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5 Reasons to Try SoundCloud as a New Band

The growth of streaming services makes upcoming artists turn to platforms like Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud to promote their music. However, should you focus your attention on one? Should you use them all? Which of them is the best for your music career? Well, I think you should give SoundCloud a trial, as it seems it is the best service for promoting an upcoming artist for several reasons. 

SoundCloud offers a few key advantages that might make the platform more suitable for your music career as an up-and-coming artist; it all depends on what you want. Here are some reasons why you should use SoundCloud as an upcoming artist. 

5 Reasons to Try SoundCloud as a New Band or Artist

1. It is perfect for Mixtapes and Demos

The informal nature of the platform allows you as an up-and-coming artist to drop any track you want, whether mixtapes, studio experiments, or demo’s, they are all allowed. Although you can also do this on other platforms, SoundCloud features an ideal set-up for this in the best way. If you don’t know how to upload your track, here’s how to go about it; 

  • Go to SoundCloud.com to sign-up if you don’t have an account with them yet. You can sign-up with Facebook or Google+ on their website, but if you don’t SoundCloud to access the information in these accounts, you can opt to create a username. SoundCloud will ask if you have the app on your Mobile phone when you have successfully registered. 
  • Once you’re in, you will see “Upload” at the upper right corner of the screen, tap on it to start uploading your track. 
  • A pop-up box should appear when you tap “Upload,” the pop-up box will ask if you want to upload your track or record it directly to SoundCloud. 
  • You will have to fill in the title of the song and tags related to the song so that anyone searching for it will easily find it; you also have to choose whether you want your track to be private or public. 

2. Feedback from Listeners

One of the most distinguishing features of SoundCloud is that it lets you get feedback from listeners. As an upcoming artist, you should be concerned about what others feel about your music. Before you spend money on promoting your track, you should first put it on SoundCloud so that people you don’t know can tell you how they feel about the song; this is important because people you know will not want to tell you how terrible your track is so as not to hurt your feelings. 

This instantaneous feedback helps artists putting up early demos of their music. When someone comments on your track, you can choose to; 

  • Reply to the comment
  • Delete the comment
  • Hide or disable comments on your track 

Here how to go about each: 

How to reply a comment on SoundCloud

If you want to answer a question about your song in the comment space, tap on “Reply” beside the comment on the Track page. Click anywhere outside the current waveform to cancel your action. Tap on the display name if you want to view the commentator’s profile. 

Replying comments made on your tracks through the SoundCloud pulse app is also easy. Click on the feedback on your song, then respond. 

How to delete a comment on SoundCloud

If you want to remove a comment made on your song, go to the track’s page, then to the comment you want to delete. Hover over the comment then tap the trash can icon; this will remove the comment. If you feel that the comment is a spam, you can report the comment. You can only delete a comment on the website. 

Disabling or Hiding Comments on your tracks

If you don’t want the comments on your song to be publicly available, you can use the Quiet mode feature that is only available to Pro and Pro Unlimited subscribers. The quiet mode gives you the opportunity to: 

  • Display the comments on your track
  • Display your track stats
  • Allow people to comment on your tracks

3. Opportunity to make money from your track

One significant reason why SoundCloud has so many users is that it offers an upcoming artist the chance to make money from their song. There are a lot of Dj’s, up-and-coming producers and artists sharing their music on the platform and getting paid. 

SoundCloud allows you to monetize tracks you upload on the platform through paid adverts, just like what exists in YouTube’s monetization program. 

Search for more on the tips and tricks you can do to engage with your audience and make more money. 

4. Embedding Soundcloud Band Music

SoundCloud helps you to embed their widgets into your website easily. 

How to embed SoundCloud player to your website:

  • Get embed code for your playlist or track by clicking the “share” button; you will see this button below the waveform.
  • Tap on the embed tab to see the options available to embed your player. 
  • Go to Code & preview to copy the code
  • Paste the code into the HTML editor section of your site’s editor. 
  • You should see the SoundCloud player.

 If you’re a Pro or Pro Unlimited member, you can see the increasing number of plays you got from your blog or website through your stats page. 

5. SoundCloud Allows Listeners to Repost the Song

Through SoundCloud, you benefit from the social media effect through likes and reposting, which is similar to twitter’s favorite and retweet buttons. When someone chooses to repost your song, it will appear on their page and their stream. 

When a listener reposts your track, it will be seen by everyone who follows the person reposting it, thus, giving you more exposure. 

Date: December 11, 2019 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: E O



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