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Best SoundCloud Promotional Tools for 2020

For upcoming artists, SoundCloud has become a platform for them to launch their careers at no cost. But, the challenge of getting plays and gaining popularity hasn't gone unnoticed among marketers. Unless you're already an established artist, you're bound to pass through the challenge of getting followers when just getting started on this platform.

Fortunately, these challenges haven't gone unnoticed by marketers who have created several media of helping artists get more plays while charging a small token in exchange. This article explores the best SoundCloud marketing tools our there. These tools increase engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and plays.

Fastlykke – Oldest Soundcloud Promotion Tool

This social media marketing service has been around for some time now. They specialize in helping artists get more plays on their profile and also improves engagement metrics such as plays, followers, likes, and comments. It's possible to buy SoundCloud plays for as low as $3 from this platform, and it takes nothing less than a week to get the order volume you requested.

Buying Plays – Most Effective Soundcloud Promotion Tool

Buying Soundcloud plays is the most popular SoundCloud promotional tools out there. While the platform doesn't support the idea of buying plays by rising talents, those at buyplays.com have legalized their dealings a little bit. Rather than hiding behind the scene, they've made their services public. They openly advertise their services, telling prospective clients about their offers and what they can do to increase play. Don't miss our list of the best sites to buy Soundcloud plays from if you fit the bill.

In addition to plays, they also deliver likes, comments, reposts, and even shares. The play volume recorded depends on the amount you're ready to play. What makes their services better is that they deliver plays without letting users fall outside the graph trends. This keeps you from the moderator who is likely to fish out your activities and probably ban your account.

The art of buying plays hasn't gone down well with SoundCloud, but they've had to accept this due to the growing number of competitors. They fear that if artists do not get what they want, they're likely going to patronize their competitors. Hence, SoundCloud will not penalize you for buying plays from a public company.

Hypeddit – Cheapest Soundcloud Promotion Tool

Unlike other promotional services mentioned above, this tool is to help you make your SoundCloud profile more visible to potential audiences. This site helps musicians gain more popularity. However, upcoming artists on SoundCloud can take advantage of this to get more plays on their track.

How this platform works is that they provide customers with several tools to increase the social proof on their track, thereby helping them gain more fans and followers. Hypeddit utilizes fan gating, a technique that allows users to access uploads on SoundCloud, becoming a follower of SoundCloud.

To use, you will have to create an account and connect with your SoundCloud account as well. You can utilize several media sharing tools such as Dropbox to host your files. Unlike other promotional tools that Directly promote your content,t serves as a middle man by sending your track to their partners. Once their partners approve your track, your track will display across several channels for your followers to see.

As you gain more followers, you can use this tool to buy more plays.

Click DJ – Worldwide Soundcloud Promotion Tool

Click DJ is a global social media promotional tool. It allows you to manage all your social media profiles in one go. One of the features that come with this tool is the follower's sync function, which allows users to increase the number of followers across all their social media accounts. Naturally, posting includes twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Hence, once someone follows you on Click DJ, the number reflects on all your social media account.

To make it even better, whenever a user downloads your track on SoundCloud, they will be asked to connect with your other social media accounts. In addition to that, Click DJ also allows you to create a download page that will increase conversion rather than pasting your download link on a plane page. Setting up this download page is easy, and you don't have to possess any marketing skills to promote your track.

Landr – Quality Improving Soundcloud Promotion Tool

Landr doesn't work like any of the promotional tools mentioned above. Rather than promoting your track to the audience outside your followers base, they allow you to enhance your soundtrack to improve its quality. This tool doesn't just improve your track and provides you with tools to strengthen them. The final product will have an impact on the number of plays you get.

The advantage Landr has is its ability to provide genre detection function. This feature allows you to categories your music under the right genre rather than choosing a random one. Improvements also allow you to improve your track to the demand of the audience of that genre. From here, you will be able to improve your followers' base without paying for promotion.

Landr offers both a free and premium account. Free accounts mean you can start improving your tracks immediately at no cost if you have a few numbers of tracks. However, if you plan to release a lot of tracks, you must utilize the tools provided by the paid platform.

Artist Union – Not Just A Soundcloud Promotion Tool

Artist Union isn't just a promotional tool, they pay you money! It's a community designed to nurture upcoming artists. This platform connects rising talents wit potential fans. Just like other SoundCloud promotional tools, this platform also utilizes a download gate.

However, the community use power score as metrics of promoting artists' songs. The power score is an algorithm that aims to define artists' objectives. A high power score indicates progress and is awarded based on the number of likes, followers, comments, and reports recorded. The Artist Union reported to have up to 3 million monthly views, and artists with huge power scores are likely to get free promotions on other social networks.


Most artists on SoundCloud don't have the luxury of waiting patiently for months to build their followers base. Even though using any of the promotional tools mentioned above isn't entirely legal, you won't get severely penalized. Considering the results you get within a short period, its safe to say doing this is worth the risk.

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