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What Makes A Great Podcast?

What makes a great podcast? Aside from interesting content, what hooks people and makes them come back week after week?

Are you a podcaster looking to improve your broadcasts? Or perhaps you want to start your own program and want to know how you can succeed in podcasting? Let’s take a look at the dynamics of a great podcast I’ve discussed below.

First Things First

First of all, where you host your podcast may not matter much in the grand scheme of things as listeners will come, no matter what, if you have a great show. But it does help in attracting people to your show and in terms of how people are going to find you.

This is especially true if you plan to start your show with your very own website, and if you do, you should check out SoundCloud. The king of the music scene has one of the coolest podcast media platforms out there also has one of the nicest web players. Perfect for those who want a web-based podcast show!


Image credit: Aaron Harris via SoundCloud  


Of course, if you’re not quite ready for a website yet, SoundCloud as a stand-alone is great too. You’ll also share in the 175 million global users that SoundCloud reaches monthly, and grow a following in the community already present on the platform.

You can also kickstart the growth of your following— and your SoundCloud page!— by buying SoundCloud plays. Do you know that a high play count can drive people to your SoundCloud track? Think about it, when was the last time you chose a less popular track over one with massive plays? That’s right.

Use Attention-Grabbing Titles And Taglines


Catch your listeners’ attention with attention-grabbing titles and taglines that will stop them from  scrolling down past your content to the next one. You don’t want that.

Use a descriptive title so that if someone looking at your podcast is not familiar with your topic, he’ll still know what it’s about. In fact, that may even encourage him to check out your episode!

Also, be sure to say the title and episode number in the audio as well. Make it easy for your listeners to follow your work, good things will happen.


Make an impression in your introduction, create an attention-grabbing introduction, hook your listeners and keep them!

Be Authentic And Spontaneous


One of the things you can also do to make an effective podcast is to make sure you connect with your listeners. In social media, brands who are authentic actually connect better with their customers.

As a podcaster, you should work even more at being genuine as that will trigger positive responses from your listeners. Talk as if you’re talking to a friend and be yourself. Whether your podcast is for entertainment or for information, being disingenuous can be a real show stopper for listeners, and not in a good way.

Be sincere and try to be spontaneous as well. Following a script is OK if you’re going to be interviewing a guest, for example, but going by that script 100% of the time will kill your authenticity.

Provide Quality Content

Whatever format your podcast takes, whether interview, narrative, reporting or instructional, make sure it’s something you’ll want to listen to yourself. Ask yourself, “Is this going to be something people will want to spend time listening to?”

Make it great and make it something your listeners will find hard not to come back to to listen again. That’s how people will remember you. That’s how you’ll gain loyal listeners.


Image credit: Bright Vessel

Create A Concise Recording

Don’t drag your episodes too long or your listeners might just lose interest and move on. I’m sure you can still make it interesting and fun but successful podcasters actually recommend making it only as long as a commute would take. That is experience talking so even if you think you can wing it, don’t.

Also, recent statistics show that podcast fans listen to 5 shows per week and that an average listener subscribes to 6 podcasters. It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to figure out that an average podcast listener with 6 podcast subscriptions won’t listen to your daily hour-long episodes for 5 days each week.  

An hour is OK, but only if you don’t publish every day. Even 30 minutes each day may be too much to handle, so if you like the idea of publishing every day, stick to about 10 to 20 minutes tops.

Be A Great Podcast Host!

This is easier said than done as not all people have the knack for hosting. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to be charming, confident and spontaneous! Everything can be learned as long as there is willingness to learn. You can be a great podcast host if you’re willing to learn!


Image credit: Daniel Whyte IV


Attract a strong following not just by being a great host but also by running organic campaigns and telling people about your podcast show. You can also boost the results of your efforts by buying SoundCloud plays.

Your plays count will help you rank high on the platform. And when you’re more visible, you’ll attract more listeners to your podcasts! Just don’t buy from the first seller you see on the net. Read reviews and don’t get scammed off your hard-earned money.

Produce High-Quality Podcasts

Just as nobody wants to watch a grainy video, no one wants to listen to a podcast with a bad audio, too.

Invest in good podcast equipment, including audio compression software. Compressing your file, especially large ones, will help your listeners grab your file easily. Don’t compress your audio file too much, though, as it will make everything sound flat.

Create Compelling Podcasts!

With its stellar audio infrastructure, SoundCloud is the top choice for podcasters around the world. Make it your choice too! It’s one of the coolest podcast media hosts and many startups use it.

Don’t forget to follow these best practices outlined here for an effective podcast channel. Create attention-grabbing titles and excellent content. Produce high-quality audio and concise podcasts. But most of all, be the best podcaster you can be, be spontaneous and be you!

Create compelling podcasts with SoundCloud today and succeed like all the others before you!


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