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How to use SoundCloud to get signed to a Record Label

Up and coming artists now see a platform like SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and Bandcamp as tools to make them known and introduce them to the people that matter in the music industry. But, should you use all platforms? Should you concentrate on being famous in one? And which is the best for meeting industry leaders?

If you have all this thought in your mind, and you need a platform that can help you to get signed with a record label, then you should consider using SoundCloud. It will bring you fame the same way it has brought some prominent artists.

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Record Labels Look on SoundCloud For New Artists

You may have a talent and have great content, but that is no guarantee that you'll be signed into a record label on SoundCloud.

If you already have a presence on SoundCloud, you will notice that it doesn't necessarily make you go viral enough that a record label will pick up interest in you. The great news is that you've taken the significant step of joining SoundCloud, and if you haven't, you should follow the step we'll describe below on how to join the platform.

Major record label search for artists on SoundCloud, as such, it is necessary that you adhere to best practices on SoundCloud to get yourself closer to your dream of being signed in to a record label. Before you can do anything, you need to create a SoundCloud account. And here's how to do that;

Go to SoundCloud's website; this is www.soundcloud.com. After that, tap the button with the tag “Sign-up,” you should see this when you look at the right of the page. You can also sign-up with a Google + account, your Facebook account, or your email. Here are some things you should do if you want a record label to notice you on SoundCloud

Choose your preferred custom URL and username

Ensure that you pick a username that will easily stick to the memory of your fans. Ensure that you don't select one that has spacings, punctuations, and any other special characters.

Also, when writing your profile, it's best to make it brief, engaging, and precise. Your username must also be brief, as research has proven that the shorter the pronunciation, the easier it is for people to remember.
If you want to choose a name, here's how to do that

It's best if the URL has your username. For example, if your name is “Philip,” your URL should also have “Philip.” You can always edit your username when you desire to. You only need to check under the profile picture for the “Edit” button, and you can start making desired changes.

Share your URL on SoundCloud

Tell everyone connected to you physically and socially about your custom URL. Don't just tell them, but ensure that they repost it and also share it with their friends. A record label will only be interested in you when your song goes viral.
You can share the link on your website if you have one. This way, anyone who visits your site will know of your music, and if they like it, they may also share it with their friends.

Add comments to your tracks

The only reason why you may choose not to add comments to your tracks is if you don't care about other's opinions, and you should if you'd like to get signed.
One of the criteria that record labels check before they sign an artist on SoundCloud is the comments on his music. Record labels are into the business of making money from music, as such, they need to know that people are interested in what you do, and how they will do this if you didn't activate the feature on your tracks.
Also, the comments on your tracks help you to know where you should improve. Don't be rigid with your music; try to make alterations so that it will increase their interest in your music.
Feedbacks will also help you to understand their expectation. The more your followers are interested in you, the more you will appeal to record labels.

Consistently post new contents

After building a fanbase, you must regularly have unique content that will ensure that they continue supporting you. If it takes you time before you release another content, they may lose interest in you. Also, record labels don't decide on who to sign based on just a track. They like to listen to multiple songs from the person.

adding record label on soundcloud after signing

Speak with influencers to play your track

Talk to music influencers in and out of the platform. Direct them to your SoundCloud profile, and ask them to play the music, and repost it. This is why people buy SoundCloud plays on their tracks, to get more reputation! When this category of individuals share your music, their fan base will listen to your music. It may repost it if they find your music interesting. Also, record labels are interested in famous artists, the more influencers relate with you, the more famous you become.
Note: Be careful not to get negative comments from influencers, as that can utterly ruin your chances of getting signed.

Put your story on your SoundCloud page

If there is something that inspires you to be interested in music, then you should put it in your bio. Record labels have experts who check if you're highly motivated for what you're doing.
It also helps your fans to build a connection with your song.

Send Your Music to a Record Label

After polishing your track and your SoundCloud profile, you can send a link to a record label that you have an interest in.
Most record labels have a mechanism to stop artists from sending files; as such, you should only send the link.

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