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SoundCloud Heard It First #SCFIRST

Listening to a single song can make someone tap their shoes, bop their head, cry, smile, or even feel a little frisky. While music hits people differently, it can also feel someone’s creativity. With over billions of songs present all over the world, a certain song could always move you.  It happens when the opening notes are sung or strummed, then send chills down your neck.  How much more the chills it brought to creators themselves? 

SoundCloud Heard It First #SCFIRST

The only thing is, identifying where and how to share content on major streaming services can cause stress to independent musicians. However, the emergence of Soundcloud paved the way for new artists to release covers and remixes of current hits and old-school classics. It has been a go-to music service for independent musicians since 2007. Promoting your own music is hard until Soundcloud has risen. This allows creators to connect directly with their fanbase while getting instant feedback from other passionate music lovers.

Creators Who Enjoy the Limelight With “First on SoundCloud”

 “First on SoundCloud” is buying real plays on SoundCloud’s way to celebrate the inspiring stories and raw energy of independent creators who started first on SoundCloud. This empowers all the creators to release their album and be heard by billions of people.  

Being one of the world’s largest open audio platform, this serves as the place for creators to share what is updated in music culture. This first-ever creator advertising campaign features ten groundbreaking artists from across SoundCloud’s global community. It represents directly more than 10 million creators and audiences on SoundCloud every month. 

SoundCloud Heard It First #SCFIRST

DIY work of ethics, connectivity, and originality are the essentials of the SoundCloud creator community. Although this year’s class spans genres and goes, artists are still entitled to continue their winning streak. While artists’ “First on SoundCloud” offers the opportunity to reshape the R&B landscape, nominated for Grammys, or build their own labels, they can still stay independent. 

Discover who snatched the limelight on SoundCloud this year and previous years.

Che Lingo

This year’s grime/rap heavyweight and introspective lyricist Che Lingo is the epitome of DIY mentality.  He grew up in the SW borough of Wandsworth. The inability to afford professional studio time doesn’t hinder him from making his way onto BBC radio at 16. From browsing links to messaging producers for collaborations on SoundCloud, Che grew passionate about working independently.  

Indeed, his attitude towards the mainstream brought him to collaborate with rappers like Mick Jenkins, Ghetts, and LIKE. He also got the chance to sign to Idris Elba’s “7Wallace” label. This autumn, his “Wizard of the Wandsworth” from his album “The Worst Generation “ is expected to cast spell on the world in no time.

Christelle Bofale

Christelle’s velvet vibrato and swirling guitar records are the two things that immediately stand out as you play her song. She is an Austin-based songwriter and guitarist.

This artist owes her first-generation Congolese-American upbringing for what she has become now. According to her, she is fond of listening to music played by her dad or sung by her Mom. She admitted that different artists have influenced her but the original spark of inspiration comes from their home. 

SoundCloud Heard It First #SCFIRST

It is undeniable that Christelle is predestined to be an artist. Her first track, a song cover of Drake’s sad boy classic “Marvin’s Room” was uploaded to SoundCloud. As she said, SoundCloud is was indeed her introduction to releasing music.


Since her parents left the picture early, Shenseea grew up in the church. Although she learned to harmonize during Sunday Services, she realized that she wanted to stand out. 

Shenseea used the internet to introduce her talent, and somehow ignite her success.

Object Blue  

More often than not, people saw her off with her eyes closed listening to the chorus of morning birds and clanging of the nearby construction sites. For Object Blue, those sounds were an orchestra. Listening is the core value of music, according to her. 

According to Object Blue, SoundCloud helped her to find the music that she could not find anywhere else. Without the platform, she said that she would not have developed her taste in music if not for SoundCloud.

Ms. Nina

Her eclectic artistic style is believed to have something to do with being from two places. She was born in Argentina, Flamenco with the genre rock and folklore. At fourteen years old, she moved to Spain and finally discovered the pop/ hip hop world of Britney Spears, Tupac, and Lil Kim. 

Being an immigrant has never been easy for Nina. She strived while keeping in mind the inspiration from where she rooted from. 

Nina recorded her first upload “Pesao”  with her friend Favi just for fun. Little did they know it would draw attention online. Through SoundCloud, meeting artists such as Happy Colors and Beauty Brain became possible for Nina. It made her reminisce of the time when she sends songs on her phone because she had no other means to record them. Luckily, she discovered a way to do it, making her quote “If you make music, you make music” even more inspiring.

Na-kel Smith

Na-kel is Los Angeles-based multi-talented skater and musician who launched his first music on SoundCloud last 2019. While his uncle inspired him to skate, his mom largely influenced him in music genres, scenes, and cultures. According to him, his Mom is the first person to introduce him to the type of metal, punk, and hip hop. His mantra in skateboard, “You go to hell and back every time you try a trick. If you fall, get back up,”  inspires him the most to keep pushing himself and see how far his uploads would go.


While Lip Peep was just beginning his career, he died at 21 due to an accidental overdose. He is renowned for meshing hip-hop elements with emo vocals while wrapping everything with modern-day production. 

SoundCloud is the place where Smokeasac and Lil Peep met. Smoke started as a beatmaker in Virginia. Peep purchased one of his first beats, and that is how they began. Then, Smoke became his producer on the Come Over When you’re Sober sessions. Its lyrics narrate the tale of how modern-day technology bridge once-in-a-lifetime friendship.

Become Part of “First on SoundCloud”

Having the opportunity to be heard is one of the biggest dreams of all creators. For this reason, Soundcloud is now offering every creator to upload an original track to SoundCloud with a tag #SCFIRSt. Its aim is to increase the possibility to be promoted across the SoundCloud community and:

“First on SoundCloud” Playlist

Uploading on SoundCloud can give you the opportunity to have a larger audience. By putting #SCFIRST along with your upload, your track will be included on “First on SoundCloud” playlist on SoundCloud’s home screen.

#SCFIRST on Social

While uploading a track to SoundCloud can optimize your audience, you can also use SoundCloud’s seamless Twitter integration to tweet your track, leaving a hashtag #SCFIRST. Then, SoundCloud will randomly select tweets to be promoted to its millions of social followers.

Monetization in SoundCloud Premier

Content with the tag #SCFIRST will be reviewed for a chance to be included in the SoundCloud Premier monetization program. SoundCloud offers creators a revenue share and additional promotional resources.

#SCFIRST in SoundCloud Newsletters and Blogs

Random selection will be made by SoundCloud for spotlights in SoundCloud’s newsletters and blog posts.

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