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SoundCloud Pulse Matches On-the-go Creators’ Lifestyle

SoundCloud Pulse, SoundCloud for the on-the-go creators, will enable one to gain access to insights anytime, anywhere. This app is perfect for creators who are busy but still want to keep posted on their contents.

The app first debuted in 2015 for Android users and in 2016 for iOS. But recently, added features from the Stats of the app will bring more information to creators, rendering it beneficial not just to budding artists, but also who just want to monitor their contents. SoundCloud Pulse screams accessibility and convenience.


SoundCloud Pulse

Among the added features is the Top Listeners. Audio creators will be able to know and gauge if their contents have been effective, or if these are welcomed by your audience warmly, through this app. This way, you will get an idea who is engaging with your audios, which will help you plan your strategies ahead. Especially if you are a budding artist who aims to share your music, this feature will be essential in your monitoring efforts.

Another feature is the Top Countries, where creators will be able to know which country do the people who listen to your content are from. Along with this, Top Cities will provide you a more area-specific data in terms of engagement with your content. Knowing these data will also help you in knowing how to address your audience from different places. Cultural differences should not be a hindrance to having a connection with your listeners. Utilizing this feature will help you know how you can better talk and reach out to your supporters.

What good does the Stats bring? Well, there are many advantages to cite, especially if you are just testing the waters. First, for starting creators, they can use SoundCloud to share their content for free. This will gain you not only followers but also will give you your needed feedback. Of course, you will not always get positive reactions from people, but take the constructive criticisms positively. Believe it or not, suggestions and comments will help you in future decision-making. Now, what better way can you monitor these feedbacks than through the SoundCloud Pulse. But do not take it too far and learn that people have boundaries. Know when you should block or delete people, who usually trolls or just aims to spread negativity and hate throughout the platform. Constructive criticism is far different than hate comments, so know how to decipher what kinds of feedback are you getting.

Second, you can establish a connection with the people who engage with your content and make friends with people who share the same interests as you. How do you do this? Make sure that you reply to the comments on your content to let your followers know that they are being heard. Also, use SoundCloud Pulse to know how many interactions are your tracks getting. Connect with your audience as well because they are the ones who will share your content, only if you made this option possible. Their followers will get to see in their Stream your content, thus, your content will have a wider reach.

Make sure that you engage in a genuine conversation. Being nice to people does not only reflect how you are as a person but also transcend how you talk to other people, regardless of their attitude. Gaining the trust of your audience will only make them, more likely, listen to your contents more.

Be sure to follow back your supporters, as doing so would mean getting information as well. Why did they follow you? Do you see a resemblance of your content to the content they are sharing or listening to? If it does, then you can also learn from others who create the same content as you are. You can also do a healthy comparison of your and his/her content.

Using SoundCloud Pulse can also help you reach out to your top listeners. It pays to appreciate your loyal supporters, as they are the ones helping you build your dreams. So knowing them would be a bridge in bringing you as the creator and them as the listener closer. Make sure that you express your gratitude to them for their unending support and for always listening to your content.

Also, ask for suggestions, comments, or any feedback on your contents they have listened to. They will surely know where you need to improve as a creator because they have been following you and your contents for most of the time. This means that their opinions are highly important in helping you make room for improvement.

Try to track your contents as well. Use the SoundCloud Pulse to know the updated numbers of listeners. This is important to know how many people have hit the play button in a span of time. Also, share contents you want anytime and anywhere. Because why not? Creativity can strike anytime and anywhere so this app will help you in delivering your contents, regardless of whether you’re in your house or on the bus.

SoundCloud Pulse will also help you bond with your followers virtually. As people from all around the world can engage with your creations, it is utterly important for you to connect with them no matter how far they are. Leave notes in some of their contents to let them know that you also value them using the SoundCloud Pulse. Knowing where your listeners come from will also aid in knowing how far your content has gone.

Basically, SoundCloud Pulse will help creators not only monitor their contents and the engagement each is getting, but also be organized. Let us face it, there are loads of information of your listeners that you need to digest. This one-stop app will help you create just everything in your mobile phone. If you prefer bringing work with you as you go, use the less hassle, SoundCloud Pulse. Not only does it present you updated stats, it also lets you comment, follow users or share your contents.

Interested users may download the app for free in iOS and Android.

Date: September 18, 2018 / Categories: Getting Discovered, / Author: Rich Drees


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