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The Most Bussin’ Thangs to Know About SoundCloud Radio

SoundCloud struggled to stay relevant. But they managed to save the business by shifting their focus to empowering the artists on the platform. Now, the social media network for music lovers is still thriving.

In part of this effort, SoundCloud launched Repost by SoundCloud. This program allows artists to take their careers to the next level while staying independent.

Things to Know About SoundCloud Radio

SoundCloud has introduced more programs to empower its independent artists. Some examples are its First on SoundCloud program and the switch to the fan-powered royalties payment model.

Increasing exposure is critical to the growth of an independent artist. And what better way to increase artists' exposure than through showcasing their work on the radio. So, SoundCloud launched its station with Dash Radio. And recently, SoundCloud brought SoundCloud Radio on SiriusXM and made it permanent. Will this result in a resurgence of artists buying hyper-realistic SoundCloud plays on their tracks?

Dash Radio x SoundCloud

Dash Radio has 12 million subscribers tuning in from their homes, cars, and online. Like SoundCloud, it has a reputation for amplifying an artist's career growth. For example, Billie Eilish made her first radio appearance on Dash Radio. Also, Post Malone gave his first interview on Dash Radio. These are two big stars that started on SoundCloud.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the two partnered to empower independent artists. Dash Radio became the home of SoundCloud Radio. It is 24/7 programming featuring only music found on SoundCloud.

Who can get their tracks played on SoundCloud Radio? That would be the members of Repost and Repost Select that have distributed content.

Repost Select artists can also submit their tracks for consideration. To do so, go to your Repost dashboard, navigate to “Promotions,” and select “Pitch to Partners.”

There is also a weekly program called “Emerging Artist Hour.” It spotlights the brightest independent artists on the platform. SoundCloud will consider the Repost Select members' track submissions for this program.

Repost Select allows you to connect directly to SoundCloud Radio curators. However, just by joining Repost by SoundCloud and distributing a track, you already put yourself on their radar. So, you don't need to submit your tracks to them. They themselves will look at your tracks.

Repost Select and Repost by SoundCloud have other perks you will want to advance your career. So, give it a try.

SoundCloud x SiriusXM

SiriusXM announced that it was investing $75 million into SoundCloud. Its CEO Jim Meyer said that SoundCloud is important to the music industry because it is where people discover independent artists. SoundCloud also has a loyal and growing audience. SiriusXM also says they admire SoundCloud's popularity in music communities and its unique offerings to creators.

So, they decided to form a partnership. They kicked it off with the show “The Look By SoundCloud” on Siriu station Hip Hop Nation. It shines the spotlight on emerging Hip Hop artists on SoundCloud – hip hot is the biggest genre on the platform.

Things to Know About SoundCloud Radio

SoundCloud Radio also temporarily ran on SiriusXM last September. But they brought it back now that SoundCloud is strengthening its partnership with the US broadcasting company. SoundCloud Radio on SiriusXM is now permanent. It will play songs from big stars that built their careers using SoundCloud and tracks from emerging talents.

SoundCloud's Chief Content And Marketing Officer Lauren Wirtzer-Seawood did an interview about this. She says that the tie-up with SiriusXM will allow its audience to discover what they are discovering daily on SoundCloud.

Of course, artists on the platform will also benefit from this. They will get additional airplay, and they'll get exposed to more people. And we have already established that expanding their reach is a key to becoming successful in the music industry.

Southern Cross Austereo x SoundCloud

Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) is the biggest entertainment company in Australia. It can reach 95% of the Australian population.

SCA owns 78 radio stations and 7 digital radio stations across metropolitan and regional Australia. Additionally, it represents 34 regional radio stations.

SCA announced its partnership with SoundCloud, the largest open audio platform, three years ago. At the time, it was for advertisers to reach SoundCloud's young and engaged audience.

In the first year of the partnership, SCA and SoundCloud worked in tandem to bring what's next in music to Australia. They did it through promoted tracks and live performances.

Then, two years ago, they expanded the partnership to launch SoundCloud Radio on SCA. It is SCA's first and only music discovery station, and the SoundCloud experts curate it.

SoundCloud Radio quickly informs Australians about the newest drops and the emerging artists on SoundCloud. People can tune in using Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, radio apps, DAB+ in the car, or online. That makes it easier to find new music to listen to.

SoundCloud says it is giving artists everywhere a chance to expand their reach in Australian territories. So, anyone on SoundCloud can be featured on SoundCloud Radio on SCA.

Artists that want to be featured need to tag their tracks with ‘#SoundCloudRadio' so SoundCloud would know they are interested. According to SoundCloud's blog post, the team will listen to all submissions and will broadcast their favorites.

SoundCloud Radio Is A Blessing To Independent Artists

SoundCloud allows anyone to upload their music on its platform. And people can listen to those tracks. However, a listener will likely go only to the pages of artists they already know. That makes it difficult to build a listener base for people who have only started their journey.

Things to Know About SoundCloud Radio

SoundCloud Radio provides them with a great opportunity. Listeners that tune in to it don't get to choose what to listen to. And so, artists effectively expand their reach when SoundCloud Radio plays their songs. That has a high potential of turning strangers into fans that visit their SoundCloud profile regularly.

Then, that increases the number of plays and engagement they get on the platform. In turn, that helps them earn more. With more money in their pockets, artists can afford better instruments, microphones, mastering tools, etc. That helps them gain more fans.

So indeed, SoundCloud Radio is a blessing to indie artists on the platform.

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