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How To Use Your Coronavirus Quarantine To Get SoundCloud Followers

Several social media networks, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are experiencing a massive surge of users due to the local outbreak of COVID-19. As the deadly novel coronavirus spread from country to country, it has made people confine themselves to their homes. With the surge of users, you can use this immense traffic to your advantage, especially on your SoundCloud profile.

SoundCloud is a dedicated site that offers accessibility to a myriad of soundtracks online. If you’re a musician or a music enthusiast, having a SoundCloud account can work wonders for your produced songs. Since SoundCloud soundtracks are reliant on plays, comments, and shares to increase visibility, using the increase on users will help you get your soundtracks on the go.

Increasing your online status is essential if you want to be noticed by a plethora of musicians and producers. However, creating and starting your SoundCloud account can have its issues. First of all, you have to start from the bottom. Beginning with no followers can be aggravating, especially if you want to have a vast audience. People are more likely to listen to your soundtracks if you have a sufficient amount of followers. Likewise, if you have few to little audience immersion, your music and profile are good as dead. For this reason, having a stable number of followers has become a necessity in SoundCloud’s extensive platform.

There are several ways on how you can increase your followers on SoundCloud, but most of them can take precious time off of you and require tremendous efforts to be successful. However, here are some tips to have your profile drive traffic on a faster level while taking advantage of the surge of the audience brought by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Buy SoundCloud Plays and Followers 

Increasing likes and followers do not have to be difficult and time-consuming. Although it needs to be done, having a definite way to increase your followers is essential. For this reason, buying SoundCloud plays and followers is the best solution. However, some speculate that purchasing SoundCloud plays can destroy or limit your engagement to your target audience. This is a misconception; in fact, buying SoundCloud plays offers you several advantages over the competition on the platform. 

One of the most notable features of buying SoundCloud plays is its efficiency. As mentioned before, your soundtrack needs a hefty amount of plays for it to be suggested to others. Without plays, your soundtrack would not have any chance of showing up on your target audience. This can be a giant hurdle for people starting their profile with zero engagements and followers. But when you purchase plays from SoundCloud Reviews, you get that boost of plays for your soundtrack. This, in turn, helps your soundtrack to have an opportunity to show up on the recommendation list of your targeted audience. 

Furthermore, buying real followers on SoundCloud helps you gain likes, relevant comments, and reposts. Since you are purchasing real likes, you get practical music promotion, which then helps your profile get engagements.

Form a Collaboration With Other Musicians

Although SoundCloud offers an excellent environment for musicians to spread their love for music, others can share their thoughts and comment on which genre would be best for you. Sharing is one of the most valuable traits to have in SoundCloud. Not only should you upload music or soundtracks for your audience to hear, but you have to make meaningful responses to your fellow musicians. Commenting and sharing valuable information is a necessity to build up relationships on SoundCloud. This will help you become a trustworthy profile that can drive an immense load of genuine leads. What’s more, having an ordinary sense of repercussions on SoundCloud is a great tool to increase social credibility. 

Utilize Other Social Media Networks

Since more prominent companies like YouTube and Spotify can overshadow SoundCloud’s music, you need to have a more significant range of audiences. With that being said, why not use the broad audience brought by other social media networks. Using Facebook and Twitter as a medium to share your music is a significant way to drive traffic to your profile. And, since SoundCloud enables linking of other social media accounts to its platform, you can use this method easily. Likewise, more and more people are now using social media to stem out of the crisis caused by COVID-19. With the increase of Facebook and Twitter users, you can increase your audience better

Recommend Other Musical Artists

Increasing your SoundCloud followers and plays is not the only thing you could do on the platform. As mentioned above, sharing other musicians’ music gives you a better font to your profile. By recommending music and putting them on your profile, you can bring more audience to check out your soundtrack. What’s more, if you love the music created by other music lovers, you can comment them down and form a connection that can bring a positive effect on your profile. 

Make Them as Detailed as Possible

Your SoundCloud profile must always make the best impression possible for your audience. With that being said, you must put every effort into detail. Create a captivating foreground for your audience, including profile photos, cover art, and description. Use images that are relevant to your music genre or mood to create an overall feel to your soundtrack. Moreover, having descriptive information on your profile helps your audience get a discrete introduction of your music. What’s more, keep your details up-to-date, including your social media account linked to your SoundCloud profile. 

The Bottom Line: Does the outbreak help in increasing your SoundCloud Followers?

Yes, but you still need to make minor adjustments to utilize the increase of users effectively. Connecting your SoundCloud account to major social media powerhouses gives you the edge to better engagement and audience immersion. Moreover, buying REAL SoundCloud plays enables your soundtrack to have that initial boost to land on your audience recommendation list. What’s more, purchasing followers opens the door to a more significant niche for your music genre.

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