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5 Free Multi in One Music Players for Spotify, SoundCloud, and Reddit

Music is life, and it brings joy in the heart. We all deserve great music every day. You know what they say about music- it drains the sorrows of the heart away. It is then no wonder numerous platforms stream live music, some tracks as fresh as they come. Thankfully, we can stream live music, download some tracks to listen to later, and even create our playlists from our favorite songs. Numerous music websites are known for posting real-time music, including Spotify, Soundcloud, and even Reddit, among others. Others include Apple Music, Mix Cloud, and Amazon Music. There are specific music player apps that stream music tracks and other stream deejay mixes and remixes.

Imagine all the websites that have music on them, and having to go through the majority of them as we sort out the best music and our favorite tracks. It can be hectic because we get to switch apps back and forth in the process, and it can be strenuous. What then can we use or do to minimize the hectic back and forth app changing?

Consider this, one single music player that can access music from whichever website you love free of any hustle! How real that is, you ask. Well, it is convenient, since technology has invented music players that can straddle across most major music websites. There are specific music players that have been proved to be compatible with all sorts of music websites. These are Soundcloud, Spotify, Reddit, Google Play Music, Mix cloud, and many others. So, primarily, instead of downloading a music player for each one of them, you can have one overall player that is compatible with all of them. 

Since most of the time, the most preferred music is from Soundcloud, Spotify, and Reddit, we will be focused on a music player for these three. Enjoy all your music through one player, all your playlists in one place!

Music Players Compatible with Spotify, SoundCloud, Reddit:


This is one of the most recommended music players, especially for windows desktops and other machines like macOS, and Linux. The beauty of this software is that, as long as your track or music mix was generated from the web, it can be added. Do not leave our music tracks with web players. Manageyum will ensure that once you open your laptop, all your music playlists are under one roof; a click away.

5 Free Multi in One Music Players for Spotify, SoundCloud, and Reddit

Image: Manageyum App. Photo taken from FOSSMini

As mentioned, Manageyum allows for any music downloaded from the web. But that is not all; the software can allow you to add music to it by pasting URLs from where you want to upload your music. As long as you are connected, drop music playlists from Google Play Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Sound Cloud, and any other app that allows for web playbacks. Manageyum can be downloaded from the web like any other app.

Cloud Player

5 Free Multi in One Music Player for Spotify, SoundCloud, and Reddit

Image: CloudPlayer. Photo taken from evolver

If you though Manageyum was the crème del a crème, allow us to introduce to you the bigger and better Cloud Player. This one is superior in many ways, but the one that tops the list is the fact that the Cloud Player has built-in software that is compatible with Mix Cloud and Soundcloud. Available for all windows and macOS devices, Cloud Player lets you use its universal search engine to locate your music, and the result manifests in organized sources in different tabs. There are other options for you to like a song on the app or to select a song to add to your playlist. Cloud Player lets you transfer all your music from all supported devices, to have it under one giant roof. Download your Cloud Player from the relevant licensed online shops. 

Chrome’s UpNext 

5 Free Multi in One Music Players for Spotify, SoundCloud, and Reddit

Image: Chrome's UpNext. Photo taken from Usitility

UpNext is a new music player app that features an extension of Google Chrome. This one is much easier for everyone since it is even ranked in Google search engines, and you are most like to find it in your Chrome search bar. Soundcloud and other online music websites are highly compatible with UpNext. The good thing is, even if you searched for music from two different websites, the results are sorted and listed separately. UpNext has an extension within it that can allow you to find discoverable new music tracks and mixes, as well as popular playlists. As long as your device is supportive of Chrome or Opera, UpNext is for you. It is downloadable, like any other app on the web. 


The name might help you understand this app better. It is the hottest music player app available right now. What makes it the hottest, you may wonder. Well, numerous features and software extensions to allow you to diversify the feeling of online music are the main reason as to why. It is compatible with all macOS, Linux, and Windows devices, and can allow for pairing with whichever music website you choose. With Heatset, you can search for a music track, you can view the list of specific genres of music, you can obtain trending music tracks, and you can create your music playlist.


5 Free Multi in One Music Players for Spotify, SoundCloud, and Reddit

Image: Nuclear User Interface. Photo taken from Nuclear

Most online music shops are compatible with Nuclear. Websites like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Jamendo, and Reddit, among others, are among the best ones to pair with Nuclear music player app. The player has several built-in software and plugins that allow for many features as can be selected from the settings. For instance, use the settings to toggle the option of fetching music tracks from any online source of your choice. The beauty of the Nuclear music player app is that you can download music from several websites at the same time. You can then progress to use the obtained music to create your collection, playlist, or downloaded list. 


5 Free Multi in One Music Players for Spotify, SoundCloud, and Reddit

Image: Harmony App. Photo taken from Harmony

If none of the above music player apps have interested you, there is one last option for you. Harmony brings together all of the music websites into one harmonic spot. The app is compatible with all available devices, and it is usable with most music websites. Contact the Harmony websites for further info on how to purchase the app.

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