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Reasons SoundCloud Artists Will Buy SoundCloud Plays In A Quarantine

The outbreak has rendered several city streets as off-limit zones for the public. Today, news has begun to spread that amidst the turmoil that the coronavirus has caused, nature is taking over. Italy, one of the top countries that has the highest confirmed cases of COVID-19, is currently on shutdown. With the decrease in activity on the streets of Italy, you’ll find that the surroundings are better. The canals are now filled with clear water and fish; even the dolphins have returned near the shores of Italy. 

Since the borders of Italy have been completely shut down and quarantined, people are now doing anything to take time off of their hands. Some decided to watch movies all day long to pass the time, while others chose to show their passion amidst the crisis. Several musicians, music lovers, and singers have gone viral on the internet for the past few days, sharing their fantastic performance while in the vicinity of their homes and balconies. This shows that you can quarantine people but not music. 

Artists on SoundCloud Focus the on Plays Opportunity

Sharing music has never ceased even under the influence of quarantine. Open windows and vibrating vocal cords are an ideal way of letting people know how devoted you are to music. However, there is a more straightforward method to share your music, and that is through the internet. Aside from Spotify and YouTube, other social media platforms can help aspiring artists to push their love for music to their audiences around the world.

However, if you’re searching for a platform that is dedicated to sharing music and information on the said craft, then SoundCloud is the best solution. Designated as the world’s first social media platform for music, SoundCloud has pioneered the connection of a community niche, specifically targeting musicians, music lovers, directors, producers, and other music enthusiasts. 

Comparing SoundCloud to Other Social Media Platforms

When you talk about the top powerhouse in terms of social media platforms, Facebook is on the top ranks. Meanwhile, the most visited site across the internet is Google, making up mostly 95% of searches done on the web. YouTube is the most essential source of videos online, including how-to’s, reviews, music, and social affairs. As Facebook is to share personal stories, and Instagram is to photo sharing, SoundCloud is highly known for sharing uniquely crafted music. 

SoundCloud enables connectivity with other social media platforms over the internet. This integration grants music creators and listeners to bond and interact with one another. Just like any other platform, music creators on SoundCloud’s platform can have several engagements and hits by increasing listeners and play count

Why Should You Increase Your Listener Count on SoundCloud?

Before you upload your first line of soundtracks to increase your fame, it’s better to be knowledgeable about why choose SoundCloud as your preferred platform. First, SoundCloud is the largest audio distribution site online. Created to share music, SoundCloud enables artists and musicians to promote their music with one another. Moreover, SoundCloud has a dedicated social media integration feature that allows you to link your soundtrack and music onto other social media networks.

Another reason why most musicians use SoundCloud as their platform of choice is due to the accessibility of the site. SoundCloud does not involve complicated rules, which makes operation faster and easier. Furthermore, when you create a soundtrack on SoundCloud, you’ll get better immersion for your music. Known for its diverse music community, SoundCloud houses people who can interact, create, suggest, recommend, and share fantastic music tracks and recordings in one site. Now, why should you increase your follower count or plays on SoundCloud? The answer is simple – your profile needs it.

This is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

When you create an account under SoundCloud, you’ll be starting with absolutely no followers at all. This is a big hurdle for first-time musicians, especially when they enter SoundCloud. It would be best if you had an audience for your music to be heard. Amazingly enough, there are several ways on how to increase your follower count. Considering the basics, you’ll be needing a uniquely crafted profile. This will help your potential listeners to know what music you curate. Also, it helps the masses to recognize you in the platform easily. Try using captivating logos or attractive profile headers.

Another way is to know the best time to upload your soundtrack. Knowing when people are browsing the endless music gallery of SoundCloud lets you decide when to push your music on the platform. Uploading during the weekends is the best time to upload your soundtrack on the platform. Since more people are at home and spend more time listening to music during this day, there is a higher chance of your soundtrack to be seen. 

However, if you consider the situation of having COVID-19 quarantines all over the world, weekend uploads may provide you little to no success. Most people are now residing at home due to the outbreak. There has been a massive upsurge on active users. With this, you can use a different strategy to drive more users on your profile. Buying SoundCloud plays gives you that initial boost to increase the traffic in your SoundCloud account. Moreover, increasing the plays of your soundtrack gives your SoundCloud account a better credibility status for your potential listeners. With a higher number of plays on your soundtrack grants better opportunities for it to be suggested to a broader brand of audience.

The Bottom Line: Does the Quarantine Help in Increasing SoundCloud Followers?

Yes, in fact, most people that are quarantined turn to music for relief and comfort. And with SoundCloud’s assortment of musical genres, more and more people are getting their daily soundtrack from this platform. Increasing your SoundCloud followers can be difficult on the get-go, but as time persists, you’ll be getting a better stream of followers. However, if you want to have that initial advantage, then buy plays for your soundtrack at SoundCloud Reviews. The initial boost in plays will give your soundtrack a better suggestion possibility with people surfing SoundCloud’s platform. 

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