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Is Coronavirus Your Chance To Finally Start as a SoundCloud Musician?

SoundCloud is a social network that people can use to distribute audio tracks. While other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter let you share the world through pictures, SoundCloud enables you to share the world through sounds. Founded in Sweden in the year 2007, SoundCloud’s primary purpose is to become a platform where musicians can share their ideas. However, as years passed, SoundCloud grew and became one of the world’s largest online distribution platforms for original music and audio tracks. As of now, it has more than 175 million unique monthly visitors. Also, its contributors are uploading more than 12 hours of total audio tracks every minute.

Quarantine Famous: Yes or No?

However, the recent proliferation of the latest virus called COVID-19 has adversely affected the music industry. This unprecedented uncertainty has left musicians with no choice but to cancel thousands of music tours, putting the whole music industry on bleak. Unlike many other jobs, musicians and music tour crew members cannot work from home. Undeniably, this COVID-19 pandemic has to be the most devastating challenge that the world is facing.

But still, the pandemic did not stop the creativity of people from finding ways on how they can share music from home. Many musicians have used the internet to raise awareness about the pandemic that the globe is facing right now. Just a few clicks on the internet, and you will see artists pouring their hearts out to the people severely affected by COVID-19.
Also, a lot of people found ways to share their passion for music, even if they are in-home quarantine. And, SoundCloud is one of the best platforms that one can use to share their sweet love while staying in the comfort of their homes.

Becoming a SoundCloud Musician

You must have already heard of musicians who made their music famous on SoundCloud. While it is not easy to build your name on the platform, it does not mean that you should not try. If you have good music that you have not had anyone listen to, then it is worth to try uploading it on the said music distribution platform. Moreover, people always want something new and different from what they still listen to from anywhere else. Apart from that, this platform lets you reach out to everyone around the globe.
There are a lot more reasons why it is a good thing to become a SoundCloud musician. But if what is mentioned above is already enough for you, here is how you can start as a SoundCloud musician:

Create your profile

Before anything else, you need to create your profile before listeners can find you. A lot of people start their musical journey without this kind of plan, thinking that listeners will eventually find them. Well, listeners do find them. However, because their profile is not developed yet, there are instances when listeners only locate them by the time that it is too late to start a career.

For this reason, you need to identify your target listeners are. Also, know the genre they mostly listen to as well as the style they desire before you finally create your music. By creating a plan, you will be able to get an overview of your target audience.

Know your target audience well

After creating a profile, you will know the nature of the audience that you are targeting. Now it is time to optimize your SoundCloud account. One way to do such is by having promotional music that your potential listeners can listen to for free. Doing such a thing will help you make a tremendous first-hand impression.

Also, you need to optimize the profile that you have created. You can do this by creating a homepage and adding a cover photo of your latest music album. This way, fans will know that there is something new that they can listen to. Additionally, your contact information must be displayed on your profile, so your audience can reach you when they have questions.

Tag in music

If you do not have much knowledge about tagging tracks, then it would be best to get some help from someone knowledgeable about it. It is because lousy tagging can damage all your efforts. If you add useless tags, it can lead you to be seen as spam, and your profile would be deleted. For this reason, your tags must be done in a way that will attract the right people to your music. You can also take a look at some of the well-known musicians and see how they tag their tracks into success.

The tags you add to your music must have your name as well as the name of the other musicians who helped you develop it. You can also tag the instrument you used, the technique you followed, as well as the structure of the song.

Buy SoundCloud followers and comments

You may be thinking that this method is cheating. However, unless you have a robust offline fan base, then it would be hard to convince people that your music is worth listening to. Still, you have to be very cautious in buying followers and comments. You must make sure that the ones you buy are not focused on some common aspects of your track.

Engage with your audience

Now that you have gained comments, it is time to start a conversation. You must be able to engage and interact with other artists and your audience. Have a meaningful interaction with people who can help you develop your SoundCloud career.

However, you should avoid interacting with people in a way that you urge them to listen to your music. Instead, you must show them that you are open to new insights that can further develop your music. This way, you will make them feel that you are taking them seriously.


Despite how affected the music industry is with the current situation the world is facing now, there is still a way to show your passion for music. So, if you have a good tune that the world should listen to, then it’s time that you start becoming a SoundCloud musician.

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