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SoundCloud Player One Gaming Tournament Explodes in Viral Popularity

SoundCloud is one of the biggest music streaming platforms right now. A lot of popular artists, such as Billie Eilish and Khalid first built their careers using this platform. But now, SoundCloud is taking things to a new height

SoundCloud Launched SoundCloud Player One, It’s First-Ever Live Stream Gaming Tournament

Music lovers should now bust out their best dance emotes as the SoundCloud universe is moving into gaming. On February 3, the music streaming giant launched SoundCloud Player One. The newest online tournament brings rappers and raiders of SoundCloud together in an epic interactive experience. 

The event was hosted by MonsterDface, and Esports commentator. Rapper Rico Nasty co-hosted him.

Moreover, eight SoundCloud artists who are now gamers faced each other in Fortnite’s Battle Royale. They have had a game of opponent smashing, fortress building, as well as smack talk. 

What is even more compelling is that SoundCloud had a lot more to bring. The event was packed with a number of surprises that the hosts announced days prior to the event, along with the player lineup. SoundCloud also publicized the details about Rico Nasty’s most awaited and should not be missed halftime performance. In addition, there were exclusive prizes and more. 

The SoundCloud Player One event happened on February 18, 2021, 8 PM – 11 PM EST. The live broadcast was accessible on the Facebook page and Twitch channel of SoundCloud. There, fans joined in and interacted with the players through the live stream’s real-time chat feature. 

More About the SoundCloud Player One Tournament

Erika Leone, the Vice President for Brand Marketing on SoundCloud, spoke about the said live virtual event. According to her, SoundCloud has always been seeking ways that it could help its entire community to discover, share, and develop relationships in real-time. And now that there is a COVID-19 pandemic that is limiting the physical contact of people, events, and concerts, connecting has been more important than ever. It's more important than ever to safely buy real SoundCloud plays for these aspiring artists.

She also added that a lot of SoundCloud content creators and listeners share a real passion for the gaming culture. For this reason, the music streaming platform is taking steps towards the gaming space for the very first time. The company’s aim for this move is to bring creators and listeners together to engage in innovative ways. In addition, SoundCloud wanted to connect emerging creators with new fans. 

SoundCloud Launched SoundCloud Player One, It’s First-Ever Live Stream Gaming Tournament

The SoundCloud Player One tournament built an exciting moment for some of the promising emerging artists of SoundCloud. Through this event, they were able to build new relationships with their potential fans. As a matter of fact, more than 49 percent of SoundCloud users identify themselves as gamers.

The said event also brought together the young and influential audience of SoundCloud. They connected over their passion for gaming and music now that physical and face-to-face events are not possible. The SoundCloud Player One also showed that creator and fan engagement opportunities could happen organically through culture. 

Who is Rico Nasty?

Rico Nasty is a DC rapper, singer, and songwriter. She launched her career first on SoundCloud. Now that she has built her career, she brought her love for gaming and music to SoundCloud Player One as a co-host and a halftime performer. 

This rapper has been on the music streaming platform since day one. She first gained her local and underground following on SoundCloud through some of the very first tracks that she uploaded. 

In 2018, Rico Nasty performed at SoundCloud’s SXSW showcase. She also served as the voice of SoundCloud’s 2020 Day One's Spot. Apart from that, she has already released several critically acclaimed mixtapes and a studio album. Nightmare Vacation, her studio album, hit the number one spot on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart. She has also collaborated with various artists, such as Trippie Redd, 100 Gecs, and Gucci Mane.

Who is MonsterDface?

Javier Collazo, a.k.a MonsterDface, is a very popular Esports commentator and host. His popularity even increased to massive online fame when he began streaming Fortnite. As a gamer, he grew a large and loyal fanbase on Twitch and other platforms. 

He first entered the battle royale scene as a competitor. After that, he began to cast and stream Fortnite. In addition, he has also worked with World Showdown of Esports and Epic Games on Fortnite events. MonsterDface has also worked with Supercell’s Clash of Clans.

Two years ago, this commentator and host turned gamer expanded his on-camera broadcast talent work. The reason is that he wanted to work behind the camera lens. He also wanted to focus on launching PracticeServer — his production company. 

More About SoundCloud Player One

SoundCloud has not yet revealed any immediate plans about SoundCloud Player One. So, no one knows if this will be an annual event. But it has no doubt prepared many experiences for users in the future. However, it is still unclear if any of those events will take shape as a gaming tournament or any other gaming activity.

SoundCloud Launched SoundCloud Player One, It’s First-Ever Live Stream Gaming Tournament

Moreover, it appears that gaming gatekeepers are ready and willing to accept a vast array of musical partnerships lately. For instance, Travis Scott’s trending and record-breaking Fortnite show made way for many virtual bookings. In addition, EDM duo Disclosure designed a world inside Minecraft to promote their latest album.

Grand Theft Auto has also used the popularity of the gaming and music industries as they announced a lineup of in-game DJ residencies. 

Furthermore, there is a vast array of rooms for such types of marketing efforts to existing even when the pandemic has ended. For example, Marshmello arguably kicked off this trend one year before the COVID-19 pandemic proliferated. In addition, there is definitely no shortage of ways for the music streaming platform to explore such an idea further. In the future, people may witness a lot of gaming live streams done by musicians. But the question is, when and where will SoundCloud do so?

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