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Modern Advertising Through SoundCloud Influencer Marketing

Traditional marketing, such as classified ads in newspapers and hand-out pamphlets, aren’t enough anymore. Businesses have now found their way into social media and influencer marketing. They are ahead of the game as they are able to adapt to online technologies.

One of the modern strategies in advertising is SoundCloud. The platform is where new music artists share their creations, but it is now home to different types of people, even non-musicians. You’ll see mainstream artists and even brands these days on SoundCloud.

Red Bull is among those brands that have made SoundCloud part of its marketing strategy. You will also see media companies like NPR (National Public Radio) on SoundCloud, as well as podcasts on various topics.

Why SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is where you’d usually find new music and fresh artists due to how it’s built. The platform continues to attract millions of active users. With ten hours of audio being uploaded every minute, it’s truly a lucrative venue for advertising.

One of the main reasons why SoundCloud has a lot of users is that it allows anyone to sign up and publish a limited number of recordings for free. Other features of SoundCloud include:

  • It allows low-quality audio recordings, making it convenient for new artists with minimal resources.
  • It has a time-tagged comment system where listeners can comment and react to a specific part of the audio. This works well for long recordings like podcasts.
  • IT functions much the same as any other social media site, but with the focus on music.

The platform offers paid services in the form of SoundCloud Premier and Pro, allowing creators to publish more recordings. These paid versions have more features, including an analytics tool that can make SoundCloud marketing more effective.

Tips in making SoundCloud influencer marketing work

Modern Advertising Through SoundCloud Influencer Marketing

Aside from taking advantage of SoundCloud features and buying new followers for a more effective and inclusive marketing strategy, here are more tips to make SoundCloud influencer marketing work.

Find your target listeners

With millions of users within SoundCloud, it goes without saying that these users belong to different communities within the platform. Of course, the music scene is grouped by genre, and podcasts are divided according to topics.

Any influencers wanting to break into SoundCloud must first identify which community to target. If you create hip-hop music, then find SoundCloud communities that are all about that music genre. The key is to find a community that fits your content as you’ll never appeal to everyone.

Publish regularly

Publishing sporadically is one of social media marketing’s mortal sins, and this is true for SoundCloud too. Consistent and regular uploads will build your fan base and make them loyal fans. If they see that you are not consistent, they’d think that you are not committed to your craft. Chances are they won’t be looking forward to any of your future uploads.

Set a publishing schedule that’s convenient to you and most viable for your listeners. It’s important to plan out your content so you won’t record something that’s hurried and haphazardly done.

Work with other creators

SoundCloud also allows users to share content from other users. This lets you reach out to your listeners even though you don’t have any new uploads. Interact with other creators, and reach out to them on other social media platforms. For instance, when you connect your SoundCloud profile with your Twitter account, you can share images and audio on SoundCloud.

Having a network of creators within the SoundCloud community makes your name more established.

Communicate with your audience

The ability of listeners to interact on a particular part of your audio is a useful feature of SoundCloud for listeners and creators. That’s why you should take the time to read the comments and react to them. If it’s a negative comment, you will know the exact context when you listen to the part where the listener left that comment.

SoundCloud users are used to interacting with music creators since the platform had been used for underground music. If listeners encounter a creator who doesn’t engage, they would feel left out and will easily move to other creators.

Unconventional advertising through SoundCloud

SoundCloud has a focused user base, but it’s expanding to include even those who are outside the music industry. For this reason, the platform is difficult to ignore as more brands and businesses are entering the scene.

This situation may be unconventional, but several brands have become successful in SoundCloud marketing. You can be successful too if you find a niche within the SoundCloud community, engage with your target listeners, and offer great content regularly.

Services built around SoundCloud are also a great help in kickstarting and boosting your profile in terms of followers and plays. Here are technical tips on how you can get more plays on SoundCloud:

Date: May 21, 2019 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: Rich Drees


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