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How To Download Songs On SoundCloud in 2020

Streaming is at its full wheel nowadays. There's nothing as good as having a collection of good songs at your disposal. Listen to your tunes whenever and wherever you want without any limitations. What's even better is that you can get recently released songs as well as hit tracks from upcoming artists before their years of stardom.

SoundCloud is that platform where most artists launch their careers, making it an avenue for music lovers to treat themselves to a whole lot of music collection from different genres. These new genres include Afrobeat, Hip-hop, RNB, and reggae. These artists grow rapidly from the best place to buy Soundcloud plays as well as other marketing.

As easy as signing up on SoundCloud seems, the same doesn't apply when downloading. You will find yourself struggling to download your favorite track regardless of whether you have an active subscription or not. Since most SoundCloud tracks are songs from upcoming artists, it's hard to find anywhere else on the web. It isn't as easy as typing Shape of you by Ed Sheeran and discovering a lot of websites that are offering you the freedom to download.

Downloading SoundCloud Songs in 2020

One thing you should know about SoundCloud is that it relies on a chunk of monthly revenue from active users who are willing to let go of $12 to gain access to uninterrupted streaming experience and ad-free online access monthly. Even if you're a die-hard music fan, that's quite a lot to the path with monthly to listen to songs from artists who are willing to offer their songs to fan for free.

So the question is, how do you download songs from SoundCloud? Presently, there are several ways of doing, but this depends on whether you're doing so from their mobile app or web version. Most people have had to make their downloads by clicking the download icon at the left-hand corner of the track. Also, you can copy and paste the URL on an online extractor, just as in the case of YouTube.

If you're itching to listen to your favorite track offline, this guide explores several ways of downloading songs on SoundCloud. Read on to discover them.

The Official Way of Making Downloads

SoundCloud recommends that artists just getting started on their platform offer their songs for download. This is because fans are unlikely to buy albums or tracks from new artists since they're not sure of what they can offer. However, there are old creators on these platforms who have limitations to their work. These creators are relatively old because they've taken years to build their credibility on the platform such that whatever they diss out is considered top-notch.

Generally, whether an artist offers all its songs for download or not, SoundCloud allows you only to make one download at a time. Hence, there's no way an entire playlist can be accessed offline without handing them a few extra dollars.

Before you download a song, you must first confirm if it's offered for download by the artist. Tracks available for download will always come with a download button beneath. After listening to a record, scroll below the comment section to locate the download icon and click after finding it. However, if the link is missing, then the artist hasn't made it available for download. Unfinished tracks are unlikely to be offered for download. Some artists may release a demo to the public and ask for fans' opinions about the record. Using this information, they're able to enhance the track before releasing the finished piece.

Know that there are artists who have chosen to monetize all their tracks. You can only purchase such tracks if you want to listen to it offline.

Download With Link Extractor

If the track isn't available for download, there's a way to go about it without having to save offline from SoundCloud. The download option works in a way as YouTube links where you copy the URL and paste on a link converter. Except that in this case, the Extractor will convert it into an audio file you can listen to whenever you want.

Before going further, we would like to clarify a few things. Download options will allow you to download any track of your choice, but don't abuse the downloading option. There should be limitations to how you can use it. Gaining access to these songs without paying a dime doesn't give you the license to use for your selfish reasons. The sole aim to sell lies solely to the creator. Hence you can't offer for sale on your website or any other platform.

how to download soundcloud songs new

With that being said, let's proceed to how to download.

• Find the track you want to download from SoundCloud and copy the URL link from the top bar session of your browser
• Open KlickAud website on a separate tab and proceed to the URL session
• Paste the URL you copied and click the download link
• That's all you need to download your track.

Using SoundCloud Downloader App

After finding a collection of tracks you want to download, you will want to gain mobile access by transferring all the songs to your Android device. To use the downloader App for downloads, install The Xposed Installer App.

  • On the download session, input “SoundCloud” on the search bar and select the most suitable match. Select the latest version of the app and click install.
  • Once you're done installing, launch SoundCloud downloader App and change all the settings to your preference. You will have to change the location to your present situation and sign in to your account.
  • Search for any track and play.
  • While the song is still playing, click the three-dotted button at the top corner of the app and click download.


Once you've identified the track to download, listening offline shouldn't be a problem going by the options provided here. If you have a problem with downloading on the mobile website, you can always use KlickAud.

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