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The Era of SoundCloud Rap in Groundbreaking Songs

The mid to late '10s addressed a time of hazardous inventiveness on the application, as room bound adolescents made music that broke its way into the standard. 

SoundCloud is a platform where possibilities are endless. You can explore any classification you want, and surprisingly even some that haven’t spawn yet. While expanding on fame during the mid-late ‘10s, SoundCloud’s rap scene has diverged into various sounds and subgenres. 

The Era of SoundCloud Rap in Groundbreaking Songs

With a bit of melodic upset, it was changing rap forever due to its user’s innovativeness. As for the scenes, the suits before long moved in, weakening the west feel that once appreciated. However, there’s still plenty of energizing ability on the app. 

When SoundCloud Rap Took Everything To Mainstream 

It wasn't several years prior that SoundCloud rap got its breakthrough into the mainstream. Artists like Fetty Wap, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, XXX Tentacion, and fundamentally and other rappers carried the genre to the bleeding edge of well-known music. Their growth was funded by their fans who bought them SoundCloud plays and even more followers.

Supplanting rapping about different medications like LSD, Xanax, or lean, it wouldn’t be long for the world to fall in love with the genre. All things considered, who could get away from Fetty Wap's Trap Queen? The song was a viral hit and can be considered between SoundCloud rap and different sorts, including emotional and rock.

Groundbreaking Rap Songs of SoundCloud Rap

TRAP QUEEN (2014) by Fetty Wap

One of the first principal hits from the prospective progressive music stage was 2014’s “Trap Queen,” which was irresistible to such an extent that it turned into a stape track from 2015. It acquired streak airplay over the radio and brought a deal with 300 Entertainment for the star.

 It changed the method of A&R: at this point, label tastemakers no longer needed to search for crude ability in acoustic covers –as, for instance, RBMG (Usher and Scooter Braun’s label) did when they discovered Justin Biever and sustained him into the start he is currently. Climbing from a flourishing web hit to a song of devotion, it is no doubt that “Trap Queen” helped change the industry everlastingly. 

1 NIGHT (2015) by Lil Yachty 

Lil Yachty’s overnight achievement of his track “1 Night” showed a wide social move from the gangster rap – connoted by Chicago drill, into a lighter, the comical version of rap that Yachty begat “bubblegum trap.” Yachty was initially taunted for his alleged dismissal for valid hip hop. 

Pushing contrary to what would be expected with his fantastic sound, Yachty has shown children of the web that your grit will not go unrewarded, and this contemptuousness lives on the SoundCloud world.


Everyone knows that Uber Everywhere was a viral track that was notoriously snared around an arbitrary beat from YouTube; “Uber Everywhere” began a marvel. Even before this, relatively few rappers would confess utilizing free beats from the web. A short time later, supposed “type beats” –where a producer imitates instrumental tracks in the style of another artist – have turned into an enormous worthwhile market.

Perceiving how far low-budget singles from SoundCloud were currently going in the music business, numerous artists got tremendous professional support when they imparted their beats to notable rappers. –see what befell 808melo when the late Pop Smoke Utilized a couple of his beats for his 2019 intro tracks “MPR” and “Welcome to the Party” It ostensibly wouldn’t have occurred without uber everywhere. 

BEEF (2015) by Ethereal & Playboi Carti

For notorious rap fans, this tune was the first prologue to one of this current age’s greatest zeitgeist stars, Playboi Carti. Yet, many failed to remember that this was the Atlantan rapper-maker ethereal’s track, whose low and smooth raps took priority concerning Cart’s signature’s crude star power.

“Beef” was consistently the niche track for the trendy rap fans. Even so, until new popular rap sensation, Flo Milli slung her profession with her high-energy 2018 “Flomix” of the track. 

The Era of SoundCloud Rap in Groundbreaking Songs


We can’t avoid the fact that XXXTentacion has changed the musical landscape on SoundCloud. Notwithstanding, the Floridian rapper’s heritage is filled with numerous aggressive behavior such as multiple domestic violence charges and allegations of homophobia, diminishing the achievement of the music he made. However, when his young fans heard “Look at me,” they listened to a splitter to headbang to when they felt defiant.

Released in 2015, the track was loved by enthusiast rap fans. However, around the beginning of 2017 – X claimed that drake based his track “KMT” on it. “Look at me!” showed rappers they could pick between SoundCloud’s normal braggadocio and present more emotional rap. Summarizing teen angst tension, the track made feelings relaxed once more. 

MONEY LONGER (2016) by Lil Uzi Vert

Before TikTok became famous, can you still recall the app Muscial.ly? The forerunner to the yet cringy – yet addictive TikTok, we recall viral stars like Loren gray turning her telephone around to Lil Uzi Vert’s breakthrough hit. 

His devoted SoundCloud fans were happy to see the high-energy artistic single from his mixtape ‘LUV Vs. The World’- arguably was probably the best project to date. Exploded before their eyes, Money Longer moved SoundCloud’s electronic synth sound to inescapable recognition. 

THE RACE (2017) by Tay K

Currently confronting over 55 years in jail for homicide and three tallies of irritated theft, and Tay-K's squandered talent is devastating to the individuals who knocked his Billboard graphing viral rap hit ‘The Race' back in 2017. Only 16 when it got released, he made perhaps the most infamous hoodlum rap melodies ever, his careless and contemptuous attitude out of this world – he even presented close to his own needed banner for the music video. Using the straightforward ‘ABAB' rhyming plan and reiteration, ‘The Race' undoubtedly put SoundCloud on frenzy.

Tay-K's was captured on June 30th that very year, rap stars have recorded covers to advance the #FreeTay-K mission. Big rappers like Lil Yachty, YBN Nahmir were just some artists that were engaged with the project. Want to jump into the golden age of SoundCloud Rap? Look no farther than apps true wild child.

LUCID DREAMS (2018) by Juice WRLD

The late, extraordinary Juice WRLD has graced the world with this phenomenal song towards the finish of SoundCloud's brilliant age. Competing with Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen,  This Byronic track of anguish and depression was pushed by a cosign from the mainstream music brand Lyrical Lemonade. But, many have failed to remember that Juice WRLD had only made this track in his room with Nick Mira, a hitmaker and founder of the production collective Internet Money.

The Era of SoundCloud Rap in Groundbreaking Songs

A good omen for the D.I.Y music producers, the song helped lessen the stigma about ‘SoundCloud rap' is unreasonable and far removed from conventional hip-bounce, manifesting that the application could be the first to have liquid and creative rap melodies.

The Universal Truth

Back then, no one wanted to be called a “SoundCloud Rapper.” mainly because the platform for streaming and creating music was associated with broke rappers, with the hope to be rap stardom. But that didn’t stop SoundCloud. More amazing unsigned artists took their creativity, songs to SoundCloud, where they didn’t have to shed money to need a record label to be heard like other major streaming services. SoundCloud rappers are now on the rise, and nothing can stop these underdogs from making remarkable music.

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