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What You Should Know About Buying SoundCloud Plays

In a perfect world, where you’ll always be recognized for your sheer talent, rewarded for your hard work, and applauded for everything in between, it would be crazy to buy SoundCloud Plays. Who needs them if your fans are growing by the day and screaming at just at the mention of your name?

screaming fansImage credit: AARP

Unfortunately, what might sound totally ludicrous in another dimension might be just the thing that will save you in this topsy-turvy world we live in. If you made a marvelously brilliant song but nobody ever listened to it, would it still matter that it’s the greatest music ever made since Beethoven?

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to become more popular, and get your music heard by more people: buying SoundCloud Plays. But you shouldn’t be buying SoundCloud Plays just for self-validation – they should be a part of your overall promotional or marketing strategy.

Buying SoundCloud plays isn’t for everyone, but is it for you?

The Truth About Fake SoundCloud Plays

People who are against the practice of buying SoundCloud Plays have valid reasons for not wanting to engage in it. One of their most common arguments is that buying Plays is downright cheating. They also argue that it won’t give you real fans who are genuinely interested in your music. They say that it’s better to focus on making quality music that will eventually catapult them to success.

What they have forgotten, however, is that music is also a business. It’s a billion-dollar business, actually, and it’s not just about art or talent or how exceptionally gifted you are in music.

Music MoneyImage credit: Hypebot

In business, numbers are important. In SoundCloud, that means Plays matter. You might be creating beautiful music but make no mistake about it, you aren’t the only one.

In a sea of talent and great music, the one that stands out, and the one that big labels pick, is the one that rises to their attention.

There are thousands of awesome artists out there waiting to be discovered just like you. Are you going to sit down and wait till someone knocks on your door? Or are you going to stick your neck out and say “Listen to me! My music deserves your attention.”

That’s essentially what people who buy SoundCloud Plays are doing. They buy SoundCloud Plays to create a buzz around their music. They’ll get noticed because of it, too.

It all sounds incredibly unfair, but nobody ever said life is fair. It’s simply how the game is played. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can think of ways to attack this in ways that will make the playing field level.

Record companies are doing it. PR firms are doing it. They buy SoundCloud Plays and YouTube views to promote their artists. This is not to say buying fake SoundCloud Plays is OK simply because established companies are doing it, but how can you hope to compete in a world where even big labels and the already-famous are using this tactic?

Have you ever stopped to consider that when you sign-up for a contract with an established recording company someday, they might buy SoundCloud Plays to promote you, as well? It’s how you get noticed and how you can have a perfectly legal shot at popularity. Denying that is like denying that CDs and other digital audio storage haven’t replaced compact cassettes yet.

Bought Plays don’t instantly equate to adoring fans who totally dig your music. That’s ok, because the purpose of buying SoundCloud Plays is not to buy listeners directly. You buy SoundCloud Plays to gain more social proof.

social proof imgImage credit: CopyUnlimited

When your tracks are showing a lot of Plays, the natural assumption is that you must be pretty good to get all that attention. This results in more organic listens from people attracted to that number. Simply put, people follow the crowd. That is the science of social proof. You can’t fight it.

Don’t just buy Plays from the first provider you find, though. Buy SoundCloud Plays from legitimate companies with good track records and proven results under their belts.

When you’re ready to buy SoundCloud Plays, here are some tips to keep in mind so you can reap all the benefits without wasting your money.

What To Remember When Buying SoundCloud Plays

The most important thing to remember is that not all SoundCloud Plays are the same because not all companies that provide them are equal.

You might think that you can buy from virtually anyone or anywhere selling SoundCloud Plays because they’re just Plays: numbers reflected on the Plays counter. That is true to some extent, but you still want to work with a reputable, trusted company. And if you decide to buy other services, like SoundCloud followers, take note that some companies will use very fake-looking SoundCloud profiles, like these:

bad SoundCloud followers

Image credit: RipOffReport

Some companies will use the same photo for many different accounts, if they don’t use pictures of celebrities.

Of course, because it’s possible to have non-registered users listen to SoundCloud tracks, some companies provide Plays this way and you won’t have any problems with phony-looking accounts being associated with you or your tracks. Those plays will look like they all come from guests.

A high-quality company will offer additional signals of engagement to go along with their Plays, like Comments, Likes, and Reposts. Sometimes these are included free, or sometimes they’ll cost extra. Services like these show that the company cares about your online reputation, and they don’t want to just inflate your Play count without showing some other activity.

The best companies also have good consumer protections in place, like a money-back guarantee, and solid customer support.

Read our detailed reviews, and do a bit of research to learn which companies really care about your reputation, and will help you strengthen your social proof.

Here are a few easy tips for using bought SoundCloud Plays effectively:

When you’re ready to buy, don’t go crazy inflating your Plays

Don’t go beyond the margins of what is believable. Also, if you want it to look real, buy SoundCloud Plays for newly uploaded tracks only.

You can’t expect people to believe the new 10,000 SoundCloud Plays showing up on your two-year-old track are from real people who woke up on that particular day saying “Now’s the perfect time to listen to this!”

Hard to believeImage credit: Giphy

Think long-term

Don’t buy Plays just for the numbers you’ll get, or how impressive that will look on your Plays counter to your friends. Buy SoundCloud Plays for the social proof that massive Plays will bring.

When you have more Plays, more people will listen to you simply because a lot of people are already listening to your music. This is how you’re going to get organic Plays – not just for the track you paid for, but for all the tracks you’ll upload in the future.

Don’t abandon organic marketing

Don’t rely on your bought SoundCloud Plays to bring you to superstardom. Buy SoundCloud Plays only to augment your organic marketing efforts.

Continue making amazing music.

Last, but definitely not least. Don’t buy SoundCloud Plays and settle for mediocre creations believing there’s no point making great music. You should always be improving – the bought Plays are icing on the cake, but you need to provide the cake yourself.

Be Willing To Go The Whole Nine Yards!

There’s a powerful business aspect to music, and it’s at play on SoundCloud. Denying it won’t stop from happening.

Instead, accept it and take charge. Do everything in your power to succeed, and that means taking advantage of both organic marketing and bought Plays.

You may be talented but if you stick to your belief that there’s only one way to get to the top, you might miss the upward turn. Try combining a killer promotional strategy with bought Plays and other signals of engagement – you’ll be rocking the charts in no time!

Does the end justify the means? That’s for you to answer. One thing is for sure, though: you owe it to yourself to give it your all.

give it 100%Image credit: IMGRUM

Date: March 31, 2017 / Categories: Getting Discovered, Marketing, SoundCloud Plays, / Author: Chell



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