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How To Get Your Music Reposted On SoundCloud

SoundCloud is quickly regaining its former glory after facing a major financial crisis in the last year. More and more artists are re-discovering the immense benefits SoundCloud can offer their careers.

SoundCloud is a social networking site that has contributed a lot to the music industry. It helps avid music fans find  tracks from independent artists and helps musicians connect with highly engaged and targeted listeners.

SoundCloud has even helped establish a new genre of sound called SoundCloud Rap – with some of the tracks making it to the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Paying close attention to your presence and engagement on SoundCloud can help you achieve real-life success as an independent musician.

If you want people to notice your tracks on SoundCloud, you need to focus on developing a strategy that will get you reposted. Getting reposted on SoundCloud can introduce you to a whole lot of listeners and valuable connections in the music community.

Below are some tips to help you get more reposts on your SoundCloud tracks.


Look Out & Reach Out

If you think SoundCloud is just a sound-sharing platform, you're gravely mistaken. SoundCloud is a tight-knit community composed of potential fans and collaborators

SoundCloud is bursting at the seams with valuable connections waiting for you to reach out.

There are accounts on SoundCloud that are dedicated to reposting tracks from budding artists from a specific genre.

Find as many repost accounts as you can and reach out to them one by one. Introduce yourself briefly, let them know why you're worthy of being reposted and give them the link to your best track. If they like what you send in, they won't think twice about reposting your track and introducing your music to their followers!

Image credit: HipHop Daily on SoundCloud

HipHop Daily is a repost channel on SoundCloud with over 20,000 followers. Because they have more influence than most other channels, they require a  repost fee for independent artists.

Image credit: Dope Musique on SoundCloud


Dope Musique, on the other hand, is a repost channel that thrives on collaborating with independent musical acts. To get reposted, all you have to do is submit your track on the website linked in their bio.

There are plenty of repost channels out there for every genre imaginable. Do your research and take the time to find the right channel that can help you reach out to the right listeners.


Make Your Tracks More Attractive

SoundCloud is home to over 70 million artists and listeners from all over the world – and the competition to be noticed can be tough.

If you want people to notice your tracks on SoundCloud, you have to set it up for success. One way to do this is by purchasing a few thousand SoundCloud Plays from a tried and tested provider.

Bought reposts will help you attract more listeners who can potentially turn into fans. If you're new to SoundCloud and having a hard time gaining the initial traction your track deserves, buying reposts from a reputable provider can help you appear more buzzworthy in the eyes – or ears – of music fans.


Repost Other Artists

SoundCloud has the largest population of independent artists on the internet – all of whom thrive to connect and collaborate with one another.

Reposting other artists can help you forge good relationships with other members of the community. It also helps you discover good tracks out there you might not otherwise discover if you focus solely on your music.

If you consistently repost tracks from other artists, they will take notice and won't think twice about returning the favor.

Before reposting any other track, make sure to do your research. Find artists whose body of work is similar to yours, this way you're targeting listeners who are already interested in the type of music you produce.

Image credit: SoundCloud Blog

Don't be afraid to use and abuse the Related Tracks feature on SoundCloud to find similar artists worthy to be reposted.


Form A Repost Squad

Once you've already established a good relationship with other artists within your genre, you can begin forming your own repost squad.

A repost squad is a group of artists who take turns reposting each other's tracks. Work out a schedule with your collaborators and remember to track the results you get.

Choose your collaborators wisely. Make sure your repost squad is composed of fellow artists you personally believe in, because you will be recommending their tracks to your hard-earned followers.


It’s Not As Hard As It Seems

Getting reposted on SoundCloud is not as hard as it seems, but you need to have a strategy.

If you're just starting out on SoundCloud, don't hesitate to reach out to the members of the community – be it artists or listeners. Focus on establishing a good relationship among the members of the community to get your foot in the door.

Do your research and find as many repost channels as you can. Once you've built a respectable list, reach out to every single one of them and give them the link to your best track.

Give yourself running start you need to get noticed by purchasing a few thousand SoundCloud Plays from a tried and tested provider. An impressive number of reposts will help you draw more attention to your music from listeners who might otherwise miss it.

Don't be afraid to take the first step because you'll never know when your golden ticket to the music industry might arrive – in a form of a repost.


Date: January 9, 2018 / Categories: Marketing, SoundCloud Plays, / Author: Mariko



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