followers on one platform will follow you on another. 

You can post your SoundCloud link on Facebook so people can easily find you in one click. Also, you can release a music video on YouTube. If your music and your video are attractive, the people who watched and listened to it will most likely check you out on SoundCloud. 

You can also build a visual brand on Instagram. Come up with visually pleasing album art and promote it on Instagram. You see, all of these platforms are interconnected.

Rule 2. Check your demographics

All the major DSPs allow users to access detailed first-party analytics. This analytics will show them how they perform on the platform. Besides, it will provide you with essential data and insight about your audience, thus allowing you to tailor your marketing strategy based on your audience’s data.

Furthermore, SoundCloud analytics lets you access detail-oriented data that you can use to see how your music performs on the platform. This data includes the demographics of your listeners. By utilizing this data, you will be able to understand your listeners better. It will also allow you to do a better advertising strategy as well as marketing campaigns. 

Rule 3. Collaborate with other artists

Collaboration is a must for the music industry. One of the oldest yet most effective promotional tricks is having other artists feature you. Through getting featured and featuring 0other artists, you will be able to exchange audiences. You are introducing each other to new listeners. 

There are several ways that you can collaborate with other artists. If you produce music, you can try selling some of your beats to active and rising rappers on SoundCloud. However, it is vital to make sure that the beat you produced will blend well with their song. 

The Golden Rules In Promoting Music on SoundCloud

But if you are no producer, you can still collaborate with other artists through song features. There is a significant possibility for song features to give you a more visible promotional effect. However, this method also requires a more hands-on approach. Meaning, you will need to work closely with the artist you are collaborating with. 

Rule 4. Work on with the SEO of  Your SoundCloud and Google

One of the most essential parts of your branding and marketing tactic is making sure that your target audience can identify your music across various platforms. 

If you want your audience to know you, make sure that your titles and tags are clear. You cannot title your song as “djmustard trap remix by lemonademan,” and expect your audience to find it quickly. In this regard, make the title easier to remember. So instead of “djmustard trap remix by lemonademan,” you can name it “DJ Mustard – 100 Bands (Trap Remix) – By LemonadeMan.” In 

In addition, Google and other search engines like clarity. For this reason, naming your tracks with something easy to read and remember will help you crawl on search engines better.

Furthermore, if you want Google to display you on search results, you need to work with them. If your name on SoundCloud is “lemonademan0304,” search engines will note know that you are LemonadeMan, the person behind the DJ Mustard Trap Remix. So instead of using “lemonademan0304,” change it to only “Lemonade Man.” 

Rule 5. Use SoundCloud Go Pro

While SoundCloud holds a lot of tools that you can use at your disposal, SoundCloud Go Pro offers better. It allows you to access tools that can drive profit, improve your marketing strategy, and distribute your music. If you are serious about building a career in the platform, then SoundCloud Go Pro is the one for you.

Subscribing to the pro tier will let you access more improved analytics for an easier monetization of your content.

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