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How Does Soundcloud count a Play?

What does a creative use of Soundcloud look like? What's a cost-effective approach? These questions lead to common-sense questions. This can even include buying Soundcloud plays if you are interested. What's the most productive way to use Soundcloud? How does Soundcloud work for different business models?

Soundcloud has a strict rule that each member of the upload team should only upload a single track of their own. This is to discourage Uploader X from uploading lots of different tracks at once and to promote the uploader's other tracks, each uploaded by their own upload team.

The Soundcloud Team Does What now?

The Soundcloud Team works hard to make sure every single track is uploaded by only their own upload team and this is by design. It's not always possible to have each upload team to help.

What Does Soundcloud Do With Play Metrics?

Many independent artists participate in Soundcloud's Play Count program, which matches play counts with profits from albums and tracks on the service. These dollars go to artists while retaining the right to make money from those play counts.

Is there any incentive to play my content?

For sure, Yo! Every artist that uploads a song receives a $1 dollar bonus for every one thousand plays. This additional $1 is a win-win for everyone. Artists must acknowledge their participation in the Play Count program by including a link to their SoundCloud page. That's it!

What Else Can They Learn From Our Plays?

The ultimate goal of Soundcloud is to create a platform to spread our music to as many people as possible, not to reward users for giving it to Soundcloud.

It has to be understood that Soundcloud is not recording your actual listening to your own music. You can not upload your music and suggest that it is from Playcounts, and you cannot accept Playcounts Playcounts tracks as your own. There are no “compact” metadata to upload to play counts or play counts directly.

So where does this leave us, aside from listening to “low” quality tracks? Well, the definition of quality is different across different platforms.

How Does Soundcloud Suggest Music?

It suggests almost anything you want to listen to. The only guidelines? Upload at least two tracks to Soundcloud (they say something like “no time limit, please,” which seems to be against the rules) and please link the original YouTube video to your Soundcloud. More specifically, there's a copy and paste button on the top left of Soundcloud that links to your video on YouTube.

What Does Soundcloud Suggest You Do For Your Music?

They don't suggest musicians get their music done through a paid service like we suggest they do. Some musicians and labels may value good sound engineering as part of their investment in you. We suggest you listen to them on Soundcloud first and then add it to your product line if you choose to.

We also recommend reading all of our “best practices” for the new Soundcloud product line to avoid any mistake. Once you've fully heard the product on Soundcloud, you should consider ways you can improve it with the future.


What's important is to make sure your music fits right into Soundcloud's filters. When you upload new music, click the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen and click on the “album” button. From there you can choose to upload tracks by date or by genre. Choose from a large number of different sounds to make your tracks unique, but you can also upload a dozen or so random samples and mix it together to make it sound familiar.

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